Thursday, October 26, 2006

MAD about CATS

So today was an okay day.  I felt kind of blah when I woke up, but I motivated myself.  I just had to get into things.  John and I had to run a lot of errands.  In the car he got really quiet and remarked how precious life was.  He didn't say it right out of the blue, it was in reference to something.  Anyway, I thought, "gee it is, we can't take it for granted".  I thought about how worthwhile life was even when it is hard.  Gee, John is somehow always my constant inspiration.  He's constantly reminding me to love life, because he sees life from a different paradigm since his stem cell transplant. 

So we went to a few doctor's appointments.  John's local oncologist was in the same building, so we went back to talk to his nurses.  John was feeling quite weak, and he wanted to know if he was due for a transfusion.  He had just had one two days ago, however, he was already weak, so he thought that maybe he should have another.  They said it wasn't quite time yet, and were worried why he was so out of breath and weak.  So they ended up calling Hershey.  Hershey is going to call us back on Thursday to let us know what is going on.  The nurse in Hershey doesn't think that it is time for John to have a transfusion yet either (just judging from the labwork John had this morning).  She is wondering if there is something else going on with him.  So he will probably have further testing.  This morning when John woke up he had a little fever.  Please God don't let us have to go back to Hershey.  I just want to stay home longer than two weeks and live a normal life for awhile!  I mean I will do it if I have to, but wouldn't it be nice to stay at home for awhile?!

To those of you who have emailed me and left me comments asking how I am doing, don't worry about me. I am feeling somewhat better.  I think it is just some alergies and asthma.  Yeah, yeah, I will slow down.  I will take a Calgon Moment, Deb!

Actually John and I did take a time out tonight.  We did something really silly and fun.  We played a game called Garfield's MAD about CATS.  You have to go through this intricate process where you build something serious, only to find out when you complete it, and Garfield and Odie unmask it, there's nothing there but a teddy bear!  After all the work you put into it!  I would suggest anybody who wants to get a gift for their kids to get this this CD-ROM, they would get a kick out of it.

I say kids, but it is a lot of fun for adults too.  To advance along you play a myriad of games (there are 20 I think), and even at the beginner's level the games were hard!  On one of them I never scored above a zero, LOL.  Some of the games were: Squash A Spider, Dunk Binkie the Clown (where the only good clown is a wet clown!), Fowl Shot (where you launch chickens from an easy chair onto a target or out a window, if you miss they die!), Whack A Rat ("Look out!  The lab rats are trying to escape.  Whack them back into last week!"), and my personal favorite Hack Attack.  On Hack Attack, Garfield shoots hairballs up at rows of baby kittens, to try to kill them and their cuteness, before they drop hearts down on him and kill him.  This game was reminiscent of a game Stuart used to have us playing, which was called Sheep Something-or-other.  Do any of you remember that game?!

Anyway, we had a blast.  It was so nice to be doing nothing but laughing.  I want to thank you Kate (John's chemo angel) for sending the game.  We are going to play it again.  I am competetive and will sit here for hours and try to beat my high scores, LOL!  That is late at night when I am done with all my work and should be in bed.  Which is bad, I need to stop staying up so I can be fresh each morning.  So I guess I will sign off now. 

But before I go, I just wanted to say I found a webpage to buy the game here,  so if you are interested in getting it, there it is.  And for you UKers, check here.  Gee, they should pay me for doing a commercial!  

So off I go, maybe I will unwind for about a half an hour playing POGO.  I was going to say that I was a closet game player, but  you probably know there is nothing closet about it, because I have a POGO logo right there in my sidebar, LOL.  Okay, quit laughing, Penny!  Alright, nighty everyone.

Krissy :) 


  1. Oh my wish is you don't have to go back to Hershey ever but if you do at least not til after all the holidays...
    So glad you and John had so much fun playing your new game...
    Have good sleeps!!
    Linda :)

  2. What a great way to pass the time and be together!  I am very curious about that game, now!  Hope John's fever is not an indication of something really bad, again that will take you back to Hershey.  Maybe he now has a touch of a virus that may have started your asthma attacks.  Either way, hope it turns out okay...Jae

  3. I am glad ya'll did something you enjoyed doing. I pray that John will overcome whatever the problem is. Hoping you will have a good day today and better days will be ahead.
    Hugs, Helen

  4. kaydeejay544910/26/2006 1:35 AM

    I will pray that you and John have some time at home.  It would be so good for you guys to have some time there.  I got such a kick out of you writing about the game.  It's great to know you two were having such a great time!  Laughter is great therapy!
    Hugs,  Kathy

  5. Inside every adult there is still a lot of a child within...we've got to have some fun and not be so serious all the time. A good laugh is worth all the medicine in the world sometimes.  You are both in my prayers everyday.  Take good care !
    'On Ya' - ma

  6. dbaumgartner10/26/2006 5:28 AM

    Can you hear my foot tapping? tap, tap, tap, tap!!!!!  Now about that Calgon moment.  When might that be?  :-)  Please take care of yourself and I do wish for you more time at home.

    hugs my friend


  7. Lots and lots of games for you to playon my website

  8. hugsdoodlewacky10/26/2006 8:23 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))I do hope you get some rest and I am still praying for the both of you.I belive there is a kid in all of us adults.My neice calls me a am a good day.

  9. newsworthy82210/26/2006 9:30 AM

    hi there! Hope you don't have to go back to the hospital.  I think it's wonderful how John is so positive and grateful for life. We should all be like that. You both are a real inspiration!

  10. firestormkids0410/26/2006 9:53 AM

    I may have to look at the web page,  I'm no closet Pogo fan, LOL.  At times I get a little obsessed as you well know.  I am so appreciative of John's love of life and his determination to fight when others would have given up.  You and John are constantly an inspiration to me.  Much Love and Many Blessings, Penny

  11. Krissy, God bless you.......real good!  I hope the news on John isn't as bad as feared.  I wanna play the games you play!  That really sounds like fun!  Take Care Krissy & hug John an extra time for me.  You guys are in my prayers, always.  Merry

  12. lol  sounds like you guys had a blast playing that game!  i hope john is alright

  13. I hope John begins getting some strenght back.    After what he has just been through he certainly has a positive attitude.     The game must be great fun to want to relate it in depth.     Wishing John and you better days ahead with even slow and small improvements in his health.    mark

  14. Hi sweetie~I too pray you get to stay home awhile! Glad to hear about you and J laughing and playing a game; that did my heart good. ;-) xox Sassy

  15. LOL the games sound like fun... and I do hope John feels better soon.


  16. I'm glad you two enjoyed the game and had a few laughs. Those are the moments to treasure!

    Hope you don't have to go back to Hershey.  Will keep you in my prayers.

  17. sounds like a fun

  18. love2sing200710/26/2006 6:30 PM

    I'm glad there's time to "chill".  Loving the Garfield game!  That cartoon is a great comic strip, and I love watching the cartoon when I was little.
    Blessings for you,

  19. jlocorriere0510/26/2006 6:50 PM

    I hope you don't have to go back to Hershey too. It must feel so good having John at home, I'm sorry he doesn't feel too good. I hope they can find out why. Maybe all the drugs taking their toll on him. I'm so glad John has that wonderful positive attitude about life, yes, it is very precious! Jeannette xx  

  20. Both John and you are in my thoughts and prayers, hope he's feeling better soon, take care.  Bless you both Arlene (AJ)

  21. lifesabench610/26/2006 9:07 PM

    hi Krissy- I sure hope things are OK for John.  I'll be praying for you both.  I'm glad you both took time to play and laugh- it's good to do, and good for you !  Thank you for your visit and kind words!  Congratulations to you too!  Journal of the year! WOW!!  Best wishes, and God Bless!  love Carolyn

  22. Sissy, I pray that John's fever stays low and that he has a good enough day and you two don't have to go back to Hershey.  The Garfield game sounds like a blast!!  I can see you two playing and laughing and laughing... Give John and Michael and big hug for me!  Love, me xox

  23. Krissy, I just know John will be okay.  Its probably all the drugs he had to take and their side effects.  I am so glad you two played games and laughed and had fun.  You deserve it.  I will keep up with your journal now.  I just had to much trouble with PC but is fixed.  Please take care and give my love to John and Michael and hugs and love to you                      Love Myke

  24. Good luck with your nomination.


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