Saturday, July 29, 2006

my All About Me section


Today was a hot, humid day.  Inside, with the air conditioner on, the temperature was 82 degrees!  I can't wait until this heat wave is over! 

On a different note, I thought you all might want to check out my new All About Me photo.  No, I didn't really like my hair short.  And yes, it grows fast, LOL.  I like how it is now - long.

Also in the All About Me section you may notice that I have a logo for something called The Healing Garden.  The Healing Garden was started by Tammy in her journal As I Am.  If you click on the logo in my All About Me section for the Healing Garden, it will take you to an entry in Tammy's journal, explaing all about it.  

Click on the logo to check it out if you like.  It is for those with disabilities and illnesses who want support, and for those who want to support them.  

I am going to write an entry here in my journal in a few days about my disabilities.  Actually, many of you don't know I am on disability.  Does that surprise you?  More to come...  

Love,  Krissy :) 


  1. I'm surprised you were able to get disability, ... I wasn't able too aparently paralyzed isn't disabled enough.

  2. I'll have to ck out that healing garden. Been very hot here too girl, yew,heat wave.


  3. love the new all about me section and the picture too.

  4. I agree, this heat wave must go.  Since we're on the subject of weather, I could do without the nightly thunderstorms as well.  I like the new picture and the bit of sprucing up in your All About Me section.


  5. jlocorriere057/29/2006 7:11 AM

    I'll go over and check out your All About Me. I love the heat! I wish I could save it and use it in the winter, I can't tolerate the cold! Jeannette xx  

  6. Hi sissy!  Cooool sun!  He doesn't look too threatening. LOL  The picture of you is so nice, honey.  So much more the essence of you =)!!  Your All About Me is looking so nice now!  Wow!  Love you, babe!! xox

  7. Krissy, you and Val rock! I now have a beautiful graphic for all four journals! Thank you so much! That is truly a wonderful gift! Just to let everyone know, The Healing Garden is for anyone who would like to make new friends. So even if your healthy, come on by and join the fun! If you would like to add your name, just let me of Krissy know. Thanks friend!!- Tammy

  8. nightmaremom7/29/2006 8:24 AM

    Love the updates!  Looks great.  Will check out the garden next.

  9. springangel2357/29/2006 9:16 AM

    Everything looks great the links...hugs and much love.  You and John take care in this heat...Joyce

  10. What surprises me is how well you function in spite of your disability...I admire you, and I definitely look up to you!  Jae

  11. I just checked out the new picture...I LOVE your long hair!  Jae

  12. midwestvintage7/29/2006 11:21 AM

     I like your hair long, wish mine would grow long.  


  13. I like your photo...and am just about to link my logo.

  14. Loving the new pic in your All About Me! I know I've been missing for a while, but it wasn't really my fault, and I do plan to reopen my journal, probably with that loooong story <g>. But, I have been keeping both you and John in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way even when I didn't know what was happening. I've tried to catch up (i.e. skimmed the last 2 1/2 months of entries)... and although it looks like you have had your trials, I'm glad to see things seem to be moving along with John's recovery!!

  15. Love your new pic, actually I like both of them. And your lucky if your hair grows fast.


  16. I like you with longer hair too, Krissy; great photo! Sorry it is sooo hot there; hoping for a break for you soon. I heard about the Healing Garden; I thought that was an awesome thing for Tammy to do. Because you shared with me, I know you are on disability; looking forward to reading what you write to share


  17. Krissy you look very nice with long hair.  It has it's can do more with it when it's long that's for sure.  Mine is short, I just blow dry it & call it good.  Linda in Washington state    

  18. quartrlyfecrysis7/30/2006 10:00 AM

    your hair does grow fast!  I like it long too, it suits you very well :)
    love that sun graphic, very pretty!


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