Saturday, November 6, 2004

Photo Scavenger Hunt #5

What is Love?

The idea for this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt comes from Therese.

What is love?  To me love is many things.  It was hard to narrow this down to just a few things, but to me these were some of the things that most embodied love.

  Love is 46 years of ups and downs and just plain routine days and still staying together!  When I say ups and downs I mean way ups and way downs!  And six children and numerous grandchildren later.  Congratulations Mom and Dad on your upcoming Anniversary.  Love is... My Mom and Dad.

Love is... Unconditional.  Like the unconditional love Michael gives me.  It is so funny.  I can be grouchy and in a bad mood and he still loves me.  If I am in a bad mood he forgets ten minutes later.  He is the most forgiving creature I know on earth.  I can be in pagamas and have dirty hair and he doesn't care or judge me.  His love for me amazes me.  I love him so much and he loves me. 

And finally, but not lastly, love to me is my John.  He is beyond measure in my life.  He is more than wonderful to me.  Words cannot express what he means to me.  He loves me unconditionally.  He takes care of me.  He even does my dishes.  Love is John.

Now I don't have a pic, but I want to say that my ultimate love is Jesus, and He is ultimate love, for greater love has no man than this, than a man lay down His life for His friends.  And that to me is Ultimate Love.    

Love, Krissy   


  1. childebrand196811/06/2004 7:51 PM

    Hey Krissy... as usual you have great shots here.  Michael is a sweetie!  John and your parents, inspiring.  Your choice for Ultimate Love is perfect!


  2. Yes, Krissy, Jesus on the cross embodies the most perfect love!  I meant to write that in my journal and I forgot.  First I lost my entry, then Rog was sitting next to me while I was doing it and driving me crazy!  You know how that goes... So, these pics are great!  I love the pic of John there!  His best yet!  Well, all three are the best you have taken yet, I think!  And they made me smile so WIIIIIDE!!!  Boy, do I love Mom, Dad, John and Michael!!  What a nice entry!  Thanks for the lovely day, honey!!  Love you!  Love, Valy a.k.a. Your TBADT

  3. sarajanesmiles11/06/2004 7:54 PM

    Lovely choices Krissy, and great pics :o)
    Love is certainly all those things, and more.
    Sara   x

  4. readmereadyou11/06/2004 8:50 PM

    I just love your choices. You're a lucky woman. : )


  5. wonderful pictures

  6. aww i just got so busy this week and forgot all about the pic thing!  I will do better next week!  What is the assignment?

    Much Love,

  7. sonensmilinmon11/07/2004 2:03 AM

    This has been a good entry.  I really need to work on getting mine in my journal. :-)

    I loved the entire entry.  And you are blessed to have a man like John in your life. :-)


  8. Amen to it all - especially the last part!

  9. beccihouse2228511/07/2004 5:19 AM

    Great choices and beautiful photographs Krissy!
    I'm really glad that I actually took part this week. I'm planning my ideas for next week now.
    Becci. xxxx

  10. I loved your pics on the "love" theme.  

  11. dbaumgartner11/07/2004 7:09 AM

    What a wonderful entry!  I enjoyed all of the pics.  Thanks for sharing.

  12. Your Mom and Dad is a wonderful shot!  Sorry I have been a no show the past several weeks....the themes seem doable this week!

  13. What great entries. And so true. You are so surrounded by love! Excellent selections. One of these days I'll get my pics in hee hee. It's fun seeing everyone elses choices.  Toodles

  14. jules1964200111/08/2004 7:46 AM

    Beautiful pics Krissy, I love them all :).........Jules xxx

  15. Great pics.


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