Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

What kind of breakfast cereal do you eat?  If you don't eat cereal what do you eat for breakfast?

I eat grits with a little butter and salt and pepper!  Yum yum!  Sorry my fellow Pennsylvanians but I did grow up down south.  No matter what you say grits are delicious!  When I am not eating grits I eat leftovers, because I can't stand most breakfast cereals.

How about you? 


  1. sarajanesmiles11/22/2004 5:05 AM

    What are grits Krissy?!
    They do sound yummy, anything with butter and salt and pepper in the morning sounds yummy to me!  I eat depending on what I fancy.  Sometimes Ready Brek, sometimes toast.  Today is a Ready Brek day :o)
    Sara   x

  2. jules1964200111/22/2004 5:23 AM

    I tend not to eat breakfast, which I know is very bad. When I occassionally do eat, I will have toast with best butter on it and a cup of tea :)...........Jules xxx

  3. Banana
    Black coffee.
    Or porridge

  4. Always Weetabix without fail...I`m nothing if not predictable !    Sandra x

  5. Coffee until I am hungry.  I do not eat for a few hours.  Bad girl.  I am not a "breakfast food" person.  When I do eat when I wake up it is usually whatever I had the night before.  I just grab something out of the refrigerator or a piece of fruit or something.  Actually, I eat "breakfast food" for lunch or dinner.  I love grits!!  Should eat them more often!!  I also love oatmeal with nuts and raisins and milk!  Yummy, yum, yum!

  6. i try to get breakfast every day, sometimes i dont manage!!! when i do its either weetabix or crunchy nut cornflakes with lots of cold soya milk and cranberry tea x
    Jay xx

  7. I like most cereals, except raisin bran and stuff with nuts or fruit in it. If I don't eat cereal, I usually have eggs and toast. If it's after 11 a.m., I will most likely eat lunch stuff though. I'm not one of those who can eat breakfast at anytime of the day. haha

  8. Oh I love your Monday morning questions!!!  And I didn't know you were from the south, do tell - what part??
    Let's see, for breakfast, I eat a good breakfast on Saturday, like bacon and eggs.  On Sunday, before church, I eat Maple Crunch cereal, and during the week, at work, I eat anything from instant grits, instant oatmeal, almonds, bananas, or yogurt with the crunchy stuff on top!

  9. This is an easy question to answer. I never eat breakfast. Can't stand the sight of food before 11am earliest.  I have a Monday morning question for you Krissy. Can you please explain what grits are? Never heard of them in UK.
    Love Sylvia

  10. I love cereal. Raisin Bran...Cheerios...Quaker hot cereal (oatmeal apples & cinnamon)...frosted mini wheats...fruit loops...corn flakes...cap'n crunch... I also love blueberry pancakes, omlettes, hash browns, ham, McDonalds Egg McMuffins...usually I space and forget to eat breakfast. LOL Ovaltine...Apple Juice...Cranberry...Tropicana OK...OK I'll stop now. LOL OH wait...donuts, cinnamon buns...fruit danish...OK now.

  11. readmereadyou11/22/2004 6:36 PM

    I usually have frozen waffles toasted or scrambled eggs. : )

    PS. Never had grits......northerner. : )

  12. promiseluv37211/22/2004 7:21 PM

    I am never hungry until afternoon.. and there usually isn't any time for breakfast.  However, I do eat breakfast at dinner sometimes, that way I still get breakfast foods :)
    This is my first visit to your journal and I know I'll be back...
    ~ Promise

  13. Bless your heart.  Up until this moment I was the only grit lover I knew. But we need to mention that down south they are called by a name with two syllables: gree-uts. What are they, we have been asked.  I'd say they are the same as "cream of wheat", mush, made with corn. Some of us eat 'em with milk and sugar, but the purists among us eat 'em with butter. But if you live north or west in this wonderful country, fugeddabodit. You won't see 'em at all.

  14. theresemshaffer11/22/2004 10:49 PM

    I love plain yogurt and fresh pineapple for breakfast!  If I can't have that, it will be poached eggs with spinach.  I hate the grits that you and Val loved.  Why did mom and dad feed that to us?  Probably with 6 kids to feed it was easy and cheap.  No nutrition in grits...empty carbs!

  15. I usaully eat toast or a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Cereal doesn't agree with me even though I really like it. So once in a while, I get brave, on the eve before a day off, and eat a huge bowl!

  16. COFFEE & MORE COFFEE lol You're probably less starved at noon than I am too!

  17. Is it incredibly sinful to admit that I eat Pumkin Pie or Krisy Kremes in the morning? I aucutally have this interesting plan, you see, I never wanted to get out of bed at six in the morning before. But now all I have to do is think about those chocolate donuts and it's rise and shine, baby!

    Love ya,

  18. I like grits , but haven't had them in a long time.  Usually I stop at Burger King on the way to work and get a Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich for breakfast. Thank you for visiting my journal - I check your's out often, but don't always have the time to leave a comment ! 'On Ya' - ma

  19. sonensmilinmon11/23/2004 11:15 PM

    I enjoy cream of wheat. :-)  Otherwise, I usually have toast and a scrambled egg.


  20. dbaumgartner11/24/2004 7:02 AM

    Ugh, grits taste like wet sand.  LOL  But, lots of folks love them and that's OK.  For me I eat Great Starts microwaveable breakfasts.  I'm not big on cooking.  LOL


  21. Honey nut cheerios on weekdays.  On weekends when there's more time, I make egg and cheese omlettes or breakfast burritos (with eggs, cheese, bacon, and onions/bellpeppers, sometimes tomatos,)...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! - Wanda

  22. Ok  I am pretty late answering your question. I have to agree with you on the Grits. I love them with a turn over egg, and some Bacon or sauage. My fiance eats grits with ANYTHING. He loves them with omlettes . I dont eat too much cold cereal, too sweet. I save that junk for my son..he's 2.


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