Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm getting help for my Sleep Apnea

Today I had an appointment with a new doctor.  He's called a pulmonologist and helps me with my sleep apnea.  I fired my last sleep apnea doctor, Dr. Cox, a couple days ago.  Literally. 

It's because Dr. Cox was bullying me.  He wouldn't even help me find a new face mask for my CPAP machine.  My old one hasn't been working for me.  I can't breathe with it on.  Dr. Cox doesn't want me to have a sleep apnea machine.  He wants me to get gastric bypass surgery or stomach stapling.  Or perhaps any kind of weight loss surgery.

Dr. Cox told me that I was too overweight, and that if I didn't lose drastic amounts of weight quickly, that I was going to have to have the surgery.  That I didn't really have a choice.  He said "It's not natural to have a bunch of air blowing up your nose."  He was referring to the CPAP machine that you use when you have sleep apnea.

John said to me later, "It's not natural to have your stomach stapled, either."  John is right.  I don't want to eat a tablespoon of food a meal, and have my metabolism wrecked.  Nor do I want to die on the table during surgery.

It would be different if I couldn't lose weight naturally.  I have lost 35 lbs in the last few months.  Some time I will explain how, but this entry is getting long!

So I just wanted to say that I fired Dr. Cox and went to Dr. Van Kirk today.  And I love Dr. Van Kirk!  He explained so much to me about sleep apnea. 

Dr. Van Kirk is going to work with me on making the CPAP machine work.  I haven't been able to use my CPAP for a few weeks.  It's because I can't breathe properly through the mask.  It's a half mask, and when my nose is plugged I can't breathe at all, so I rip the mask off during the night. 

So I called my home health company, actually in tears, a few weeks ago, explaining my situation.  I thought the insurance company would take the CPAP machine away from me, because I couldn't use it consistently.  Insurances companies often do that if you are not using your CPAP machine consistently.  But I was treated very kindly.  The home health company called my insurance company, and got approval for me for a full face mask.  I go in on Saturday to try it out, and hopefully take it home.

The reason I am getting a full face mask is so that when my nose gets plugged (which it often is, because of sinus problems), I will be able to breathe out of my mouth.

To be honest with you, I am almost scared to death, LOL.  Yes, I am scared.  I tried this full face mask on once before in their office, and had a panic attack, LOL. 

But I am not willing to die, so I am going to try it again.  My dad has had congestive heart failure because of sleep apnea, and has to use oxygen at night along with a sleep apnea machine.  I'm not willing to die yet, as I believe I am meant to still be here for a purpose.

You know, I'm also scared because I saw a documentary.  In this documentary a woman said she was going to choke to death because the electricity went off and she had no way to breathe.  Her dog chewed air holes through the hose and she lived.  Now I don't have a doggie, LOL.  I have no idea if this is a nutty documentary or what.  I do know that there are exhalation holes in the top of the CPAP mask so I don't think you can die.  The home health care people won't give me a straight answer because they don't want to be held liable if anything happens, they tell me.

Does anybody know if I need to get myself a doggie?

Love you all, Krissy :)      


  1. ajsproudparents1/23/2008 7:50 PM

    I really pray Dr. Van Kirk will pull through, and work on getting you the proper help you need. I'm sure you're scared, but I believe if you have the will to live, like you do...I know you will be ok with the full mask. Good Luck.

    PS. I really want to know how to lose 35 pounds, ha. I need it that.

  2. I trust the new doctor will get you on the right track & soon.  I have friends who are on the C-Pap and their doctors have never told them , they need to have weight loss surgery.  It's great that you've lost 35 pounds, you're way ahead of me.  Just keep it up the good work.  Krissy try some Saline Nasal Spray at night.  You can get it at Wal mart for less than $2 a bottle.  I use it everynight and in the morning if I'm going out in the public.  It has helped my sinuses so much and I haven't had a cold in over a year, since I've been using it.  Linda in Washington state

  3. Yes.  You need a dog.  just 'cause.  ;-P

    Shame on that doctor for being such an ass.....and good on you for standing up and telling him to stick it.


  4. firestormkids041/23/2008 8:27 PM

    Good for you, Krissy!  I am glad to see this boldness coming thru regarding you own health care.  Love you, friend.  Blessings, Penny

  5. Just when I think I've heard it all , I hear this...WOW!  How crazy is that???  I hope all is resolved for you soon.  Take care !  'On Ya' - ma

  6. cherry2sweet2eat1/23/2008 8:40 PM

    some doctors can be assholes. I dont sleep to good either well now i actually have a reason why im not and thats my boyfriend we are on the phone 24/7

  7. heavenlybama1/23/2008 8:48 PM

    Good for you Krissy for firing Dr. Cox.  This new dr. sounds like my dr.  Did he say anything about putting you on oxygen?  No one should be bullied into having surgery.  We have never lost electricity when I was wearing the mask but we did once with my Dad cuz he got his first.  Because he is on oxygen, the oxygen machine has a loud alarm and that and not having air woke him right up.  Maybe if the new dr. ordered oxygen with your cpap, it would put you more at ease.  "a woman said she was going to choke to death because the electricity went off and she had no way to breathe. " How does she know that?  Why would the doggie chew holes through the hose?  Wouldn't it have been easier if she just ripped the mask off?  Sounds like a nutty documentary to me.  I guess it depends on if you or John are heavy sleepers which I'm not so I know I would wake to an alarm or not being able to breathe and I wear earplugs.

  8. that dr. Cox sounds like a fool.

  9. Krissy I don't know how you lost the first 35 but that is pretty good and if you want to lose weight please visit my journal there is healthy free sights you can go to help you ...

  10. Krissy, glad to told your doctor where to put it mu son in law is 6'2 weights about 165 and believe me he is not over weight. And he has sleep apena and has a machine he jusrt got it I thinki in November and his has a battery back-up. I also have a friend who is not over weight and he bought a machine off of e-bay and then he called the insurance co and they sent him the money for it, becasue they have to pay about 300.00 a month so it was cheaper to pay for the one he got for 1200.00 you might ask your ins about it. He has sleep apena also. He is 5' 8" and about 145 soaking wetnot all people are over weight that has this condition.  Sounds to me like the jerk is trying to make the most money where he can and he is not making it off your machine....And my friends also hads a battery backup in case they lose power

    Good luck an God Bless..BJ

  11. Krissy, I am glad you fired Dr. Cox, the bully!  Good going Krissy.  

    If you can lose weight yourself, then I don't see why they wouldn't prefer that!  Are you diabetic?  Because if you are, that is a reason a lot of diabetics don't or can't lose weight, and they claim on national TV that this new lap band surgery really cures diabetes in type 2 people, after they lose weight.

    But if you have lost on your own and kept it off, then I say stick to your guns, don't go in and have a surgery you don't need. You are young yet and going to be around long time, you can take the weight off I really believe you.

    I am very proud of you for sticking up for yournself, and I stand beside you in spirit.  Love, Merry

  12. I can't believe that Dr. Cox, those are the things HE wants you to do and not listening to what YOU want to do  geez...well he sure sounds like "cocky" to me (LOL!)
    glad you got a new dr. and got things sorted out with your insurance company. I think its rare that they're helpful nowadays (insurance co and home health care company) the good thing is these systems are willing to help you out.

    Goodluck with the new mask and take care always,
    Gem :-)

  13. You have value.  Don't ever forget that you have the final choice in what you think is best for you.  Think it over carefully and then decide if the pros outweigh the cons.  Only you, and not your doctors, can make the final decision.  I'm hoping you'll choose what gives you a longer, happier life.

  14. rdautumnsage1/24/2008 12:40 AM

    Hi hon, I think I would of fired Dr. Cox too. I'm keeping you in my prayers on the smoke the new doctor can help you. Stay safe and loved dear one. I think you'll be ok, somethings take getting used to. (Hugs) Indigo

  15. Krissy, Dr. Cox sure doesn't seem very compassionate; so glad you get to go to a new doctor. I don't know much about CPAP/masks and what appears with the electricity going off, but it seems like you should be able to get an answer from the new doctor. I don't think I would worry too much about it as I would think they would have had to consider something like this (like all possibilities of what could go wrong and design a machine/mask that could handle the problems).

    I think you are doing great with your weight loss. I would not have bypass surgery for weight loss and I think as long as you are showing an effort to lose weight without it, the doctors shouldn't be pushing for it.


  16. I think your new doctor will be able to help with any worries you have Krissy.  Glad you have found someone so understanding.

  17. schoolgal0401/24/2008 7:07 AM

    I know that we don't know each other and I'm new to your journal, but my heart goes out to you. This must all be so darn stressful. And ku-dus to you for standing up and firing that dumb-dumb doctor! Since when does stapling someones stomach cure sleep apnea??? That's a new one on me (lol) And I'm sorry he said all that to you. Losing 35 pounds in a few months is a fantastic goal and you did it! I'm proud.
    My hubby also has sleep apnea, at least thats what we think it is. He really needs to go in and tested for it. During the night as he sleeps, I bet he stops breathing 4 or 5 times, maybe more than that. It's so SCARY! You have made me realize I really need to push him to the doctor more than ever.....thank you Krissy.

    You take good care :)

    Sorry this entry was so long.

  18. I would have fired Dr. Cox too!  I'm sure safety guards are in place some how with the machine and full mask if the electric goes off.  I find it hard to believe that story!  Have a good one.

  19. Good for you firing that stupid doctor!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are getting the help you need. Don't ever let anyone bully you like that. He should be fired. Arrrgghhhh that makes me so mad. Glad you are going to get what you need.....June:)

  20. I think you were right to send Dr Cox on his way - he was straying off the point. Cannot comment on the CPAP mask issue.

  21. I am so glad you fired Dr. Cox.  I think there is an alarm that goes off if the machine isn't working properly, isn't there???  Am I wrong??  Also, if you can't breathe, wouldn't you naturally pull the thing off, even if you were asleep.  I really think you would!!  I don't think you should have the gastric bypass surgery either, if that is what you don't want.  I KNOW you CAN lose the weight... YOU CAN!!  I have seen you lose weight before!  I found my Thin Within book.  Want to lose weight together??  You really do need to use the machine, so I am very, very happy you found this doctor.  No, we were not born to have air go up our nose, but some people have sleep apnea that don't even have a weight issue.  Take my John.  He has had it when he was very skinny.  He isn't even really overweight.  You could even have it when you slim down.  I love you, honey, and am so proud of you!!!  Love, Val xox

  22. adonnainparis1/24/2008 1:17 PM

    I would have fired that rude doctor, too.  Even if the sleep apnea were caused by being overweight, (which it's not always,) he didn't have to be so hateful about it.  

    That's awesome that you've lost that much weight.  And I wouldn't get that gastric bypass surgery, either.  I know a lot of people who have, but it's not worth the risk for me.  I've lost 34 pounds doing Atkins, and that's tons better than getting something bizarre done to my body.  


  23. Krissy glad you found another Doctor to help you with your apnea situation.  Can't this doctor answer your questions if the power went off as to the affect a full breathing mask would have on you?  My hubby Jerr uses an apnea machne but, not a full mask type, but will ask him when he gets home about the air situation and let you know dear and also what they call the one he uses.  Take care dear. Arlene (AJ)

  24. Hi Krissy, I sure hope you find a mask that you can live with for your sleep apnea. You go Girl. Have you thought about that some Doctors sometime think they have surpassed being human and have become a Mini God. Those kind need a reality check. There are some great ones too and I hope you have found one.
    Blessings to you my Friend.

  25. I'm glad you have managed to find a doctor who is willing to help you xx


  26. You go thru enuf already Kris, why not just drop more weight the normal way, you already know how and you'll breathe easier...I love and support you my friend.  And go ahead and be afraid, just feel that fear and let it pass away into the world in case someone else needs to be afraid for awhile, it's ok!  XOXO CATHY  

  27. My 3 people I know had the gastric bypass surgery (stomach staple) and it was the best decisions they ever made. -Missy

  28. randlprysock1/24/2008 11:22 PM

    I always wanted to get help for this too.  My heart jumps in my sleep and it scares me.  I'm sure I just stop breathing. I sleep so deep too.  Hugs,

  29. Don't have a  clue about this stuff Krissy.  But I will say a prayer for you!  -  Barbara

  30. Krissy,

    John is a very wise man!  It's so much better not to resort to drastic--and unnatural--measures whenever you have a choice.  Congrats on losing 35 pounds!  That's a very promising indicator that you can lose even more--on your own!   Hope all goes well for you with the new mask--and the new doctor!


  31. thegirlnexdoor771/26/2008 12:39 PM

    I think the full face mask would freak me out too!  Have a good weekend!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  32. cacklinrosie1011/27/2008 11:00 AM

    I'm glad you got rid of that quack, Krissy.  For God's sake, gastric bypas has tons of risks associated with it.  Most doctors would prefer to have you lose weight on your own.  Can you get a battery pack back up for the CPAP machine should you use electricty.  A lot of oxygen machines have them.  Glad to hear you have a wonderful new doctor.  Love you, Chris


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