Sunday, October 8, 2006

photos of John in hospital

Hi you all.  I thought I would post some photos of John, for those of you who have never seen any of him, so that you could put a face to him.  These photos were taken while he was in the hospital for Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (hospital stay before last).  In the next entry of him I will post the most recent hospitalization photos, because I want to show you how much he has improved!  I think he looks so much better in them.  I like to think he is making progress.

This first photo is of John with his Shiley Hemodialysis Catheter in.  He got his kidney dialysis through it.


As you can see, the Shiley protruded from his neck (actually it was inserted into his jugular).  It was sewn onto his neck to stay in place.  It used to stick straight out, and he looked like Frankenstein, LOL.  So that was his name for awhile.  But the bandage kept ripping off, because the Shiley was too heavy.  He had to have the Shiley sewn on again.  And still it wouldn't stay in place.  So the nurses hooked up this contraption where they put a netting band around his head, to keep the Shiley in place.  From then on he was called such names as Indian chief and tennis player, LOL.

The next photo is a photo of John learning to use his walker.  He was in bed for a month and was so weak he couldn't walk after awhile.  So he had to use a walker to walk again.  He hardly ever has to use it now, but he had to for awhile.  Actually, he does have to use it now if he goes a long distance, or sometimes I have to push him in a wheelchair.  But he is doing a lot better.


Now, what a picture that is, LOL.  He needs a shave and a haircut!  Oh, what a horrible thing for me to say!  The whole time he was in there I kept saying, if we could just get this band off your head, we could wash your hair properly, and maybe even give you a haircut.  Your hair is way too long!  LOLOLOL.  I am always trying to get him to trim his hair and get dressed up when he goes to see the doctor, LOL.  Maybe I am shallow!  I just want him to look his best, LOLOLOL.  But who cares about such matters when you are sick?

So anyway, on to the final photo.  This is towards the end of the stay, when he was feeling a lot better.  He entitled this one "Getting Better".


See the pink bracelet?  That is called a transfusion bracelet.  Everybody who gets transfused has to wear one.  They have a lot of information on them, such as your name, and your blood type and antigens.  They have to be replaced every three days or so.  A person receiving blood has to be typed and made sure they are receiving the right type of blood.  Especially a transplant patient.  His blood is constantly changing, it is becoming the type of the donor.  So John has to get labwork every few days to see exactly what his blood type is (antigens and all) and then get a new bracelet, before he can get any new blood.  Interesting, huh?

So anyway, all of these photos were taken towards the end of John's hospital stay.  I couldn't bare to take any while he was really sick, and we didn't know if he would die.  I didn't want to remember him that way.  I shudder right now to think of how sick he was and how we almost lost him.  Last night I got kind of insecure thinking about it.  I kept thinking about how fragile life was.  And how we almost lost him.  I think I am going through some after effect thing.  I need to come to some kind of terms with things and settle down some...

Okay, I hope I am not getting to morbid or too deep.  This entry was not supposed to go that way.  I really am okay! 

Well, I need to run.  I have a lot of things I have to do today.  I will show you some more photos of John later.  They will be of his next hospital stay.  His hair will be short, he will have a nice hair cut, care of me! ;)  I made sure he got one before his next hospital visit started, LOL, because I knew he would end up in the hospital again, and we wanted him to look his best for the doctors, LOL.  So you will see pictures of his good looking self, LOL.  Oh, I am being so silly this morning.  I am tempted to erase this last paragraph, but I guess I will leave it in!

Love you all, Krissy :)       


  1. jlocorriere0510/08/2006 7:55 AM

    Hi Krissy, of course you aren't silly! I know how you felt and you only wanted John to look good. I'm so glad he's doing better now, you've both been through so much, it does catch up with you later as you said. While he was so ill you go into auto mode and just keep going for John's sake. I look forward to seeing his 'smart' photos! Lol! Take care, I'm still praying for you both. Jeannette xx  

  2. You are not silly or morbid and I enjoyed seeing the man I've been praying for.  So nice to see the answers to our prayers. Our dear Lord does hear and answer every one .  I hope you are enjoying being at home even though it is a busy busy time for you !  Love and prayers always !  'On Ya'- ma

  3. sugarsweet05610/08/2006 9:07 AM

    Great entry! Give John a bog ole hug from me!!!
    TY for sharing the pics.
    Have a nice week you two.
    Blessings, Sugar

  4. nightmaremom10/08/2006 9:18 AM

    John looks precious!!  I can see a difference in him in the photo's here.  Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. midwestvintage10/08/2006 9:49 AM

     You aren't silly but pretty cute.  I think when your all clean and shaved you feel better also.   Really could see the improvement.  Glad he is continually getting better.


  6. quartrlyfecrysis10/08/2006 9:49 AM

    silly is good!  anything that brings a smile and a giggle is welcome :)
    you really can see the improvement with John, he looks like he's feeling much more like himself in the last picture :)
    You two take care!!~

  7. You care for John so much and it shows.  To have such love is precious.  He is a lucky man.  :)

  8. Thank you for sharing his pics. You two have gone through a're a very strong woman.

    Gem :-)

  9. Hi Krissy,  Thank you for sharing these pics of John.  I think it is really nice of you to want him to look his best, it can go a long way to making him feel much better.:o)


    Sandra xxxx

  10. John is so lucky to have you.... It's so obvious how much you love him. And, a shave and a haircut often makes someone who is ill feel better. My Mom said that the last time Gram was in the hospital that she would act so much better after Mom would wash and comb out her hair. Who cares if it is shallow if it makes them feel more 'normal' and less sick!

    That is really interesting about his blood changing type... but i guess it is your marrow that produces it, so I guess it makes sense.

  11. Interesting, I didn't know John's blood type was STILL changing.  Will this go on for a long, long time?  Nice to see the pictures of John, Krissy =D!!  I love you guys!! xoxoxoxox

  12. Thanks for sharing John's picture - and interesting note on his altering bloodgroup. Of course it changing with the bone marrow donor

  13. How sweet to share pics of John with all of us.  I feel as if I already know him, I've heard so much about him.  You two are an amazing couple!!!!!



  14. Definition of true love in his eyes for you!  Thanks for sharing and speedy recovery!!!!! Barbara

  15. Bless his heart...I sure hope today finds him feeling even better.  Linda in Washington  

  16. Great entry Krissy! Tammy

  17. seraphoflove900110/08/2006 12:49 PM

    My heart goes out to him. My prayers are going up for the both of you.

  18. Thanks for sharing the pics. He has a lot of love and prayers coming his way, just like you do, so hold tight to those, honey.
    Big hugs,

  19. God Bless you both!

  20. monkiluvstags10/08/2006 2:51 PM

    Krissy,,thanks for sharing the pics,,my prayers are with you & your family,,,
    my John is doing great since his BMT,,,but he did do a bad thing,,he was feeling so good he decided to stop taking his meds,,he missed like 2 weeks,,, his doc really fussed him out & told him he could have  killed himself,,,doc said this happens often ,,people feel good so think they don't need meds,,,now I watch him take them,, he goes back for PT & CT scans on the 24th,,,he is hoping they will take central line from bhis chest then,,just depends on how scans come out,,,
    Hugs & love

  21. thanks for sharing the photos.  i am so happy to hear that john is feeling better. you are allowed to feel the after effects it has taken a toll on both of your lives and you have had times where you just did not know and it is bound to get to you sooner or later.  keep your chin up

  22. hugsdoodlewacky10/08/2006 3:02 PM

    (((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))JOHN))))))))))))))))))))))THanks for sharinf the pics,He is a handsome guy.After all He is going through,His smile was showing.I am still praying for you both.HAve a wonderful Sunday.

  23. Haven't been by in awhile, looks like John is doing better.  Hang in there!  Wishing you two the best.

  24. What you said about making John get his hair cut and dressed up to see the doctor, brought back memories of my mum. As a child, she always told me to make sure I had clean knickers on, in case I had an accident and landed up in hospital! There's go to be some sense in there somewhere. Keep laughing with me and thanks for sharing the pics.
    Lots of love
    Sylvia xxx

  25. still praying here!!!!

  26. These pics are great!  Its nice to put a face to the name!  He looks so good in the last one.  
    Amazing how the blood type will change, isn't it?  I didn't know that!

  27. He's in my prayers.

    LOVE YA,

  29. love2sing200710/09/2006 12:06 AM

    He looks good for everything he is going through!  Medical technology is absolutely complicated and amazing...I don't think I could every be a doctor!

  30. he really does look pretty good for all he has gone through. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Thanks for the update on John, he is looking pretty good in the last few pictures.   He is a strong man to have put up with all that he has, and still manage a hint of a smile.


  32. Hi John! Thanks for letting Krissy share your pictures so we can see how well you are doing....
    but you know if you wanted to be Frankenstein for Halloween, you shouldn't have gone to all this trouble for a costume, we could have made one for you...
    Big hugs!!
    Linda :)

  33. He does look better in the last photo...darn he has been through so much!  These entires are so good...very interesting about his blood changing...never thought about that...can't wait to see more pictures of your handsome man...Jae

  34. randlprysock10/09/2006 1:13 PM

    Thank you so much for posting photos of John!!  We will keep up the prayers Kristina!  Hugs,

  35. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    That one in the armpit looks bad.. my armpits are very sensitive, so I can't imagine!

    I love the pink bracelet, only cuz it's my fave color.  Wouldn't want to need it tho for chemo or blood or whatever you said it's for.

    Glad you guys are home.  I hope John keeps getting stronger.

    Go John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Krissy too.. oh and Michael  :o)

  36. rebuketheworld10/10/2006 3:41 AM

    John is like a statue of inspiration....and I hope he never tires from us all telling him can be so unsettling...he will get through this....he has so much love around him..In my prayers...all of you...-Raven

  37. kaydeejay544910/10/2006 12:38 PM

    I think he looks pretty darn handsome especially for someone who has gone thru all he's been through!  Keep up the fight and know prayers are flying your way from California on a twice daily basis!
    Hugs,  Kathy

  38. Thanks for sharing the photos. Glad he is doing so much better now. You all have been through so much.
    Take care, Chrissie

  39. It is wonderful that John got past his critical stage and is recovering well.   Your devotion to him and the great medical staff all played such important roles.    I did not realize that blood types could change in adults.   It had to be tremendously difficult for him to endure those months of only being in a bed.     mark

  40. princesssaurora10/12/2006 3:46 PM

    Praying for you... praying for John.  I hope that everyday he gets better and better...

    be well,


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