Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday Morning Question

Monday Morning Question:

What is your favorite city that you've traveled to?  Why?

Mine is Long Beach, North Carolina.  I went there about two years ago to visit my Uncle and Aunt.  I love the beach and could have picked other beaches, but this is the first beach that I have been to that has palm trees!  I just love palm trees!  And I just love the beautiful surroundings at this beach.  Plus I love the company!  Hello Uncle Gene! 

What's your favorite city and why?


  1. Luxembourg

    because of years  of listening to Radio in the early 60's

  2. sarajanesmiles11/15/2004 6:06 AM

    I love the beach too, never been to one that had palm trees though :o)
    My favourite place would be, anywhere on the Isle of Wight, down south of UK.
    Sara   x

  3. I can say I do not have a favorite. I have been in a lot of places. I do not think I can pick a fav because each place is different.

  4. dbaumgartner11/15/2004 6:48 AM

    I can't say I have a favorite city.  Even though I live close to a very large city, I prefer the smaller, more rural towns.  Of that I would say my favorite is Cedar Key, FL.  This is a sleepy fishing town that sits right on the Gulf of Mexico.  It's so peaceful and soul soothing.  It's the best retreat for the mind and soul that I can think of.

  5. Though not a city, I would have to say that would be Clearwater Beach on Floridas west coast. We first went there 10 years ago and have been back 3 more times. I think I would chose this place probably because we had travelled all the way from the UK and also for the same reason you stated...palm trees on the beach and white sand which I had never seen before except in holiday brochures. Each time the holiday was wonderful, great weather, wonderful seafood that was out of this world and the friendliest motel we have ever stayed in. It was certainly the most relaxing holiday ever !...sandra x

  6. Galway in Ireland....most fab and fun place.

  7. Ah! Good question. Would have to be Lahaina, Maui (Hawaii). They have the best luau on the islands, a great beach, lots of pretty hotels, great restaurants, a pretty aquarium close by, great weather, friendly people and the best scenery...great shopping...sugar cane fields...I could go on and on. LOL

  8. Oh, very interesting.  I like going anywhere new.  I guess the neatest place I went to was Charleston, SC.  I think I liked it because it was so different from The North East that I have stayed in my whole life.  I liked seeing the palm trees, beaches, very flat land with no hills in sight, magnolia trees, hanging moss, cotton fields, etc.  Very beautiful.  I like every new place I go to, though, for lots of reasons.  Good question!

  9. My favourite city, without doubt, is Oxford. I have not been there for many years, although it was a regular haunt of mine when I was younger and one of my local towns. It is about an hours drive from where I live now, but you have given me an idea and something to look forward to. When I  am feeling up to it, I will get my friend to spend a day there with me and take lots of lovely pics for my journal.

  10. I forgot to say why it is my favourite city......all those 'dreaming spires' ....need I say more.

  11. It's crazy, but I love San Francisco and Hollywood. People seem to be so nice, and there's always something to do to keep you entertained. I'd also love to go to Paris, but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

  12. hopelessblondie11/15/2004 2:58 PM

    It may not be morning anymore but, it's still Monday. I don't get to travel much but, I did get to go to NYC in August of 2001. I loved it. So exciting! That and Washington, D.C. are the only two major cities I've been to and they're both great (if you're not sleep-deprived *cough* liz & mari *cough* lol). Good question, Krissy!

  13. Oh, I don't know, but I'm going to list two spots:  Destin, FL and San Antonio.  I just enjoy it so much.  I'm ready for the beach, but I enjoyed the food on the river walk in San Antonio ---and BOTH have Palm Trees which I LOVE!

  14. OH, how funny.  I left my answer to your question, BEFORE, I went back and read YOUR own Answer.  And we both said we LOVED palm trees.  That was funny.

  15. readmereadyou11/15/2004 8:57 PM

    It's Manhattan for me of course.......New Yorker.
    But, DC is a district and not a city......However, I'd put it before NY. I fell in love with the history of it all years ago.


  16. Subtropolis, the most fascinating trip I ever took.

  17. I love NYC! It is so interesting. I am sure there are parts that aren't so exciting, but as a whole, there is always something to to do. But if I wanted to relax, it isn't a city but the mountains of south eastern West Virginia. Peace, clean air, what more could you ask for.

  18. I enjoy the Monday morning question.  Do you do the Saturday Six?
    Then go back and take a look at his journal too,  It is neat.

  19. sonensmilinmon11/16/2004 2:16 PM

    WoW, pick only ONE favorite city?  I doubt I can do that.  I've always loved the west coast cities such as Vancouver BC, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego.  Each for different reason.  Vancouver is a CLEAN city with so much to do, Seattle is beautiful with the sound, Mt Rainier off in the distance, San Francisco offers so much culture and diversity, San Deigo has the great beaches.  Then I also enjoy Chicago, the west coast of Florida (not really a city) and then my favorite city in Europe would be Barcelona.  I loved walking on Las Rumblas and watching ALL those young handsome sailors in different national uniforms.  Like I said, too many cities, and just as many reasons.  Oh, I forgot DC (as Angela pointed out it's not really a city) but, the HISTORY!


  20. I LOVE San Diego. The Ocean was shown to me for the first time in a unique way.
    I was told to close my eyes and wait for an okay. We drove to the top of somewhere, I had closed my eyes so I know not where in San Diego, but it was HIGH above everything and when I opened my eyes it was BREATHTAKING to see nothing but water! That memory of San Diego lives with me to the point I did the same thing to my children in Florida.

  21. In the US, I love Key West..or New York City.  In Europe, I'd have to say Amsterdam....there is so much to do!  


  22. dakotarose285211/20/2004 5:27 PM

    I'm really late answering your question.  Sorry, but I've had computer problems.  Anyway, my favorite city is Las Vegas.  All those bright lights, always something to do, and the ring of mountains that completely surrounds the city.  2 blocks off the strip and you'd never know you're in Sin City.  One hour away is Lake Mead, so peaceful and serene.  However, during the Christmas season, there's no place like New York.  No one does Christmas like NYC.  Great question.

  23. My favorite city in definitely NOT a city. It's a small, itsy bitsy town called "96". It's in South Carolina. It's one of those very unique southern towns, where the food is wonderful, the antique shops are thrilling, and the people are so sweet. It has so much history, and hospitality. When you're there, it seems like you're dreaming. Houses straight out of Gone With the Wind, town legends, secrets kept safe over hundreds of years, notes hidden in old Economic books. Murder stories, and wild animals roaming around. It's unreal. Foggy hillsides, church bells ringing in the distance, magnolias creeping around housesides...trees to climb, flowers to pick, pies to eat and long-lost treasures to be found. Once, we found a glass medicine bottle buried under an old shed. It read 1856.

  24. Ok, sorry. It's me again, Holly. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the monday morning "?",
    Oh, and they play Three's Company and Dukes of Hazzard on TVland. Dukes of Hazzard is auctually a little more rare...but lately TVland has been stuck in a Baywatch rut. Depressing, I know. Pamela Anderson does that to ya. Well, you are just the coolest person ever and I had to thank you!!
    Best wishes!
    P.S. How was the notebook?


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