Friday, January 25, 2008

an interview with John about his bone marrow transplant anniversary

I haven't done an interview with my wonderful husband John Knox, of too-stubborn-to-die notoriety in a few months, so I figured it was time.
Krissy:  So hey there John, how are you doing today?
John:  Let's see.  Trying to cope with the 14 degree weather outside.
Krissy:  Yes, it's horrible.  With the wind chill factor it's probably below zero.  So anyway, what's new with you?
John:  Uhm, I had my 46th birthday a few weeks ago.  Uhm... (quit writing uhm!  I don't want uhm!)
Krissy:  okay!  How does it feel to be 46? 
John:  It feels a lot like being 45 except that I've noticed a number of wrinkles in my face that I've never noticed before!  My image of myself is still someone who is 25 or 30.  It's unsettling to realize that I am middle aged now.
Krissy:  Speaking of birthdays, you have another one coming up on Sunday.  How does it feel having two in one month? 
John:  Sunday is the second anniversary of my bone marrow transplant.  Bone marrow transplant recipients call our anniversary dates "birthdays".  It's because we got a new lease on life.  The anniversary does feel like a birthday because I have changed so much.  It's like I have almost become a different person in some ways. 
Krissy:  How do you feel you've become a different person since your transplant?  If you don't mind me asking.
John:  For awhile at first I think I became more withdrawn like I was concentrating on surviving.  I spent most of 2006 in the hospital.  Once I was home again it was difficult adjusting to being out of the hospital and trying to live a normal life. 
I think after that phase I became more assertive and creative.  I am more willing to take chances now.  I wouldn't have tried writing a blog before this.
Krissy:  I see a lot more changes than that.  I think you're more self-confident.  You're more easy going.  You're determined to do what you need to do.  Your fight to battle the cancers gave you that.
John:  I think you are right, but sometimes I have to work on these things.  It doesn't come completely naturally to me yet.
Krissy:  What's your inspiration?
John:  Shortly before I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma I asked God to give me more faith.  Dealing with NHL and bone marrow cancer, I did find more faith.  I didn't expect the deeper faith to come about in that way, but maybe I needed something significant to happen to give me that deeper faith. 
I know that God does not give us cancer, but I also know that God allows "all things to work together for good for those who love Him". 
Krissy:  If you could, would you change what has happened in your life?
John:  (moment of truth here) Overall I wouldn't change what has happened.  I do wish there had been fewer difficult complications after the transplant.  I think that six months of complications would have been enough of a trial to help me learn, but I trust God to do what was best for me.  Maybe I did need a year.
Krissy:  You believe God does not bring the illness, but He does sometimes allow it, right?
John:  Definitely.  God doesn't make us sick, but sometimes suffering can be a growth experience for us.  And it can draw us closer to the Lord.
Krissy:  So you're not angry at God for your cancer or bone marrow transplant experience?
John:  Throughout this whole cancer experience I have never blamed God or gotten angry at Him.  I've always known that God has my best interests in mind.
Krissy:  Would you like to add anything before we close?
John:  I would like to give thanks to God for seeing me through the cancer and complications.
I also give thanks to God for how He has helped me spiritually.
If you would like to visit John and tell him "happy birthdays" then here is the link: it's the 2nd anniversary of my bone marrow transplant
Love you all,
Krissy :) 


  1. Simply wonderful entry Krissy, very moving

  2. hugsdoodlewacky1/25/2008 12:00 PM

    ((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))))Very nice entry.Have a nice weekend.

  3. Lovely posting Krissy .I hav ebeen over to Johns and left a comment" Happy Birthday" to John and both enjoy Sunday you so deserve it.You have been a tower of strength .God Is Good.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  4. I love this! How fun interviewing John, lol....
    Happy Birthday again John!! and many more!!
    Linda :)

  5. People say that God never gives you things you can't handle. I don't believe that. If He only gives us what we could handle, we wouldn't need to turn to Him. With Him the impossible becomes possible. Tammy (What's wrong with the word uhm?)

  6. I was just at John's journal. Thanks for sending me the alert yourself. I appreciate that. I did not get the alert for your journal, John. Congrats to you John. You are a very strong man. And Krissy...I admire you so much. You are one of a kind, girl!

  7. What a wonderful interview.  John has been blessed and I can see he has a very strong faith in God.  I know that when my son had cancer he said he didn't know how people went though all that without their faith to see them through. It does make a big difference.  Attitudes help with healing and I'm sure that is one of the reasons John recovered so well.  With the attitude that God is there with you to help, you just can't go wrong.  Krissy I know you and John are very happy and thankful right now. God Bless you both ! 'On Ya' - ma

  8. littlelady16991/25/2008 1:17 PM

    Great Interview!!!!!


  9. ajsproudparents1/25/2008 1:56 PM

    Great interview. He has a very great attitude. I think that is great!

  10. cherry2sweet2eat1/25/2008 2:35 PM

    wow thats deep great interview and so cute.

  11. I loved the interview!

  12. great interview Krissy CONGRATULATIONS John

  13. amen! I loved this interview Krissy/John!! you gave the glory to the Lord!! amen, amen, amen!! so insightful, so wise you are John (of course we knew he is wise, he married you, dear Krissy)


  14. Have caught John's own entry, thanks for reproducing this interview!

  15. A beautiful interview!!!  -  Barbara

  16. Krissy,

    How wonderful that you have such an excellent subject to do an interview with!  It's very touching to read about the Lord's work in John's life through his illness.  It's so easy to let adversity affect us in a negative way that it's refreshing to see a case where it's resulted in growth, increased faith, and a positive outlook, instead.  John's experience has provided a wonderful example for the rest of us and encourages us to trust God through our own trials, because He is faithful.

    May God bless you and John always!

  17. First, glad that John is able to celebrate a second anniversary.  Things definitely change as we age.  The lines in our face grow, our patience and tolerance for some things grow (and in many cases shrink), and we recognize our own mortality.

    God Bless and many more happy returns.

    Bucko :o)

  18. peytonswater1/25/2008 5:55 PM

    That is WAY cool!

  19. Your a great interviewer krissy

  20. Very good, very interesting...and very inspiring. I wish you both all the best!


  21. Very nice interview! Thanks for sharing. -Missy

  22. midwestvintage1/26/2008 1:12 AM

    Beautiful interview and Happy Anniversary John.


  23. what a wonderful interview, I totally enjoyed it. I'm happy that John is doing better.

  24. Interesting Krissy, your interview with John allowed me to see something in my own life that I couldn't clearly see before.  

    Thank you.  And please pass along that Happy Birthdays to John for me.  :)

  25. what wisdom.  wonderful interview.  thanks for sharing.

  26. treesrgreen781/26/2008 10:42 AM

    This interview with John was wonderful one of the most lovely entries I have ever read, what a wonderful thing to do.  Happy birthday John for Sunday.  

  27. Krissy, I just have to link up to this.  It is grand!  This IS John!  In all of his humbleness.  He never was so introspective either.  WOW!  I am amazed by his insight.  I am so glad he is ALIVE, too!  Happy Birthday, John!!  Love, your sis Val xox

  28. rdautumnsage1/26/2008 12:17 PM

    Thanks for sharing this hon. What a wonderful testament to life. (Hugs) Indigo

  29. Great interview :o)


  30. heavenlybama1/26/2008 3:19 PM

    Wonderul interview Krissy.  Wish I could get my hubby to do that.

  31. cacklinrosie1011/27/2008 10:56 AM

    Happy 2nd birthday to John!  I agree with both of you totally.  God doesn't smithe us with awful things but will permit them to happen for His own reasons.  Many times we don't see them until much later.  I just lost the brakes in my car with 28,000 miles on it.  I know exactly what lesson I'm learning but don't have the courage to publically state it because I did something very, very stupid.  Anyway, much love to both of you.  Chris

  32. promiseluv3721/29/2008 2:28 PM

    Happy birthdays John.
    And Krissy I love ya!! :)
    You make me smile when I think I just can't anymore!

    Your strength still inspires me.

    Much love,

  33. Happy Birthday John!!

    I celebrate being 4 years cancer free from breast cancer in Feb./Mar.  Your so right, you look at the world different after your battle.  I have changed so much, hopefully for the better in some cases.  

    I wouldn't wanted to go through BC again but at the same time it was one of my life's great accomplishments!  I found a stronger faith, it made my marriage stronger, and brought me and my kids closer.  You find out who your true family and friends are too.

    Happy 2nd Birthday!  And lots more!


  34. Hope your birthday was a good one. May you both be blessed with many, many years of good health!


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