Friday, October 6, 2006

on IVs and ports

It was really nice to be home today.  Busy, but nice.  I did take some time to play around on the computer though, LOL.  I will probably regret it, because I won't get everything done, but gee, you have to take a break sometimes.

Today the home healthcare nurse came.  She showed me how to do the home IV (to administer an antibiotic to John).  John got the antibiotic Vancomycin, which only needs to be given once a day.  The nurse also showed me how to flush the line of the PICC.  A PICC line is a port where you take out bloodwork for labs, and you administer meds if necessary.  And blood is given through the port when necessary also.  I wanted to show you a photo of a PICC Line.  This is not John's current Groshong Picc Line.  I don't have a photo of the current one.  This is about two ports ago, LOL.  He keeps having them taken out because they keep getting them infected.  Let's see, first he had a Chest Port (a Hohn), then a PICC Line or two, then a Power PICC (they are purple), and then the current groshong PICC.  Anyway, his other PICC looked pretty much like the one he has now, so I will show you a photo of that:


It was not all too bad giving the IV this morning.  I could remember a lot of it from doing it in the past.  But the flushes were different.  They were hard to push, and when I pushed them to get the air bubbles out, the first time I shot the saline solution into the air and it landed allover the nurse's paperwork, LOL.  Then after the nurse left, when I was flushing John to finish up, I once again pushed too hard on the flush, and shot so high I squirted the ceiling really bad, LOL.  I had to get up on a chair to get it off, or the ceiling would have molded.  John said, "Oh, we have a really clean spot up there now!"  He also remarked, "I wonder what the range on those things are!"  He is funny sometimes.  

Okay, so John wanted me to show you the first port he ever had.  It is a chest port.  A Hohn.  He felt you would get a better idea of ports if you saw it.  I didn't know if it would be a good idea to show, but he said go ahead.  So here goes.  This is what he had to deal with when he first had the transplant.  He had this port for a long time, until it got infected about two times, then it was replaced by a PICC Line if I remember correctly.  So here goes:


So  by this time I guess you have got the concept.  Anyway, let's see, how is John doing?  By the time he left the hospital, his WBC went up, and so did his ANC (to 0.9).  The ANC is still neutropenic and he still has to wear a mask.  But they liked his improvement enough to let him out of the hospital.  Plus he no longer had a fever.  You know what, he ended up having one viral infection (they think) and three other infections (two staph and a bacillus).  Wow, that's four infections! 

I also said in my last entry he would need blood when he left the hospital.  Well, it ended up that he needed blood before he even left the hospital.  He is averaging needing blood every five days.  His oncologists are looking into what they can still do about the Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.  To go on like this for the rest of his life would be ridiculous.  He gets tired after about three days after getting blood.  That's no good.

Okay, I hope this wasn't a boring medical logue.  And I hope the photos didn't scare you, LOL.  I guess I had better go to sleep now.  I love you all.

Krissy :)

edit:  When I mentioned ports I left out one of the most important uses for them.  They are used so one may be able to get their chemo.  The chemo is administered through the port.


  1. Good Morning and welcome home once more !  I know you all will rest a little easier just having all your familiar things around.  Love and prayers always! 'On Ya' - ma

  2. Thanks for publishing the pictures, Krissy. It gives people an idea what it is like, and there may even be folk out there that require them themselves. Good luck to John, hope they knock that AHA on the head.

  3. sugarsweet05610/06/2006 8:20 AM

    Morning guys! Having been a nurse, having worked in Oncology, & having worked in Home Health, I'm very used to ports!!! LOL
    Happy to see neither of you have lost your sense of humor! :)
    Give John a BIG hug & hug yourself too!!!!
    Blessings, Sugar

  4. Krissy,
    Sending a huge hug to you and John.  I really have a lot of respect for you dear Krissy.  I think you need to be honored too.  You would be surprised at how many spouses do not care to do what you do.  You are an amazing wife.  Love means everything for you and John.  I am fortunate too, in having a loving hubby.

    I am prayaing for John without seizing  You too honey.

    Hugs and kisses, LuAnne

  5. Having had cancer and had ports for chemo, I know all about them, so it didn't scare me. Big (((((((hugs))))))) to you and John. Your both in my prayers always.

  6. I am glad you can do the port cleaning even though you shoot the ceiling.LOL. John has got a great sense of humor and I know you do also. Prayers going up for you both. Glad John got to come home. Hugs, Helen

  7. hugsdoodlewacky10/06/2006 9:38 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((KRISSY))))))))))))))I am glad the nurse showed you how to do things.Just know,your in my prayers.And we all love you.HAve a nice weekend.

  8. Krissy~That was funny about hitting the ceiling! lol Anyhow it was interesting and informative to me to know about PICs and PORTs. Love ya both, Deb xox PS. Keep on improving John!!!

  9. midwestvintage10/06/2006 10:11 AM

      I am used to ports and used to say everyone should be born with one, LOL.  They are so much safer to use when giving chemo and getting your lab work done is a lot less painful.  I am glad you learned how to flush it.  Your doing great.  Glad John is doing better and hope you get to stay home for a good long time this time.  Take it easy.


  10. Krissy, the ports don't look very scary to me.  I'm glad he can have them =).  Funny John saying you have a clean spot on the ceiling.  I am envisioning the scene now.  LOL  Love you guys!!!!! xox

  11. We are learning. We need to learn. Keep it up. Tammy.

  12. I apreciate your explanations for everything you are dealing with.  It helps when you tak about what you are up to to know what you are talking about in the language you have to use.  And I appreciate John's willingness to share so much.  He is quite funny!  Glad things are going okay...Jae

  13. firestormkids0410/06/2006 11:25 AM

    Krissy, you are SO patient!  Right about now, I don't think I could do it.  I'd probably squirt that saline all over the place LOL.   I'm glad you shared these pictures.  It helps us to understand some of the things John (and you!) is going through.  You two are just amazing.  Many blessings in the Lord, Penny

  14. Bless your'll be a full fledged nurse before we know it.  You're braver than glad you're back home.   Linda in Washington

  15. You are his angel and you are earning your place in Heaven for this.  You are a strong woman.  

  16. Sounds like John has the perfect nurse taking care of him, he's one happy man I'm sure about that.  The ports don't bother me, know you'll do a good job with the IV's.  You're one special lady, John is blessed to have you there, so caring and loving.  But, allow yourself time to rest, relax so you don't run yourself down dear. AJ

  17. Thanks for doing this entry Krissy and many thanks to John, for having the courage to allow you to publish these pics. Your humour makes you shine, far brighter than the brightest star. You are stars - both of you.
    Love and hugs to you and John.
    Sylvia xxxx

  18. princesssaurora10/06/2006 4:47 PM

    {{{ Love and hugs }}}  Prayers too.... the info is great!  Sharing this is a blessing for all of us.

    be well,

  19. So happy that you guys are home,even if you now have to clean the ceiling LOL  You need a break,  don't forget to take one often.  Welcome home John.        Dawn
    A Couple of Nomads

  20. rebuketheworld10/07/2006 2:00 AM

    Flushing...hitting the ceiling...I'm sure that moment had chuckles...John....sorry to hear how tired you are....I'm praying this season be over quickly, so you too can take those walks, go fishing, or just relax without a worry heart.....praying for you both...


  21. Oh Krissy,
    I found your photo's and the descriptions of all the tubes, ports, etc.  extremely technical but very interesting.  The average person has no clue as to those things.  It sounds as if John has a great sense of humor, and I am glad he's home even if he has to be very careful.  God Bless you both, and remember, somone in Iowa loves ya, is thinking about ya, and is praying for ya ALWAYS.

  22. Hey Krissy, I have been so behind in everything. I have been so busy. I'm happy your at home. I know you must be so busy. Hugs and love and prayers to you both. Always thinking of you two.

  23. i am just happy that you guys are home.  i do hope john does not have any problems with this picc line.

  24. Your entry was educational and you seem to be becoming an expert at it even with the ceiling getting wet, lol.   mark

  25. I'm probably going to get ANOTHER staph infection..... for the second time!!!!

    Saturday, January 5, 2008
    Subject: Hospital
    Time: 6:56:54 PM EST

    I was up and down all last night. I finally got up around 8 am and took an shower. Then Travis, me and his mom went to the ER room at the hospital. My finger gotten really puffed and hurted like hell! My abscess on my right leg popped last night and alot of pus and blood mixture came out of it. The ER doctor numbed my finger and my leg and cut them open to drain them. A little bit came out of my finger and my leg but mostly when the one on my leg popped last night the pus was alot. They sent it to a lab and its going to take 48 hours to know what I have but they are treating it like Staph Infection. I am taking Keflex and Bactrim. Well I had a hellish day so I'm going to rest.

    I am taking Cephalexin (Kelfex) 500 MG CAP. One capsule by month 4 times daily for 10 days. And Bactrim DS 800-160 TAB. One tablet by mouth twice daily for 10 days.


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