Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i received the Nice Matters Award


Recently, Jeanne Dinini of Writer’s Notes, presented me with the Nice Matters Award. I feel so honored to receive it. It’s not about your blog’s content.  It’s about, well, being nice, and helping others in the blogosphere.

"This award will be awarded to those that are just nice people, good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence on our blogging world!"

This is the explanation of the Nice Matters Award, from Genevieve Olsen of Bella-Enchanted, who created it on August 2, 2007.

I think Genevieve is on to something very important here. The content of our journal/blog is not the most important thing. It is how we treat others. Do we care about others in the blogging community? Are we showing this in various ways? It could be anything from leaving a comment to writing an email if we have the time. Are we building up the blogging community, or are we tearing others down? Something to think about.

Okay, now for the hardest part. Genevieve asks us, if we receive this award, to pass it on to a few other bloggers.  She asks us not to give it to more than seven.  I want to give this to everybody! But those aren't the rules. So I had to narrow it down.

Here goes:

Tammy:  Tammy has done so much to help those in our AOL blogging community (Jland) that sometimes I wonder if she is ten people!  While she does author numerous blogs, at present she has had to slow down for health reasons. But she is keeping up on her blog Down Home. Tammy is so special, and "Nice" epitomizes her.

Valerie:  Valerie is my sister. No, that's not the reason I've chosen her. It's because she's done so much through her blog There is a Season. She has promoted many important causes. She has promoted Suicide, Bipolar, and Bone Marrow Donation Awareness. She has brought awareness to cancer, and called others to do blood banks. Finally, she has done many things for me while I was away with my husband when he had his stem cell transplant. One thing she did was keep the JLand Photo Shoot alive for the blogging community for months.  That's no easy task! Thanks Val!

Betty:  Betty is newly back to AOL journals. That hasn't stopped her from jumping right back in. What I've noticed about Betty is that she is so eager to help. She visits others' journals, giving encouragement and inspiration. Betty's just like that. She wants to help others. I know she wouldn't want me to say that, though! She doesn't like the spotlight on her. She gives all the credit to the Lord. Visit her at Koda's Corgi Tales.

Okay, ladies, you can snag your award below to put in your sidebar of your blog. Remember to right click and "save as" a jpeg. There is even a gentleman's Nice Matters Award if you want to pass it on to any men.

Congrats.  Because nice really does matter!

Love you all, Krissy :)



  1. Thank you Krissy. You deserve it a whole lot more than me. I will cherish it and will try to not let you and the honor down. God bless. Tammy

  2. Well deserved, Krissy - as are the people you hand it on to :-)

  3. Congrtulations Krissi you so deserve this award a very wise chiose.I would say.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://jorurnals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  4. Well Krissy, you deserve it.  You are one of the nicest people that I know along with Val.  Well done for being chosen, I know how happy it has made you.


  5. Congrats, you deserve it!

  6. nightmaremom1/29/2008 5:54 PM

    awwww that is sweet... and well deserved.  Congrats!  Your picks are great too

  7. rdautumnsage1/29/2008 5:55 PM

    A well deserved award hon! (Hugs) Indigo

  8. Congratulations! Well deserved.
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  9. Congratulations on gaining your award.  Very well deserved!
    Jeanie xxxx

  10. Congratulations Krissy! :-) Very nice award. God Bless, Janie

  11. firestormkids041/29/2008 7:14 PM

    Congratulations, Krissy!  I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award.  Your picks for the others to send to are excellent, too.  You and your sissy Val have been a tremendous help to me since I joined J-Land.  I love you, dear.  Blessings, Penny  http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/TimeforaLittlePoetry

  12. Congratulations Krissy!  

  13. preciousone251/29/2008 9:48 PM

    Congratulations!!!  You SO deserve it!!!


  14. thank you, Krissy; Im so honored to be included with two awesome women! and congrats to you too!!


  15. Congrats!  Couldn't happen to a nicer person!  :)  Julie

  16. cherry2sweet2eat1/30/2008 1:19 AM

    you deserve it.

  17. Krissy,

    You definitely deserve the Nice Matters award!  I wasn't aware that there was one for the guys, though.  Thanks for letting me know that!  Maybe I'll go ahead and offer that version to the guys I gave the award to, since it's so much more masculine than the one I gave them!

    Always stay as nice as you are--because it matters!


  18. randlprysock1/30/2008 8:55 AM

    Congrats Krissy and I can't think of a person who has earned this more!!!  Way to go!!  I am so proud to know you!!!  

  19. You are the SWEETEST, Krissy!  I will pass on... You so deserve this award!  Congratulations!!  Oh, and thank you =)!!  I am humbled.  I love you!! xox

  20. midwestvintage1/30/2008 10:40 AM

     We had a button we passed around the family that says Manner's Matter, they really do and you really deserved this.  Congratulations.


  21. Awww how nice :o)


  22. This is great!
    Linda :)

  23. hugsdoodlewacky1/31/2008 9:50 AM


  24. Congratulations Krissy. Love Pam xx

  25. promiseluv3721/31/2008 9:59 PM

    Congrats hun.  Yes you so deserve this Nice award.  I think you are one of the nicest people in Jland.  When you're life is all crazy... when you have serious stuff going on you still manage to care about others.  

    Love you!

  26. heavenlybama2/02/2008 8:03 PM

    Congratulations Krissy!  You deserve this award.

  27. Krissy you deserve it. I love the gent award with the dog so cute.
    Take care, Chrissie


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