Friday, March 23, 2007

what do you need?

Hello jLand.  I realized my entry the other day was kind of sudden for you all.  I also realized after reading it that I wrote down what I was hoping from you, without asking about what you needed.  So now I want to do just that.  I want to ask you:

What do YOU need?

Is there anything you want to know?

Is there anything you want to ask?

Is there something you want me to write about?

I realize you were hit all the sudden with this news.  Do you need time to grieve for awhile?  Silly question, huh?

Was I insensitive for coming right out and saying something?  I didn't want you to find out suddenly later.

Is there something I can do to make things easier for you all?  Probably silly question again, but if you can think of anything, let me know.

Please don't say that I shouldn't even be thinking about you all, that this is about just John and me.  Because it's not.  John belongs to you all too.  That's the way we feel.  You have been routing for him for a long time.  You love him too.  So we all hurt together, and rejoice together, and learn together.

So what can we do for you?  

Krissy :)


  1. Krissy you've already done it...and that's to be a sweet, loving wife to that husband of yours.  Yes we love John too....but he's in God's hands and in yours.  We can't be right there by his side, we can't put our arms around him and hug him when he's hurting and sad, we can't fix a special dinner for him and we can't snuggle up to him at night and hold him tight.....but you can!   Thank you for caring for our John !!!  Linda in Washington state  

  2. Just take care of yourselves and keep us updated when you can.

  3. how about a picture of you and John? i can't give blood but i can pray and that is what i have been doing:) God Bless you both


  4. littlelady16993/23/2007 11:44 PM

    But Krissy  this is about John and you. I can't speak for all of us here in J-land but if you want to spend more time with John and less here, then I will understand 100%
    Don't worry about things here we {or I should say I} will be here no matter what.
    I still will pray for you both, I will still love you both.

    I need you to relax, be rested, and be happy.


  5. princesssaurora3/23/2007 11:47 PM

    Just more info Krissy... what is the next step then?  Are you going to try the transplant?  Or just chemo?  Or what?  You are so sweet to let us ask.

    As always, prayers and love and hugs are coming for you and John!

    And I am spreading the word for blood donations!  Due to my meds and illnesses I can't but I have been and will be spreading the word!!!

    be well,

  6. lifesabench63/23/2007 11:48 PM

    HI Krissy- You weren't insensitive at all!!!!!  I'm glad you felt close to us all that you could honestly tell us what was going on.  As for do i need anything?  Just prayers once in a while - the Lord knows what I need-You're so sweet- and I love you both!!!  Carolyn :)

  7. Dear John, I hope you are still glad you and Krissy married. I think if I were faced with such bleak odds, I would want someone to share it with. Don't feel blue that you've saddled her with your ills.  Enjoy her positive outlook on life.  You're lucky....huh?  Lucky?  Lucky you are not facing this alone.

  8. Krissy:

    I read your entry the other night about John and his latest health problems. I thought it was awesome with your faith in the Lord. I can't imagine dealing with all you and John have been through, but glorifying the Lord, even in this adversity is so pleasing to Him. I have no right to say this, having abandoned J-land on more than one occasion, but............writing about Him and how He has given you the strength to carry on would be awesome to read about. For His glory since it is all about Him anyway. The Lord is with you every step of the way. If God is for us, who can be against us?

    you and John are an amazing couple. The Lord knows, he is in control.


  9. Wow, the fact that you even asked what we need shows what a wonderful person you are Krissy. I'm so glad you felt close enough to share your lives with us. I don't really think I need anything.  Maybe just keep us informed when you can, but take care of yourselves first.  Oh I do need you and John to give each other a hug for me, as I can't be there to do it myself!  I also like the idea of you posting a pic of you and John. Love ya both.  Hugs and prayers, Barb  

  10. What a wonderful Couple you are and all I need is for the Good Lord to answer all our prayers for everyone who is sick all over the world and in J/Land.This is my need.You are an inspiration.I hope you have a Blessed Weekend.GOD IS GOOD.Take Care God Bless.Astoriasand

  11. Is there anything I need?  Just continued love and prayer and support in my own struggle and continued strong prayers for John that the Lord may see fit to grant a miracle for him and for the Lord to bless you both.

  12. Awwwww you are so thoughtful to ask us this.  I would so love to hear about how you and John met, and fell in love. I love to read Love Stories. (((((hugs)))))))

  13. Hi Krissy,

    You guys are amazing!  After reading your entry one question did come to mind.  I am a faithful person, but when I have had to do battle with this disease there is always this tiny voice that says what if I am wrong about my faith.  I'm ashamed to say this, but I guess it is normal.  How when you have gone through so much, do you keep your faith so strong?  I think a lot of people could learn from you both.

    Love & prayers,

  14. midwestvintage3/24/2007 9:07 AM

     Just keep postine, the two of you every single day.  And I want you both to enjoy life.


  15. jlocorriere053/24/2007 9:12 AM

    Krissy, all I need is for you and John to keep faith and live life to the full. The news was a shock but sometimes there's nothing you can do to soften the blow. I'd rather hear it outright from you and John. Bless you both for thinking of us whilst you have this immense struggle ahaed of you, please know that you aren't going through it alone, we're all behind you. Jeannette xx  

  16. hugsdoodlewacky3/24/2007 9:28 AM

    (((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU((((((((((((((((((((((((You guys are the best,when your going through so much,you are thinking of other people.All we want from you both is,like all the other comments say,live life to the fullest,be happy,enjoy life.Loving eachother as you already know how to do that.Bless you both.I see so much hope alive in both of you.

  17. I agree with one of the posts....a love story would be nice.....

    You are both in my prayers..


  18. What can you do for me - just keep the faith, keep strong both of you and enjoy every day. Bless you both....Arlene (AJ)

  19. I don't think there is ever an easier way to tell someone news such as that.  You just have to come out with it, and you did.  What can the two of you do for me?  Stay close to God.  Continue to love and cherish one another.  Fill your lives with as much beauty and joy as you can.  Never be afraid to share anything with us that you feel you need to, that you think will help you cope.  -  Barbara

  20. Krissy, even though I am a comparitively new friend, the news was hard to read, but I don't think that's because of anything in the way you presented it.  There is no way to say it better than you did.
    For myself, I'd say I want to believe my prayers make a difference, even if the Lord chooses not to heal John in this life, but to heal him in Etenity instead.  I want to know, that even in the painful times, the Lord is supporting you with His abundant love and mercies.  But I also want honesty -- if you are feeling alone or the hurt seems too much to bear -- I want that truthfulness so I can pray more specifically for you and your dear John.
    loving you

  21. all you can do for me is keep me up to day with all that is going on in your lives...and know that we do love you and pray for you!

  22. cacklinrosie1013/24/2007 5:34 PM

    What can you do for us, Krissy and John...just keep being you, that's all.  The same, sweet, loving couple you are.

    I firmly believe that there is no easy way to break news that not good.  You did it perfectly because we all are concerned.  The best way is to just do it.  You did.  Bless you both.  HUGS & LOVE Chris

  23. Krissy,
    As I always say, you write your journal the way you want to. You felt that you had to break the news on John's health problems the way you did. No need to worry. I agree, it did come as a shock, but a problem shared is a problem halved.

    Have a good Sunday,

  24. nyuknyukpik23/24/2007 8:22 PM

    HI Krissy,
    I think the best thing you two can do for me is to take care of yourself--if you don't take care of you--no one else is going to do it for you!
    I also hope you'll keep us all updated and let us know if there's anything we can do for you.  
    take care,

  25. kaydeejay54493/24/2007 8:43 PM

    You can share your journey and your faith.  Share your love and know that it is all coming back to you.  There is no easy way - no right or wrong way - to tell something like you had to tell.  You are so loving and kind hearted to be worried about us at a time like this.  Be open to receive all the love, not only from J-Land, your friends and family but especially from a loving God who is always right beside you.
    Hugs,  Kathy

  26. Hey Krissy just wanted to say hi and hope all is well. Hugs to you.

  27. The burden shared is the burden lessened.  Love is pouring into you and John from everywhere.  XOXO LOVE YOU BOTH, CATHY

  28. I think you did just fine letting everyone know what's going on.

    All I ask is that if there is anything I can do for you, to let me know what it is.
    Because I feel so helpless and powerless to do anything and I feel so sad about all of this.


  29. Dear Krissy,
    Isn't that just like you, you sweetheart?  In light of all you have gone through and still have to, John AND you--you think of US.  You must be the most unselfish person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.   I am so glad our paths in life crossed, Krissy.

    What I want is for you to need me.   I also want you to tell me if you want something.  Whether it be talking or somethng that costs money.  Maybe I can help, maybe not, but I'd like the chance to know so I could help if I have the $$.

    I wish you luck, but mostly I wish you strength and I think you already have it.  I wish you peace.  Stay in touch when you can.  Remember we love you.

  30. just updates on you both ;)

  31. seraphoflove90013/27/2007 9:14 AM

    Krissy....The only thing I need from you is for you to be you! :o) And never change!

  32. I just hope your sharing with us is helping John and you over this last news concerning his health.     With the news of John Edwards wife having cancer and her saying that we are all mortal is opening a dialog about each of our time on earth.     I am having some health issues and am finally getting in to see the back surgeon after waiting 6 month's on May 21 if not before.     My ability is getting worse to do the simple things like house work and my time is spent reading on the board/cushion which is the only way I can relieve the pain.     I think of John's courage and it is his way of not allowing depression to consume him.     His courage is helping me with my ability to make my day one that is the best it can be.     I am trying to follow from his example.     mark


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