Wednesday, July 25, 2007

moving, scrubbing, carpeting cleaning - ugh

Gee.  I am tired.

This entry will be short.  John and I have to get up early to move in the morning.  It was the only day we could get the moving van.  So we have just tomorrow to move everything.  We will have to hustle.  

The next day I'm going to have to clean the apartment.  Scrub the whole thing down.  I have a friend to help.  Oh, joy of life, doing the whole apartment should be fun!  But with two of us, it shouldn't be too bad.

The next day (that's Saturday) the carpet cleaners are coming.  I'll have to be over at the apartment for that, b/c I need to get the receipt from them to take to the apartment office to turn it in.  So it will be a sit around and wait.  

I think I won't be as tired next month, LOL.

But I'll be sad.  B/c my computer is going to be in storage for a month.  John and I will be staying with my parents for a month, while our new apartment is waiting to become available in September.  Ughhh!  I merely hate the thought of not having access to my computer whenever I want it, LOL, for the  month of August .  I may be able to do some entries from my Dad's computer, but, I can't include any photos, etc, for over a month.  And I won't have as much computer time.  So if I don't update much, don't be concerned.

Okay, well I guess that is all I have for now, b/c it is getting late.  

Oh, one more thing.

The other day, well on July 22, I was given the honor of this little award.  


I felt kind of good about it, because I was chosen for this award among nominees from the whole blogosphere, by a panel of judges.  I was dumbfounded when I got it! 

Okay, perhaps I shouldn't have even mentioned it, LOL.  But I did.  Mentioned it?  Heck, I even put this thing in my sidebar, LOL! 

Okay, on that note, I better get off to bed.  I have a big three days ahead of me, LOL. 

Uggggghhhhhhhh, no photos for over a month!  And photobucket is making me mad!  I think it is actually eating some of my photos.  I can't find some that I put on there.  Has that been happening to anybody else???

Love you all muchly,

Krissy :)  


  1. midwestvintage7/25/2007 11:36 PM

    Congratulations, you deserve it.  Get some rest.


  2. Congratulations Krissy I'm happy for you, you go girl pat yourself on the back.

    Kissy I must thank you for this entry, I was getting all mad at myself because I took a really long nap today, and here it is almost mid-night and I wasn't the least bit tired, now after reading all you are doing, I'm worn out LOL, please do try to keep in touch. gg/Jackie

  3. I don't envy you for the next three days.  Hope you can at least check in a few times while you are at your parents.
    You should be proud of your award!  
    Take care of yourselves...can't wait until you are back here full-time!  J

  4. nyuknyukpik27/26/2007 12:57 AM

    good luck on the moving

    I shall miss you next month!

  5. Congratulations on your award Well Done .I hope you get a little more rest while staying with your mum and dad and everything goes fine with the cleaning jobs etc,don't be doing too much and tiring yourself out more.You take care Krissy and we will be waiting until you can post.I'm not going anywhere anyway LOL! Tkae Care God Bless.Whoops I forgot if your not back until the end of August,I go on hoiday then to the USA for three weeks,so don't think I have forgotton you.I will be commenting as soon as I arrive home.Take Care God Bless Kath

  6. sssuuuuuccckkksss.  Especially the deep cleaning.  When we moved the last time, I told Jesse I was going to save up however much money it took to hire somebody to clean for me the next time I move.  I hate it THAT bad.

    Hopefully that month wil pass by quickly....  I'll be looking forward to pictures of your new place!!!


  7. Congrats on the award.   We'll miss you but know when you come back on your own'll be in your new place.   Enjoy your month of "bonding time" with your folks.   Linda in Washington state

  8. Hope the moves goes well Krissy.  You got lots to do but at least someone to help.  We will miss you but you can update us when you can.  High lovely getting that award, I have never heard of it.  As far as I know I have not lost photos from bucket but I will have to check now.  Take care and I hope you are happy in your new home.

  9. I know you will love your new place and that will make the waiting worth while.  I hope you are able to use your Dad's computer and keep in touch with us all.  Love and prayers ,  'On Ya' - ma

  10. nightmaremom7/26/2007 7:08 AM

    Take it day to day to Krissy.. don't work too hard!!   Update when you can and know we are all thinking of you and John.  
    No issues with photobucket here.. ::knocking on wood:::

  11. Good luck with the move, Krissy, and hope to see an entry soon.

  12. Good luck with your move. Post when you get a chance. A month will fly by you'll see.
    Take care, Chrissie

  13. hugsdoodlewacky7/26/2007 7:55 AM

    ((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))Congrats on being blog award for the day.Sounds like you will be busy.Try and get plenty of rest.Have a nice day.

  14. (((Krissy))))  A month? Yuck!!!  I will miss you,but will continue to pray for you and John as I always do.  And congrats on the cool award!  You deserve it!!  Good luck on the move.


  15. Krissy, you'll be one busy lady in the next few days, take care and don't overdue dear. Will look for your words when you can have computer access.  Take care both of you.  Arlene (AJ)

  16. Hi Krissy, Good luck with the move. It`s always a busy, stressful time and no fun at all so I hope it all goes well.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  17. mztishgray07267/26/2007 5:40 PM

    I will be praying for you when you move that things will be better.  I will miss you also when you are gone.  Hugs.  Tish G.

  18. Good luck on moving.  I will feel naked without your computer.  Congrats on the blog of the day!


  19. No computer for a month!! oh my, lol...
    Happy Moving!
    Linda :)

  20. lifesabench67/26/2007 9:26 PM

    God Bless you both Krissy~  hope all works out well for you, and try not to fret and do too much!  See you when we can~ Love Carolyn :)

  21. princesssaurora7/27/2007 1:15 AM

    {{{ Krissy }}}} Good luck with the move... can't wait until you are back full time!!  Prayers for you both on the way!

    be well,

  22. congrats on the award. Good luck moving. When we moved we hired a cleaning service to clean, It was the best let me tell you. I didn't have to clean the old place at all. It's going to suck not having a computer when you want. Just keep us posted. Hugs and love.

  23. big Congrats Krissy! great job!

  24. Wow, your almost there, honey.  Well done on the moving so far, honey... your almost there!  Phew... rest this month.  So, congrats on your award.  You deserve it!!!  Love, me xox

  25. ceilisundancer7/29/2007 8:19 PM

    I sure hope that your move went well:)  I hate moving. But, when it's done, you'll feel better just haivng it done!  COngrats on your award, too.

  26. Oh Krissy, you probably won't see this. But I am glad you moving, sorry you won't be on the computer much.  If you see this, congrats on your award.  I just got back from vacation and have no idea what is going on with anyone.  Hugs,  pal! Love Always, Merry

  27.    We'll miss you, Krissy. Take care and we'll be here when you return.

  28. cacklinrosie1018/05/2007 8:06 AM

    Hi Krissy (and John), I'm still moving in and out of JLand but more in than out now.  I'm glad your moving is under control but dang, I do know pc withdrawals.  That's an awful feeling.  Don't worry, though, that month will go fast.  Hey, Krissy, thanks for adding me to Technorati :)  I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out but I did click on your links and have sort of an idea.  This old lady...hehehe...learns slowly.  Hang in there and update when you get a chance.  Hope the move goes smoothly and you love your new place.  Big HUGS  Chris

  29. Oh fun, moving!  A neighbor of ours when I was growing up had a father who had been a Presbyterian minister.  He was moved around quite a bit, and he once told his son, "The only thing worse than death is two moves!"  I totally agree.  I hope it went well for you and wasn't too bad.  Congrats on the Blog of the Day Award!  On the Photobucket, I haven't had any problem so far (knock on wood!).  Not a bad idea to have things backed up on say a jump drive - if they ever had a major server crash, all our stuff would go bye-bye.  You can tell I REALLY trust computers' reliability!! LOL



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