Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Question

Have you been approached by a campaign worker, either paid or unpaid, about the Presidential race yet?  I'm not talking about the primaries, but the general election.  As in, have you been contacted by anybody from the Obama or McCain Camp (asking who you were voting for, or giving you information about their candidate)?   

Sorry, that this question leaves out the people in countries other then America.  I don't mean to be so AmericaCentric, but I really want to know the answer to this question!

My answer:  Yes, I had two people come to my door representing one of the presidential nominees.  I don't even know if they were for Obama or McCain.  I was in my pajamas.  I asked them to please leave, they continued.  I asked them to leave again, they finally left.  Gee wiz.

John had somebody call him on the phone from the NRA.  

What's your answer?  Has anybody contacted you yet regarding the upcoming presidential election?

*****This is not a forum to say who you are voting for!  It is merely to see if the campaigning has started yet!  I would never ask you who you were voting for!

Krissy :)


  1. I posted my answer on my journal.

  2. No I haven't had anyone call or come to my door.
    Hopefully with all the barking, nobody will come here although if they did - they'd be licked to death lol.


  3. Here's my answer....Linda in WA

  4. howiseeit1016/23/2008 12:17 PM

    I have not been contacted, anywhere...not at home, not on the streets, not in the supermarket.  Hmmm...where is everybody?

  5.     Not yet. I am waiting though, because you know I'm pumped and I have my facts straight. The worst thing about politics from either party is that they take the truth and stretch it to fit their needs.

  6. not yet
    if they do decide
    to use the front door
    won't answer it, anyroad
    anyone worth seeing
    knows we use the side door
    let message thingy
    pick up calls

  7. I know the phone will ring very soon about this! We don't get many door-to-door people being in the mountains (except my JW neighbors) so I guess living here has its odd perks besides the glory of the mountains! Dannelle

  8. nope, not yet but we keep moving, LOL, they have to track us down (plus we have to re-register) I'm sure the days are coming though very fast

    good question Krissy!

    I can't imagine why someone wouldn't have been polite and left when you asked them too :(


  9. p.s.
    hope I didn't sound
    too harsh earlier
    I still want to vote

  10. not yet and Ill avoid at all

  11. Yes, but I am not sure if I contacted them (the McCain "camp" or if they contacted me.  I have been "riding his bus" since last January.  I hope he gets into the White House & have already been doing volunteer work for him.  Love, Mery

  12. I had plenty knocking on my door during the nomination process and I have had one person on behalf of Obama and the democratic party come looking for donations to the party.

  13. Krissy, no. But I have been volunteering for John McCain, so they KNOW I am for hiim.  I haven't had any other calls. Love you, Merry

  14. Not yet, but any day now. See a more detailed answer at:
    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  15. lol that sounds worse than those Mormons that come to the door once a month to bug the crap out of us and force those pamplet things on us lol. Even if we have the NO SOLICITATION on the door lol they still knock

    .. Wait or is that those Jehovah ppl.. I cant remember I always get them two mixed up lol

    ~ Christopher ~

  16. Thankfully we live in a neighborhood that has signs at our entranceways saying,  that we don' allow anyone coming to our doors for donations, selling stuff, solicitating, etc.  so that takes care of that.  Have had a few phone calls, but I interrupt and say I don't take calls from anyone I personally don't know on our private line and hang up.  Gee I sound nasty, lol, but it works for us. Arlene (AJ)

  17. just dont open the door they'll get the message i hope..


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