Friday, July 20, 2007

John is OK

Hi you all.  John and I got back from Hershey today.

I'm feeling grateful tonight.  Grateful that it looks like John's cancer is not back.  That was the decision made by his oncologist at yesterday's appointment.  

Actually, Dr. C. thinks John is doing quite well.  All tests have come back negative.  Dr. C. decided not to do the biopsy b/c there was no sign of cancer.  

John's labs (counts and levels) were also exceptionally good.  Except for the red cells.  The Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were much too low.  

They were almost low enough to get a blood transfusion (red blood cell packs).  

We are hoping he will not start to need to get blood transfusions again.  He hasn't had to have them since February.  This meant that the Hemolytic Anemia was probably gone.  Now we are wondering if the Hemolytic Anemia could be back again.

What does this mean?  Well, we will take it one day at a time.  Perhaps a spleenectomy?  Who knows.  We are not even going to think about that right now.  We have packing and moving to get through, LOL.

Right now John is getting Arinesp shots (very similar to Procrit shots, you may have heard about them on TV) to help raise his red blood counts in hopes that this will stimulate their growth.  If that occurs, then maybe he won't have to be transfused.

Actually, John is looking pretty good, and getting stronger every day.  I was pretty worried about him about a month ago, but now the fevers have stopped and he says he is feeling really good.  Praise God for that.

Sorry I alarmed you all.  My bad

Ok, I have to get back to my packing.  I know I told you all I would tell you how my sleeping is going.  But I don't want to make this entry too long.  I just wanted to tell you John was ok. 

Suffice it to say that the sleep thing has been hard.  First hard, then easy, then hard again.  Last night I guess went ok, but I kept having nightmares.  I could hear the pressure of the air (from the hose of the sleep apnea machine) in my dreams, and dreamt all kinds of weird things.  One of the things I dreamt was that a grenade exploded in my face.  Another thing I dreamt was that I was a baby in my mother's womb.  This is all b/c of the sounds of the air and the pressure from the machine.  I DO NOT like the weird dreams, LOL.  The night before I dreamt I died.  I DO NOT want to have these dreams, LOL.  I just want to be normal.  On the other hand, I don't want to die from stopping breathing w/o the machine.  Oh well!

Ok, I must run.  John is waiting for me.  Love you all,

Krissy :) 

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  1. Glad the news is looking better.  Don't worry about worrying people on j-land.  You were worried so we all are along with you.  Take care and have a good weekend.


  2. All good news!! Wonderful!  Well, except the nightmare stuff, but I'm sure that will work itself out as you get used to using the machine...

  3. Wonderful news for John! and you have to let us know, how else can we pray for wonderful news, lol....
    Hope you get used to the breathing machine soon.... Does the noise from the machine bug John...
    Happy Packing!
    Linda :)

  4. wow on the womb I might like to try that

  5. Good news....Praise the Lord.  Hopefully your sleep study people will be able to give you some pointers about dealing with the machine.  Bad dreams are not fun for anyone!   Happy packing.......Linda in rainy Washington state  

  6. news!  I'm breaking out the confetti poppers.  (At first, I typed 'confetti poopers', and then I was thinking 'Whoa...wrong kind of celebration there!' Don't worry, I'll clean up after myself...hee hee hee..)



    I'm gald that's he's ok!

  8. Wonderful news for John, Krissy maybe as learn to relax things will get better in the sleeping department, you've had a lot on your mind, and to boot moving, I don't envy you. I will keep you guys in my prayers. gg/Jackie

  9. lifesabench67/20/2007 10:32 PM

    Hi Krissy- I've missed a few of your entries it seems (sorry!)- but I am so very glad that John is doing well Praise the Lord!!!  I do pray that his H.A is gone, or at least in remission (if that is possible)  but hoping for a complete healing!  Too bad about your dreams though- maybe after a few months of using the machine, your dreaming may level off- but it's not surprising that you'd have them after all the stress you've both been through for so long- and with your move on top of it.  May you both be at peace and safe in your new home!  God Bless you both, and I'll try and be more regular about visiting next time! :)  Love Carolyn

  10. hugsdoodlewacky7/20/2007 10:33 PM

    (((((((((((((((((KRISSY/JOHN))))))))))))))))))This is wonderful news.Have a good niight.

  11. GREAT news!! I'm so happy for you both! Take care and good luck on the moving. I know that's a nightmare!

  12. Thats great news about John.I hope your sleep pattern improves and th edreams dissapear soon.Take Care God Bless KATH

  13. Congrats on the wonderful news and thank you for sharing with us all.
    I wouldn't like that sleep machine either if I was dreaming that kind of stuff.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care, Chrissie

  14. Great to hear all is good!
    I feel sorry for you and those dreams...poor thing. I hope that goes away as you become used to the machine.  Jae

  15. Wonderful news Krissy, I am so glad for John, please tell him that.  I hate bad dreams as well, I get a lot of them these days and I do not have a machine!

  16. This is great news.  I am so happy to read your entry.  John has been through so much.  It's time for things to turn around for him (and you.)  

    And, good luck with your moving.  It sure is a lot of work.  We are now in South Carolina awaiting our furniture and such to arrive at about 11 AM today.  Now the unpacking begins.  We packed up a house we had lived in for almost 17 years.  Like you I threw away tons of stuff.  We rented a 10 foot dumpster and filled it to the top.  After a while I just started to throw stuff away.  If I hadn't seen it or used it in years, in the dumpster it went.  Even with throwing stuff away we packed 117 boxes.

    I will continue to keep you both in my prayers.

    Hugs, LuAnne

  17. Krissy, I think the dream stuff will stop when you get used to the machine, don't you?  I had to get used to the shunt in my head.  I wanted to rip it out at first.  Now I hardly know its there at all.  For a month I hated it in my head and body, now who cares!!  LOL  Praise God for John's good news!!  You didn't alarm anyone.  You give news with what YOU HAVE.  You have information and you go with it.  Remember that and don't feel guilty, okay?  I have to babysit for eight hours today.  I was going to come over and Chels sprung this on me.  They are going to go get West, Chels and Matt are.  My, that will be weird, West seeing Matt and Chels all grown up.  LOL  So, maybe I can get there on Sunday if I'm not too exhausted from babysitting today.  Deifinitely in the next couple/few days!  LOVE YOU!!!! xox

  18. nightmaremom7/21/2007 11:09 AM

    I'm so glad John got good news.  *hugs*   I'm sure the dreams will stop or trail off at least as you get use to the machine.  Dying in a dream is supposed to be good luck.  :)

  19. Great news about John and him feeling better!  I do rejoice with both of you for that.  I am sorry the CPAP therapy is giving problems.  I am finding it to be an up and down experience myself but always better to be breathing at night.  As you adjust and get into deeper stages of sleep, the dreams will likely level out. You've had plenty of stress lately and that's probably affected the dreams.
    loving you

  20. enjoy your weekend:) great news about John


  21. Praising God for John's good news!!!!!!!  Hopefully with time, you'll sleep and never notice your machine, even in your dreams.  -  Barbara

  22. I'm very pleased that John has had some good news, even if not everything is as it should be. Good luck on your packing, Krissy

  23. tendernoggle7/21/2007 10:22 PM

    Think maybe tylenol pm may help for the first night or two???
    love ya,

  24. kaydeejay54497/22/2007 1:38 AM

    Praise be to God!  Prayers to continue for you and John.
    Love, Kathy

  25. Things sound like they're improving. That gives me solace. Always remember that on a rainy night, there's always room at AREA 51 (you'll have to explain that term to the children).

    Thanks for stopping by my journal. I hope you continue to feel at home there. Did I tell you I was a combat medic in the U.S. Army (1966-1971)? I make this remark because I semi-understand some of the medical terms that you use.


  26. heart2ndchance7/22/2007 8:19 AM

    Thank goodness the tests are looking good. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts & prayers.

  27. Once every two or three weeks I ride my scooter a bit over half a mile to get my Aranesep (sp?) shot.  I ride in, they prick my finger.  If my hemoglobin is over 11, I am sent away with an appointment to come back in three weeks.  If it is below 11, I get my expensive shot of that stuff.  My score is just about 50-50.  Sometimes I get the shot, sometimes I escape. Carry on, John.

  28. Hi Krissy,

    Glad to hear John is doing well.  

    One of your friends nominated you for a Blog of the Day Award.

    You have won for today.

    Her name is Valerie but her profile is blank so I can't tell who she is.

    Also, I am not sure why you were not able to subscribe to the Blog feed for the Blog of the Day Awards. I suspect that AOL probably blocked the e-mail that you need to confirm you subscribed.  If you check with tech support at AOL, you might be able to convince them tto let those message through.

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    Thank you,

    Bill Austin

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  29. bobbysgirl85847/22/2007 4:48 PM

    I am glad things are looking up and that John is feeling stronger. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  30. princesssaurora7/22/2007 11:36 PM

    {{{{ Krissy }}}}} Hang in there... did you check out Karyl's blog and all her apnea info sites?  

    I am so happy that John is doing so well.  I will pray that no anemia is back...

    be well,

  31. thats great news about John. I keep you both in prayer always. ((((((hugs))))))))

  32. so glad you are home!!!!!

  33. happy you are home and john is ok

  34. The fact that John is looking better and is really feeling better is the best sign there could be!     My thoughts go out for his continued success!      I think the machine must be causing your mind some confusion and the dreams are a way of dealing with it.     They are just dreams and I think your telling them should make you secure and able to look at them as nothing more than fantasy.    LOL    The increased oxygen must be working your mind overtime.     I think it will be very good for you and you will get used to the noises.    Congratulations to you on the 'blogger of the day Award' !     mark

  35. Krissy what great news, our prayers have been answered for John....may he continue to keep doing well....hope the red cells improve on his next check up. Just glad he's doing better Krissy.  Arlene (AJ)

  36. Wonderful news - power of prayer.  CATHY

  37. Krissy & John~I really believe all the prayers are working! John's health is just wonderful news; best of all he sounds pretty grounded and stable in where he is at right now. 1000 praises to HIM and Amen~Amen!..Good luck with the sleep Krissy and the packing~ xox Deb ;-)

  38. rdautumnsage7/24/2007 5:25 PM

    Relieved to hear John's ok. I think in time you will get used to the sleep apnea machine. It's something that hasn't been a fixture in your sleep patterns until now. Keeping you both in my prayers on the smoke! (Hugs) Indigo

  39. heavenlybama7/27/2007 10:02 PM

    I should have read this before commenting in the last post.  But yall are in my prayers everyday anyway.  Krissy.....I wear earplugs with my CPAP.  Once you get used to it, you'll be fine.

  40. Great news, praise God.      I'm so happy for you both.          Dawn

  41. cacklinrosie1018/05/2007 8:10 AM

    Krissy, I hope John is still doing as well.  I know this has to be a constant worry in the back of your mind.  I did see that you got our sleep apnea machine.  I'm sure there has to be an adjustment time to sleeping well while hooked to a machine.  I'm praying for the both of you.  How's Mr. Michael doing?  Love ya, Chris


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