Monday, March 12, 2007

monday morning question


Have you ever hung anything from your rearview mirror?

My answer:   fuzzy dice.  No, just kidding!  A rosary.

How about you?  I'm curious to hear your answers.  Krissy :)   


  1. Never been a big rearview mirror hanging kind of girl. I never even liked the airfreshners that hang from the rearview mirror. The only time I can ever remember is a little gold, clear angel airfreshner that I hung, but the thing never even gave off a scent so I threw it away after about a week. It just really got on my nerves and I found it distracting.

    God Bless

  2. I hung one of those pine tree air freshners from my rearview mirror, but only in the winter.  During the summer I had my windows open so I got lots of fresh air in.  


  3. No, but --- I have occasionally thought of doing so lol.
    loving you

  4. Hi Krissy, I have some puka shell necklace hanging from my mirror.. along with a little kola bear hanging on to those!!! Lisa

  5. yep,air fresheners, baby shoes, cross necklace and a crystal necklace.

  6. I have ... I have a sun freshner in my car & then in my DH truck he has a pirates of the caribean clinking skull & a pair of sun glasses. Emmi

  7. Just recently I started hanging a cross air freshiner.. they look kinda like rosary.  And I also have some multi colored beads I had org. gotten for my hubby to wear durring Marti-Gra (sp).

    I never was much of a fan for putting stuff on the rearview mirror because I was always told they were a hazzard to have and may impair driving.  But I havn't had any probs so far.  I think maybe if you go over board and the nick nacks take over that would cause a prob.. but anything in moderation is ok.  

    Thanks for the Monday Morning question.

    Much Love,

  8. The only thing I have hung from a rearview mirror was a rosary, too, sissy.  Good question! xox

  9. I currently have a little stuffed tiger hanging from my mirror. It is actually a cat toy I saw and liked. It is filled with catnip <LOL> In the past I have had other things hanging from my mirror. Things like mardi gras beads and such.

  10. hugsdoodlewacky3/12/2007 10:02 AM

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((KRISSY)))))))))))))))))Hi there,hope all is well.Well,the only car I can hang things in is my boyfriends can even hang stickers in His have 2 neckless up there haning on His mioro.One is Bestfriends and one I have made.I hope you have a nice day.

  11. midwestvintage3/12/2007 10:11 AM

     I have a angel to watch over us, beads and and a beer mug necklace.  Weird combo but hey, I'm weird.


  12. I have my handicap permit AND I have a pair of little boxing gloves (my son is a fighter).  My kid jokes that it means I have a permit to knock people out.  It is an odd combination.

  13. malagutigrrl3/12/2007 11:01 AM

    My mom always tries to sneak a rosery around my rear-view when I'm not looking.  I tell her I already have one in my pocket and I don't like poor Mary swinging back and forth like she's at the gallows or something.  Poor woman's been through enough...
    Mostly I have the handicap tag hanging there because of my mom.  But when she's not looking I've had Mardi Gras beads, Air fresheners, a pair of fuzzy dice I brought back from Las Vegas (you can't just get them at Wal Mart...they have to be the real thing).  When I worked at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville I hung my stage ID card there so I wouldn't forget it.
    But MOST OF THE TIME there is nothing there because, honestly, that stuff tends to get in the way...

  14. I have never liked anything hanging from my rear view mirror. I have always thought it was annoying.  I suppose I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like it?? LOL

  15. mastersblynn3/12/2007 12:23 PM

    I have Taz hanging from my mirror right now and a dolphin.  Sometimes they look like they are fighting lol xox barbara

  16. i have rosary beads hanging on my rear view.  


  17. I do not currently drive or have a car but Im thinking about it... I think I would hang something cute pink and fuzzy... or some glitzy silly thing...

    when I did I hung my sons baby shoes... hes 23 now lol So I dont think I will waste the pair I have tucked away in a box of his. :)

    happy monday everyone!

  18. ceilisundancer3/12/2007 3:00 PM

    Right now, I have a gimp-keychain hanging there, that my DD made once upon a time, as a keychain but part of it broke.   -- Robin

  19. a guardian angel and a breat cancer ribbon are on it now

  20. nyuknyukpik23/12/2007 8:04 PM

    Nothing fun---my little brother is a police officer and he's anally retentive about what goes in my car and what doesn't--so the only thing that ever hangs there is my parking placard when I'm parked and the old school parking permit was a little tag that hung there.

    Sigh--I'm soooooo boring!!!!!!!

    If  I were going to hang something from there--I think I'd get a stuffed cat and cut off it's tail and hang a cats tail.


  21. I have a st. christophers medal and a necklace with horses on it.

  22. I think when I was  younger, I don't remember but I think so. LOL. That I hung up some fuzzy dice.

  23. Lots of things.  In my first car, I had my graduation tassels hanging from the rear-view.  Then I had Hello Kitty plush keychains (4 of them).  Now, I have Mardi Gras beads.  Purple ones.

    Annie =)

  24. A crystal (sunshaped) and a family medallion (Mother father and 2 childrem) and a bracelet rosary from Guadalupe church in Mexico.  :)      Tracy

  25. irisheyes19293/12/2007 11:21 PM

    A rosary...can you tell you and I are Catholic?
    Also a parking pass for the few times I've been able to drive myself to school!

  26. Happy Birthday, Krissy! May you have many, many more! Hugs.

  27. My graduation tassel, ballet slippers and something else I can't remember now and probably all at the same time.....
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Linda :)

  28. I had a crystal cross that got broken, then I had a necklace, have had air-freshners, now i have some shell beads that were my MIL's and I just can't bear to take them down.


  29. I have a small wooden cross made of olive tree wood.  My mother brought me back from Bethlehem.

  30. hmm lets see over the years ive had dice and im not kidding lol unlike kriss i really did
    back in my younger days lol way baccccck....ok on to the rest ...ive had my high school; daughters high school tassel ....air freshners

  31. therealslimemmy3/15/2007 6:51 PM

    i used to have all sorts of things up there when i first started driving dice..airfresheners mardigras i didnt do anythign for them, lol
    but now its empty...i used to have a locket with a special saying on it but i took it off.
    ttyl good question


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