Friday, June 27, 2008

my nice matters sticker

Rosemary of Inspiration has come up with an idea to change the world.  She wants to bring the Nice Matters Award to the average person.  In sticker form.  You can read about her idea in Magic Smoke.
Rosemary asks us to try our hand at designing a Nice Matters sticker.  I wasn't going to attempt such a feat.  After all, I am not a graphics artist.  But then I changed my mind.  I ran over to the Paint program and threw something together.
That's it.  Yes, it's that simple. 
Why?  Because I don't want things all over the sticker to be what others focus on.  It is NICE that matters, not some fancy drawings on the sticker! 
Why else is the sticker simple?  Because it is something that men, women, and young people can all wear.  Especially young people.  We want them to wear it too.  I envision them wearing something small, black and cool!
I want something simple that everybody will like so the idea will take off quickly.  It IS a really important idea. 
Why?  because NICE matters.
Krissy :)


  1. I like it, plain,simple and to the point!

  2. Like it. I really do. Dannelle

  3. Like it Krissy, plain, simple, straight to the point xxxx

  4. Love your sticker wording Krissy, says it right to the point - no other words are got it down to a T on what's important.  Good job Krissy.  Have a good weekend your way.  Arlene (AJ)

  5. A simple sticker with a bold message ~ i like it :o)


  6. nightmaremom6/27/2008 7:17 PM

    love it!


  7. Excellent. Plain and simple.  Really a good one Krissy.

    Love Myke

  8. It's a wonderful idea and a simple but elegant "sticker!"  I have a nice matters one I got I believe from Valerie.  I was honored and I can't think that just anybody wouldn't be honored no matter what their age is to receive this one!  Great Job, Krissy! Love, Merry

  9. great idea and i love the design you came up with. ((((((((hugs)))))

  10. I like it.    D

  11. simple and to the point, Krissy! Nice DOES matter. bea

  12. I like it!  Only thing I think would make it a little better is a lighter color.  What do you think?  We need to get more people involved.  Thinking I will do a plea tomorrow again!


  13. I love the simplicity of your creation but would ask one thing of it and that would be possibly to change the solid black color to  "eco" friendly green to not only send the nice message across but also our "green" message across as well. Just a suggestion and do with it as you see fit.

  14. I LOVE your sticker........the simplicity of it is beautiful

    Well done
    hugs Jayne


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