Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thanks for giving blood


I have wanted to do this entry for awhile.  John and I want to say to each and every one of you who gave blood over the past few months, THANKS FOR GIVING BLOOD.  I don't remember who it was who started encouraging everyone to go out and give blood in honor of John, because at the time my life was so hectic, and John was hanging on to life.  But I do remember that I would get up each morning and check out The John and Krissy J-Land Gazette to see how many had donated blood. 

After John became with it enough to know what was going on, I began to tell him daily the number of those who were donating blood, and he would just shake his head in disbelief.  Actually, he would silently weep each morning.  How could there be such selfless people out there, willing to help others stay alive?

John wants to say to you all "You will never know what it meant to me to know that so many were donating blood in my name.  Thank you for giving blood to the people who need it to survive.  Each time I had a transfusion I knew the blood was not coming from the person who donated in my name, but I felt like it was!  I thought about everyone who donated and it made me glad to know there were so many generous people in J-Land and beyond."

I heard on a TV commercial the other night that "Every two seconds in America somebody needs blood."  This astounded even me.  So I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all who gave blood, or who got your friends or church members to give blood.  Please pass this message along to your friends who gave blood so that they will know that John appreciated every drop of blood he received.  And I know that others, besides John, those to whom the blood went to, appreciated the blood they received also.  It helped to save their very life.

You all amaze me.  According to The Gazette the last count for those who have given blood is 81 donors.  And those are only you all who want to be counted in the official total.  There are some who have chosen to remain annonymous.  Such an outpouring of love and selflessness.  

John still continues to require blood.  He needs two units (bags) once a week.  This is much better than he was a couple of months ago.  Remember when his illness (AIHA) first started and he was requiring 7 bags of blood daily?  Now the doctors are trying to work on a cure so that one day he won't need the blood at all.  Meanwhile, it's great to know the blood is there.  Great's not the right word.  Imperative.

Okay, I am getting long winded, so I will leave you with one more photo of John getting blood while was in the hospital with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  He lived because of people like you!  You all rock, you all save lives!


Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.  John and those like him are alive because you cared.  Krissy :)    

Edit:  It is now Nov. 22 and the no. of blood donations has jumped to 112!  Thanks for continuing to give!  John says "Life is precious and someone will always need it."  Krissy :)       


  1. glad you both are back home:) do you have many trick or treaters?


  2. I want to be one of the first ones to say how happy I am that he's doing better.  There are so many selfless, good people out there in the world.  It's also touching to know of a man with such a good, tender heart that can be moved by these gestures.  Most men aren't in touch with their feelings.  It truly seems that this man is one of the last of the real fine gentlemen left.

  3. God is SO good isn't He? The blood was given in answer to your prayers, and the prayers of others. Bless you, Krissy & John too.
    Much love
    Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

  4. J-Land is one big family, even with our occasional feuds or disagreements.  When the chips are down, we unite, as familes do.  John is looking good.  Best wishes to you both.    Dawn

  5. We love ya'll, Darlin'...how about that Tammy-Gal???  Gotta love her.



  6. I am glad John is doing so much better. I know when he feels better that makes you feel better also. May God bless and continue to be with both of you. Hugs, Helen

  7. sonensmilinmon10/31/2006 3:25 AM

    Hi Krissy,

    First I want to say how happy I am to hear that John is doing so much better.  I haven't written or expressed much lately but, please know that I kept you and John in my daily thoughts and prayers.  I even bought John a card, searched the hospital address online then I went and lost the card!  I suppose I should've searched for it ... however, there were difficult times for me as well and I just got sidetracked.  But, despite it all, my prayers were/ARE with you and John.  I can't imagine a more loving couple anywhere.

    I wish I could donate blood, however due to medications I take, I'm not able to give blood.


  8. jlocorriere0510/31/2006 5:01 AM

    I'm so glad John benefited from all those giving blood. There are a lot os selfless people out there! I hope John continues to get better. Take care Krissy. Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/

  9. seraphoflove900110/31/2006 5:08 AM

    I want to let you know how glad I am to know that John is getting much better now! The jland family is huge! :o) Plus, God Hears our prayers as well! :o) Krissy, you and John have not left my prayers...I still pray for the both of you. :o)
    With much love,


  11. John looks great too. Wow, can't believe how many people gave blood. That is wonderful. The school I work in just had a blood drive last week and it was so nice to see all the people who gave blood. Bless you both.

  12. midwestvintage10/31/2006 7:41 AM

     I have donated 5 gallons but haven't been able to lately, my husband however gives 2 units at a time.  They call it a double red.  I think it is important to do and when I see how great John is doing I agree.  Go donate.


  13. There is still a need for blood. Always will be. So, even though the Gazette is at rest, and hopefully will stay that way, if you or anyone you know has given blood in the past three months, or will give soon, send me an email. No names need, just a number of unites donated. Let that 81 rise and keep rising. I will also, if you will help, put the number in As I Am. Thank you. Tammy memes121@aol.com

  14. xxroxymamaxx10/31/2006 7:54 AM

    Still praying for you and John.  Love, Shelly

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  16. onestrangecat10/31/2006 8:33 AM

    keeping the two of you in my prayers.
    so glad that John is able to get the blood he needs.


  17. Standing ovation to all those who give blood!!!  John looks quite handsome in these pics, Krissy!  Love, Val xox

  18. It touched my heart how John expressed his thanks. I know that prayers are being answered as he continues to recover. Still praying though. God bless you both! xox Deb (Sassy)

  19. I needed blood five months ago.  I wish I could have thanked the donors of the two units I received.  I'd no idea how ill I was, and the effect was dramatic...Bunny. http://journals.aol.co.uk/blpltt/nothing-new-under-the-sun

  20. princesssaurora10/31/2006 12:52 PM

    That is so awesome... I can't donate because of my disease and meds... but if I could I would.  My hubby can't donate either because he had to have radiation for a tumor years ago...but he used to all the time.  It is such an important thing to do.

    be well,

  21. This is an AWESOME entry!!!

    I wish I'd have done it, but I'll be honest and say that I didn't, but it wasn't anything to do with John or the idea, cos I think it's A WICKED IDEA!!

    Well done to all who donated, and I'm sooo glad John is okay now!!

    Be well hun,

    Love Ste

  22. An excellent entry Krissy,  I wish I could donate but I take meds so I`m not allowed.  Jim has though for many years, so did my late father. More people need to be aware of the need for blood donation.

    Sandra xxxx

  23. Krissy I'm not able to give blood because of my heart condition and the meds I take for it, but my husband Jerry goes every 8 weeks faithfully as he has a rarer type blood that not all have to give, he's been doing this for 5 years, it's just become a part of his life to donate as he knows others can use it.  Isn't it wonderful that so many donated in John's name......he's kept in my special thoughts and prayers always as are you dear....Arlene (AJ)

  24. Have a happy Halloween, Krissy and John

  25. Hi Krissy- I guess I came too late to know about blood donations- but what you said about everyone who gave blood in John's name is absolutely awsome!  I feel a little guilty now, because it's been so long sinse I've donated.  I tried a little while ago to try and donate plasma, but the needle they had was too big for the veins in my arms and they couldn't do it.  I think that's what shied me away from donating blood too- I will try and be more brave!  God Bless, have a great night! Carolyn

  26. What a difficult illness.  I am so glad donor people have responded.  That must hearten you both in this fight for life. It is amazing how generously people will respond when there is great need.  It can restore some degree of good feeling in spite of what is going on.  I see your name often on my buddy list.  I wondered about it.  Now I have found you.  I visited here once before but don't know if I commented.   Gerry

  27. kaydeejay544910/31/2006 11:31 PM

    There are angels flying all over JLand.  It's so good to know that many of them hover over you and John.  Prayers continue to come your way - every day - twice a day.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  28. That's amazing & wonderful. I used to give blood, even got my gallon pins, etc.  But can't anymore because of some medications I take.  I'm A neg, so they really liked mine because it is more rare.  Anyway, my hat is off to those who gave in John's name..that is truly the gift of life.  Linda in cold (38*) Washington

  29. promiseluv37211/01/2006 12:09 AM

    J-Land is amazing, I would give blood if I could but at this time I can't.  But I am so glad other's that can are doing so.

    I love you both and still pray daily for you guys.

    Love always,

  30. sazzylilsmartazz11/01/2006 5:08 PM

    If it weren't for all the good people in this world I don't think I'd want to go on living. I am so happy you and John are well loved and you will both be in my heart and my thoughts. I hope John will progress in health and you will have the strength to carry on as well.  
    Hugs and best wishes,

  31. Donating blood does indeed save lives. It helped save mine, too!! May God continue to  bless and strengthen you and John.

  32. springangel23511/03/2006 1:03 PM

    Always thinking of John and he is in our prayers here in Virginia, Krissy...the photos tell it all...thanks for sharing with us.  You stay healthy and strong...your awesome...hugs and love,

  33. hugsdoodlewacky11/05/2006 8:58 AM

    (((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))JOHN))))))))))))))))))))We all love you and want John to live.Krissy,you have such a good caring heart,both of you.HAve a ncie Sunday.

  34. rebuketheworld11/07/2006 2:37 PM

    Ah he looks like a handsome teddy bear....I think its amazing people do this...I havent done it for awhile but I was an avid blood donor for years....I just to get down there and start donating again....it really is a huge need that we all need to keep on our hearts..-Raven

  35. What an inspiring entry and journal. I found you through the CarnivAOL entry. Loved reading this. We need more stories about how good people can be. Hope John is feeling well now,


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