Monday, March 19, 2007

monday morning question


Which words did you mispronounce as a child?

My answer: 

I said TOMATO for TORNADO.  I remember when I was about five years old, and the wind kicked up.  The leaves were swirling around in a circle.  I got all excited and shouted, "The tomato is coming!  The tomato is coming!"  I couldn't figure out why the adults were laughing!

I also said SAMMICH when I wanted a SANDWICH.

How about you?  Write your answer in the comment section or write it up in your journal and leave a link in the comment section.  We are looking forward to your answers! 

Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. When I was a little kid I said Salivation Army instead of Salvation Army, like they were salivating!  I also couldn't pronounce blimp, so I said balimp.


  2. ... I use to say OSYGEN instead of Oxygen... It took me a while to say it right but lmao I have been saying it right every since. lol

    == Christopher ==

  3. I would say veterinarian day instead of Veterans day and a boy in my fifth grade class would always ask to go to the lavoratory instead of the restroom so I thought I would ask to go to the laboratory too....
    Have a great week!
    Linda :)

  4. malagutigrrl3/19/2007 10:31 AM

    I couldn't say "water."  For some reason it came out "looley."

  5. I said ba-sgetti for spaghetti.  I can't remember anything else I mispronounced.  I am sure there were others, though.  xox

  6. They always told me I called the Preacher the Creature lol.  I was about two or three lol.  Looking back, I wonder if it was because my parents loved the scary movies with Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney and I saw too many at an early age lol.
    loving you

  7. sarajanesmiles3/19/2007 12:40 PM

    He he, I couldn't say my f's, so mine was cossy instead of coffee, or 'I've got a coss', if I had a cough :o)  My Dad still pronounces these words that way, 'cause he thought it was cute!
    Sara   x

  8. I used to say peanut whole for whole peanuts, chip mores for more chips.

  9. The only one I know is "Spazgetti" for "Spaghetti".  That's all I can recall.  My son used to call Corned Beef Hash "Stuffing." I guess to him it looked like stuffing LOL! And I couldn't convince him otherwise.

  10. It took me a couple years before I had the nerve to ask one of the nuns who "Richard Stands" was. Each morning during the Pledge of Allegiance, instead of "for which it stands" I had been saying "for Richard Stands". <GRIN>

  11. Pitcher for Picture. My daughter used to say Bizzer for Zipper...I still remind her of was so cute..



  12. I use to say " the soxy Indians" instead of the sioux.  And how in the world can anyone mispronounce Mommy.   I did.  I would say "Bobby" . It sounds like my nose was stuffy. And instead of out-house I would say ott-house. My brother called trucks  "Frucks".                                 Myke

  13. nyuknyukpik23/19/2007 6:54 PM

    I mispronounced the word cherokee---I would call it chairokey.

    I also had a hard time with words that have "r" in it--i.e. word and world.

    Some people swear I have a New York Accent--although I've never left California.  I think I just talk like my grandpa.

  14. When Chelsea was small we attended a Church of the Nazarene and she called it Church of the Magazine.  She also liked to watch Wheel of Fortune with the blinking lights and the spinning wheel when she was a baby and she would repeat with them.. "Wheeel.. of... Portune!"  Tee Hee xox

  15. I posted my own in my journal:

  16. I don't remember what I mis-pronounced and I don't remember my folks every telling me either.  So I guess I'm out of this one.  I do remember that my daughter called her great grandma "great great" and that she called my mom "grack-wa" instead of grandma and she said "hang gaber" instead of hamburger.  I had a friend who's little girl used to say "zoo-eb-ra" instead of zebra. That one still cracks me up when I think of it.  That little girl is 46 years old now...I wonder if she's ever reminded of that?  Linda in Washington state

  17. I couldn't say any word with an r in them.  Mary was Mawy, Rain was Wain,
    I could say some r's but not many and it depended on the position in the word.  I grew out of this easily, didn't need speech therapy or anything. Oh, also I couldn't say some l's. Minneaolis was Minneapis, I left out the L in some words. Merry

  18. I'm French, but live in Massachusetts... so this list can be applied to me.

    "center".. I say it "son-tra," which was always confusing to the basketball team I coached.

    "hamburger"... no "h" sound when I say it, and "burger" sounds like "booger." I'm rarely asked to prepare it.

    "pantyhose".. comes out sounding like the first name of that guy who washed his hands of Jesus' murder.

    For some reason- and I don't think it's a French/Englsih thing- I can't even come close to saying the word 'alligator" properly, even if I slow myself down and sound it out by the syllable. Fortunately, alligators don't come up in conversation much on Cape Cod.

    An old Massachusetts game... try pronouncing these town names:







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