Monday, July 10, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #82 Participants...

Thank you everyone who played along to this week's theme of Red White and Blue.  I think these entries were extra special this week and lots of fun!  Please check each other's out and encourage one another!  Krissy :)

Entries for Photo Scavenger Hunt #82 

Here are the journals that participated:

Linda's World
Dribble by Chuck Ferris
Northern Trip

My Photo Journey
Photo Trek
Photo Blog
Confessions Of An Angel Waitress
ALMOST Paradise
Footprints in the Sand

*edit - The first time I did an entry, the link to Chuck's journal didn't work.  It took you to somebody else's journal.  I have corrected it and it should take you to Chuck's journal this time. 

*edit - Northern Trip journal link corrected  

*sorry about the constant edits but the links are just NOT working in this entry.  To see Chucks entry please go to

To see the Northern Trip entry please go to


  1. Krissy,

    The link to my journal takes you to Chuck Ferris' journal - could you look at that please? Thanks

  2. Sorry about the double comment. The link to the Northern Trip entry should be:

  3. cool! thanks Krissy!


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