Monday, March 26, 2007

monday morning question


If you could go on vacation right now, but it would have to be one of the folowing, which vacation would you choose - whale watching, skiing, snorkeling, spelunking (caving), or a safari?

My answer:  the safari!

What is your answer?  Please leave your answer in the comment section below or answer in your journal and leave a link in my comment section.  Thanks, Krissy :) 


  1. Spelunking! Journal alerts are down so if you don't get many responses that is why. I am surprised I got it! Sugar is having surgery tomorrow. Tammy

  2. I would love to go Whale watching these creatures fasinate me.Alerts seem to be only just working for me today.I have had none all day long.Grrrr Aol again.Take Care God Bless prayers being said thousandfold.

  3. If i was fit it would be snorkling, but as i am not it will have to be a safari.
    Jenny <><

  4. I would defiitely love to snorkle.  I am not sure I am in good enough shape to do it, but I would sure love to try.  Merry

  5. nyuknyukpik23/26/2007 6:26 PM

    Can I go on all of them??????????  I just want a vacation!!!!!!
    Ok--seriously now--by process of elimination I can eliminate snorkerling because I don't like being underwater.  I can eliminate skiing because I'm not allowed to.  I can eliminate spelunking because my fat self would probably get stuck in a cave and you'd all see me on the 6 o'clock news.  So that leaves whale watching and a safari.
    I'll take both--thank you very much for asking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hugsdoodlewacky3/26/2007 6:35 PM

    (((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))))I would love to go Snorkeling,that has to do with udner water,right?I alwasy wanted to do that.I never heard of SPELUNKING,WHAT IS THAT.hAVE A NICE DAY.

  7. tough choices, I would like to go whale watching, 2nd choice would ba a safari.
    Honestly I would just like to go somewhere.

  8. today I think it would be whale watching

  9. jlocorriere053/26/2007 7:10 PM

    I'd love to go on safari! I did whale watching off Cape Cod just over a year ago, it was fantastic! I wouldn't like snorkelling, I'm a landlubber who doesn't swim! Lol! Jeannette xx  

  10. treesrgreen783/26/2007 7:13 PM

    i went along the coast of Oregon, two years in a row and just saw the very tip of the whales  in the distance, I would love to see them closer.  I dont think there is anything more spiritual or peaceaful than walking along the beach and seeing the clouds and the surf roll in and watching the whales in their dance.  I also am a rock lover and along the coast of Oregon and California the rocks are spectacular.

  11. Whale watching.
    I've always wanted to see one close up!


  12. what a great guestion. I would love to go whale watching but also a safari. I can't choose either one. They both sound wonderful.

  13. ohhhh....a safari...but whale watching would be a close second!

  14. seraphoflove90013/27/2007 9:05 AM

    Whale watching! :o) That really sounds like fun, and relaxing. ;o)

  15. I would like the safari and the whale watching, can I do both... LOL xox

  16. ceilisundancer3/27/2007 1:46 PM

    Whale watching:)  i've ALWAYS wanted to, and my late grandmother gave me a whole book about it once, so, just maybe, she'd have wanted to, too.  -- Robin

  17. littlelady16993/28/2007 7:36 AM

    thats easy...............Safari { olny hunting with cameras}.

  18. therealslimemmy3/28/2007 12:07 PM

    snorkeling sounds fun but i'd need to learn to swim

  19. I could see a cave and a safari just by thinking back on the apartment the Colonel had before he married me.

  20. irisheyes19294/05/2007 4:35 PM

    I think I'm a safari personality myself!


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