Monday, January 14, 2008

monday morning question


Have you ever lost a family member in a store or public place?  Have you ever been lost yourself? 

My answer:

I lost my nephew Stephen once in a mall.  If I remember correctly he was six years old.  Unknown to me, he had wandered into a store (IKEA), while I was talking to his sister Kelly.  If you know anything about IKEA it is filled with endless sections of furniture.  I ran through the mall looking for Steve in sheer terror, searching out a security guard to help.  Finally Steve came out the other end of the store, calmly, and said "Gee, I never thought I would get out of there!  There were beds, and tables, and chairs!"  I just looked at him... 

Now what's your answer?  Tell us your "lost story"!  

Krissy :)


  1. littlelady16991/14/2008 10:49 AM

    Lost??  lol

    thats my 1st name!!!!

    I lost my husband in DC one time
    Lost my sisters car I was following on a highway in Md....ended up on 14th st { street lined with hookers}
    lost my mom and way too many times when I was young

    the list can go on and on..lololol


  2. littlelady16991/14/2008 10:51 AM

    yes I'm a good one for a gps unit....lolol


  3. Lost middle child at Disney World......put me in a panic.
    Lost middle and youngest last week, as I turned them around to go sit in the booth with their 15 year old brother. They passed him, none of them seeing the other, and sat in their own booth at the Mall foodcourt.


  4. midwestvintage1/14/2008 10:59 AM

    Yes, we lost our youngest son in a car show when he was really young.  We searched frantically and finally found him.  He grabbed hold of his dads pant leg and stood there  chest heaving and his thumb in his mouth for comfort.  So cute and the relief we all felt.


  5. Yes; Matt when he was about 5 years old. We were at the store with my brother getting some things to have lunch over their place when we were visiting.  There were about 6 of us roaming the aisles to get chips, whatever.  We left Matt accidentally in the beer section (of all places).  Once we realized he wasn't with us, we quickly started looking around the whole store and he was right where we left him, LOL.


  6. Hi Krissy~I get lost all the time and I usually do it on purpose in stores. Whoever I am with can get highly annoyed! hee-hee...I do it because I guess I'm an impatient wanderer. Deb ;-)

  7. Does the countless times Pete has gotten me lost in the woods count?  Or little Hannah Bug going down the pipeline in her diaper and rubber boots without telling mommy?  LOL  Public place, the only thing I can think of is when my Mama & Daddy took me and my cousin Kim to Astroworld.  We were turned loose together with wrist watches and told a time to meet Mama and Daddy by the front gate.  Kim, about two years older and an experienced Astrotourist took the lead.  When time was drawing near for us to meet my parents, I knew they meant wait inside the gate.  But Kim insisted it was a few minutes past our meeting time and they must be in the parking lot.  So I followed her like an idiot.  We trammed to the car and back.  Waiting out by the flowers and fountains.  I was sssssooooo happy to see Daddy and Mama coming toward us, even though I could tell by the look on his face we were in deep doo-doo with Daddy.   -  Barbara

  8. I answered in my private journal, but I sent you an invite as a reader.  :)  I've been lurking for a few days, but I've decided I like your journal so I'm sticking around a bit.  :)
    ~Tiffany S.

  9. You bring back the memory of the time my oldest wandered off from us at Sea World.  We had just finish watching the sea lion show and were leaving the theater with a large crowd.  I was pushing the stroller and she was walking along with her dad.  All of a sudden, she was gone.  We totally flipped!  I was sitting on a bench changing her sister and her dad took off looking for her ... back to the theater.  I quickly threw the baby in the stroller and took off in the opposite direction.  All of a sudden I heard, "MOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!"  I found her in front of a lemonade bar with the woman who worked there.  Later she told me she was walking along following her dad's legs .... and when she reached up for his hand, he looked down and it wasn't him!  

    Ah, the view of the world from a little kid's line of vision.  

  10. rdautumnsage1/14/2008 5:31 PM

    My daughter was 2 almost 3. Her Dad and I always held her hand wherever we went. Being the clever little girl, walking between us both. I thought she had her dad's hand , vice versa. I glanced down and no Skye, her Dad and I panicked and saw her running down the middle of the mall as fast as her legs would carry her. We ran after her, you would think with all the people around someone would of stopped her or helped. Nope, they pointed and gawked at the two screaming parents trying to catch a toddler. I don't know what we would of done if she had darted into a store or something. Needless to say that didn't happen again. (Hugs) Indigo

  11. Yes My son loved to hide and it scared me too death

  12. I posted it in my journal.

  13. My mom lost me many times, but no I have not lost anyone yet. -Missy

  14. All I can say there are some family members I'd like to lose, but no to your answer.


  15. sarajanesmiles1/15/2008 6:55 AM

    Hi Krissy :o)
    I did get lost once... I was in my late 20's at the time though!!
    I decided that I would walk home from work one afternoon, as we had been allowed to leave early and I couldn't get hold of Gary, who usually picked me up in the car.  I had a vague idea of where I was supposed to go, chuckle, but got hopelessly lost.  It was pouring down with rain.  Eventually I sat inside a bus shelter and cried!  Luckily, Gary had called me at work and found out that I had already left.  He drove around for ages looking for me before he did find me, still sat in the bus shelter.  I am not good with directions, I never know where I am or how to get anywhere... that was probably not one of my better decisions ;o)
    Sara   xxx

  16. I was young, very young, maybe five, at a carnival.  I was separated from my mom and siblings.  Somehow the carnival security people (?) noticed I was lost.  They asked me who I was.  I remembered that my mom always said if we were lost to give them HER name.  So when they asked my name I gave them my mom's name.  So over a loudspeaker my mom heard, if you have lost your child, and her name" please come pick her up..."  It's funny looking back.  I was a good girl. LOL

  17. Here's my answer~good subject ! Linda in Washington state
    P.S. I was really lost before I accepted Jesus as my Saviour!

  18. I lost my wife at a wine tasting party one evening, but she found me anyway.


  19. I lost my wife and daughter in Disneyland.  They went to the rest room and never came out.  By and by I sent someone in looking for them and they were gone. So I wnt on and visited the exhibits.  eventually we met and they accused ME of running out on them.  ah, well. After that we all carried distinctive little whistles that we could use to locate one another in crowds;.  Notadays we all carry cell phones. I recently became separatedf from my daughter in Target... a huge warehouse type department store.  I merely called her on her cell phone.  Easy.

  20. My mum tells me she lost me when I was young coz I would always wander off in front, (still do)  when I turned round she wasn't there!!  I don't remember it to be honest lol


  21. lol. My big sis (one who I have not mentioned yet) once left my wee treasure in the supermarket. She wheeled her trolley out the door and was heading towards the car to put it away when she was stopped briefly by her neighbour, who luckily asked her if she was on her own!!! The penny dropped and she went back in..looking! Ohhhh What a woman! lol Love Pam xx

  22. kaydeejay54491/17/2008 12:36 AM

    I've written my 'lost' experiences just at the deadline.  Phew!!
    Hugs, Kathy

  23. thanks to this question now you'll know that once I went to the bank with my 4 y o daughter and a newborn son....left the bank and after about halfway out the door of the mall (the bank is inside the mall) I realized I forgot something.....
    I turned around, went back to the bank and luckily no one had noticed (yet) a (my) newborn baby in a stroller, ALONE, in the corner section of of the bank! :-)

    another time, I was at the mall with my daughter (no son yet) I didn't drive yet at that time so I had to call my husband to pick us up, but I called my mother in law first to ask her what was MY home phone number.

    and then this other time....I just had my second baby..went back to work after two weeks..somebody asked me what's my son's name and I forgot! I had to asked a co-worker what is MY son's name.

    for a while...I was afraid that's the sign of alsheimer's..?

    hope not.
    Gem :-)

  24. inquestoftruth1/17/2008 1:41 PM

    My mom lost me when I was about 5....and I ran out of the store crying.  Thankfully, some lady followed me out and brought me back in.   My mom had 4 other children, and I was just sure she had forgotten her baby and left.
    Mom found me, finally, and all was well.
    About the same thing happened to me with my daughter, and she ran out of the store crying.   I think, after her running away from me several times, I had told her if she wandered off again I was going to leave her there.   She wandered off, and when she couldn't find me, she was sure I left.   It all turned out ok, though.  I found her and I so wanted to spank her!   (I didn't.)


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