Monday, July 16, 2007

my LOLCat




Joe over at Magic Smoke inspired me to make a LOLCat.  That's a Laugh Out Loud Cat!  

I used LOLCat Buildr to do mine, but you can use any site that will help you make a LOLCat. 

Here's the directions:

Take a picture of a cat doing something cute. Then make up a caption--something witty that the cat would be saying if cats could talk. Bear in mind that cats can't spell all that well and that they're not so hot on subject-verb agreement either. Photoshop the caption onto the image, and post your creation on a blog. What you get is lolcats: lol for laugh out loud, cats for cats.

In case you were wondering, the above is my Maine Coon cat Michael!


  1. Krissy how cute, it makes me wish I had a camara, but then I don;t have a cat eaither, so I guess I'm up the perverbiel creek LOL, my neighbors cat comes to visit me once in awhile. gg/Jackie

  2. ok I have no kitty but I just went to the beach with a girl who brought her new kitten along.
    It was a very breezy day thank god.
    anyway I took its pic so this all worked  go check it out!

  3. nyuknyukpik27/16/2007 10:38 PM

    he's soooo precious!
    I have one who waits to trip you as well--she's black--so she prefers doing it at night when you can't see.
    My dad has a nightlight now so he can see the cat.

  4. rdautumnsage7/16/2007 10:38 PM

    Someone told me how to do this one time and the site I ended up with actually takes your headlines from journal entries and applies them to cat pics. The thing is I forget what site I used to do it. Here's a link to check out the cats that where picked for my entries :
    It's actually pretty cool. (Hugs) Indigo

  5. hugsdoodlewacky7/16/2007 11:27 PM

    (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOu))))))))))))))))))))Kewl,have a nice night.

  6. I bet that boy is happy to have you & John home.  Linda in WA

  7. Love your cat LOL!! This looks fun for cat lovers .I don't have one but I will see how many I can find here in J/land for the laughs.Hope your sleep has improved.In my prayers you both are still.Thanx for sharing the link.Take Care God Bless KATH

  8. I would but them I would have to pay my cats royalties. Tammy


  9. Krissy , oh that Michael is a brat.  No different than my brat cats. They boss me around and if I get mad aat them the turn their butts to me and stick tails straight in the air and sashay away.  I am going to try LOLCats.  Hope all is well and Johns fever stays down and you are getting some sleep.  Take care  Love Myke

  10. LOL too funny:) enjoy your week


  11. Hi Krissy

    Maybe I'll try that with my cat, Possum S. Hemmingway. You've been to my journal before, so you know what the "S" stands for. If you get the chance next time you stop by, click on his journal (yeah, he's got one too).

    If I get a chance to try it, I'll send you a copy. BTW, your cat's beautiful.


  12. princesssaurora7/17/2007 11:27 PM

    Totally cool Krissy!  I am going to do one now!!  LOL

    As always... praying for you both...

    be well,

  13. Oh, love it!!  I'm checking my pics to see if I have anything that I can use =)!!  xox

  14. LOL, this is so cute. ((((((hugs))))))))

  15. I enjoy Maine Coons lol.  We had a mixed-breed cat that thought she was the Empress of the Universe.  She was part Maine Coon and a very interesting cat lol.
    loving you

  16. irisheyes19297/18/2007 3:20 PM

    Very funny!  I'm sure I can get Marta doing something goofy!!

  17.     I think that's how they really think. Cute!


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