Monday, October 3, 2005

Scavenger Hunt #43 - My Favorite Bracelet

Here is my favorite bracelet.  Somebody I met online made it for me and sent it as a present.  No special occasion!  Patti you are the best!

Next is John's favorite bracelet.  He wears it all the time.  It is a Cancer Awareness Bracelet.  It says HOPE on it.  It means hope for a cure for cancer.  



  1. Oh Krissy, they are both wonderful.  How nice of an online friend t make that for you. Have a good week and God bless you both xxxxxx

  2. wonderful chrissy

  3. jlocorriere0510/03/2005 5:39 AM

    It was so kind of an online friend to make that beautiful bracelet for you. Love to you and John. Jeannette.xx.

  4. oh wow! what a lovely bracelets!
    Gem :-)

  5. Both are wonderful and have so much meaning.

  6. Your friend is very talented, Krissy - that was beautiful! I liked John's bracelet too.


  7. Beautiful bracelet. Got to love sparklies!


  8. Awesome shot of your bracelet, sissy!  John's is awesome, too! xox

  9. sarajanesmiles10/03/2005 10:23 AM

    I love both bracelets :o)
    My favourites are jelly bracelets like John's too, one is for autism awareness and the other is just one I picked up on holiday, that has Isle of Wight on it and was in aid of a hospice on the Island.  It glows in the dark, how cool is that?!!
    Sara   x

  10. LOVE the gift!  Wish I had friends like that!   You must rate...

  11. Ooo! I like both bracelets!

  12. Your bracelet is just gorgeous Krissy. Sorry I didn't get round to doing an entry for last week, but have one lined up for "Autumn". Take care my friend.
    Sylvia xx

  13. vagabondevermore10/03/2005 6:55 PM

    Krissy, I love your bracelet.  I love colored beads and glass.


  14. missboogerhead10/03/2005 10:06 PM

    Beautiful bracelet!  I love it!  Tell John I have one too!  :-)
    ~Miss O

  15. both bracelets are beautiful and meaningful

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