Friday, November 19, 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Where I live, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  I am so excited!  I went down town two or three weeks ago and the borough trees were decked out in classy white lights.  Usually after the lights follows banners around town that say things like Peace and Joy and Happy Holidays.  It is cheery in this town when the Christmas lights go up, and they stay up until May or June the following year!  

I was also driving to Val's town and they had gorgeous white lights wrapped around poles.  Very classy in her quaint town.  And another town John and I were driving through had tinsel red and white candy canes strapped to poles.  Not exactly classy, but fun!  Then there were the personal decorations in people's yards.  Some of them were kind of funny.  In the town with the candy canes the people are very poor.  But they spent their money on Christmas decorations.  One of the reasons they were funny is because some of the people still have Thanksgiving decorations up but have Christmas decorations mixed in with them too!  

Now some of you may think bah hum bug.  Christmas is all commercialism.  But I don't think so.  I love Christmas.  I think in my town that the lights are not going up early to draw in shoppers.  There are not even very many shops at that end of town.  No department stores.  We are just celebrating because we love the spirit of Christmas and love being nice to one another.  Everybody is so nice to one another at Christmastime.  I am not saying that everybody doesn't get into the big gift buying thing after Christmas, but everybody is so nice to each other too.  I am really looking forward to this time of year!

Hope you all are too.     


  1. readmereadyou11/19/2004 10:22 PM

    I love Christmastime. There's just that spirit of Christ everywhere. People may say it's something else but how can that be? It doesn't happen all year.....Just at Christmas, so it must be the focus on Him bringing out the best in us. : )


  2. Hmm. You just reminded me that I still have my Halloween decorations up. LOL

  3. Christmas starts early in the US!

  4. sarajanesmiles11/20/2004 6:59 AM

    I get like a big kid over Christmas, sooo excited!!  It's my favourite time of year, because people do want to be nice to each other at Christmas, strangers smile in the street and there's a general feeling of happiness and excitement in the air!  Love it :o)
    Sara   x

  5. I confess I pulled out my boxes yesterday. I love the decorating and baking and eating and the smells...... Ilove it all!

  6. Oh, we went Christmas shopping last night at our favorite mall to beat some of the crowds after Thanksgiving.  And I'm not sure we beat much.  It was hard to find a parking spot, the food court barely had any tables, and it was difficult to even get around the mall and in the stores.  I thought we'd missed thanksgiving somehow.....

    We are decorating the inside of the house with Christmas today since none of the family comes here for Thanksgiving.  That way when Thanksgiving is over, we're ready.

  7. I do love Christmas but hate the crowds in the shops. All that pushing and shoving, some people are quite rude ! But, I do love to try out new ways of decorating the house. I`m having more lights inside this year. I have found some tiny strings of lights powered by battery that I can wrap around various Christmas decorations. Its all part of the fun for me.....Sandra x

  8. beccihouse2228511/20/2004 7:42 AM

    Mum went shopping this morning, and the decorations in town must have got her in the christmas spirit. She's doing the housework and singing! It's actually starting to get irritating because her voice isn't the best!
    I love the way everyone is nice too. I like going out wrapped in colourful scarves and saying hello to strangers. People don't really do that much any other time of year.
    Take care.
    Becci. xxxx

  9. Yes, the lights and songs and smells and smiles of Christmastime are so nice!  I love Christmastime also!!  I like that it is a Holiday Season.  Not just a day.  It is a mood.  A way of life.  For a Savior that came into the world.  That is why I like Christmas.  I do get a let down the day after very often.  That is why I like when the lights and songs and attitudes and smiles linger long after Christmas.  Good entry, love!!

  10. I have started sorting Christmas. It worried me I might not get it done this year, as I have been decidedly unwell. Fortunately my English/Dutch fighting spirit saved the day. The grandchildren have now been well and truly spoiled, once again and I think everyone now has a present. Will have a very pleasurable time wrapping them all up. The next step is writing my xmas cards. I usually make all my own but haven't had time or stamina these past weeks and I must cope with caring for hubby and myself. I love Christmas too and will post a pic of the nativity scene hubby and I made many years ago. A real homespun effort. Figures made with clothes pegs, pipecleaners etc. and stable from hedgrow scavenges. Roof is thatched with dried grasses from garden.


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