Friday, November 12, 2004

Feeling Better

I've had a really good couple of days.  John and I have spent a lot of time together.  Last night we went and saw the movie "Shall We Dance".  I really enjoyed it.  We also caught dinner.  A real date night.  Haven't done that in awhile.  When you are a couple you can fall into a routine and forget to go out on "real dates" sometimes.  You just start taking each other for granted.  

It's also fun to just be hanging around at my house doing the little mundane things.  John came over this morning and we had glazed sour cream donuts.  Nothing like a breakfast of hot coffee and sour cream donuts.  The funny thing is that Michael was begging me for a donut and to show him that he wouldn't like it I threw him down a chunk, just so he would leave me alone.  And he ate it!  So I gave him a few more pieces.  I am a bad Mommy!  He is now 22 lbs. and on a diet from table scraps and here I am giving him glazed donut chunks, and he is eating them!

Another really good thing about today is that I went and spoke with my priest.  I am feeling a lot better about a lot of the things that were bothering me.  A lot of the things had to do with me feeling like I was a bad person (that is what OCD in the form of Scrupulosity does to you) and he helped me to see that it wasn't true.  He made me realize that I am not this horrible sinner that I thought I was.  That is what scupulosity does, it lies to you and tells you you are a horrible sinner when you are not.  And you obsess about it relentlessly.  Of course as I have mentioned in previous entries OCD has a chemical basis to it, a brain chemistry basis, and I take medicine for it.  The priest said I would also need to use cognitive therapy and thought stopping processes.

After going to Mass and seeing Fr. George I went and looked for some Scavenger Hunt pictures.  It was extremely difficult as it started raining and then changed to snow.  It was freezing cold and I had John driving all around, lol.  He is such a trooper.  He will do anything for me.  I finally found some subjects to photograph, but they weren't the ones I truly wanted.  I wanted to get some better subjects, but was limited by the rain.  I could only snap shots when it was not raining and so that made my shots limited.  And I live in one of the most gorgeous areas.  Amish country!  So much for getting a nice landscape shot, lol.  

Tomorrow I am going to make my lifetime promises in the Secular Order of the Carmelites DiscalcedThis of course deserves an entry all by itself, and I am going to do an entry, but it is getting late right now, and I want to be fresh in the morning.  I will have to do it tomorrow or the next day.  Probably on Sunday because on Saturday (tomorrow) the conference will be all day (8 am till 4 pm) and then I am going to come home and list everybody's Scavenger Hunt in my journal.  So I will be tired and will do the entry on Sunday or soon after, lol.  Suffice it to say that tomorrow is one of the most monumental days of my life.  

One final thing.  I have a very special friend who just started her journal today.  If you can, go on over and check her out and leave her a comment.  Silvia has a fascinating life and I am looking forward to her sharing it with us.

That's it for now.  Love and blessings!  Krissy


  1. sonensmilinmon11/13/2004 12:45 AM

    Sounds like you've had a couple of really good days and the date night sounds wonderful!  We all need to do that more often.

    I'm off to check out your friends journal.


  2. readmereadyou11/13/2004 3:06 AM

    I really want to see that movie. Looks like fun.
    Isn't it great to get a nice priest. My best friend of 30 years is a Monsignor. I remember him when he was 28 and I was too. LOL!

  3. Good luck for today (Saturday). Glad you have been feeling better. Nice you have a priest you can talk to. Glad you got to see that film.  Have a good weekend and good luck once again. xxxx

  4. sarajanesmiles11/13/2004 5:38 AM

    Am so glad that things are better Krissy :o)
    Date night is a good idea, we do fall into routines don't we after a while, will suggest something similar to hubby!
    Hoping that today go's really well for you, and looking forward to a longer entry all about the Carmelites.  
    Sara   x

  5. Hi Krissy.  I enjoyed reading your entry.  You have been busy and so glad you feel better.  When I read everyone's journals, it seems we all go through things like this.  The date sounded fun.  John seems like a really nice guy and takes care of you and spends time with you.  I saw an ad for Life Aquatic with Bill Murray and wondered if that might be good.  It's not out yet - just the ads.  I need a funny movie.

    For it to snow, seems like you are in Alaska for here in the south it has been pretty warm, but the end of the front reached us yesterday and it was in the 30's last night.  So snow may not be so far away.  Usually we don't see too many flakes until mid December.  Maybe a few flurries though.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. It is great to see you functional!  I had almost lost hope that it were possible!  Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself!  You have really helped me!  Thanks!  JAE

  7. sarajanesmiles11/13/2004 10:03 AM

    Forgot to visit your friend earlier, have now been though, and said hi!
    Sara   x

  8. I want to see that movie.

  9. Bless you my dear, sis!  I will be calling you soon.  I just finished my Scavanger Hunt Entry.  Hmm.  guess I should send it to you.  So, I went to visit Sylvia and she is a wonderful woman!  She has already emailed me back.  So, I love you and am sooooooooo proud of you!  Love, Valy xox

  10. I am slowly catching up! I hope your vow taking was a beautiful experience! I am missing the photo challenges! I need to get back on track. :-)

  11. beccihouse2228511/14/2004 2:57 PM

    It's great to hear that you are feeling better!!
    Becci. xxxx


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