Monday, January 24, 2005

Blizzard of '05

So here is a pic of the Blizzard of '05!  A dinky little thing.  We got five inches at the most!  So much for the 6 to 12 inches they were calling for.  Pennsylvanian's laugh at 5 or 6 inches of snow!  It snowed on Saturday with a few flurries on Sunday.  The roads were drivable on Sunday and people were out again on them.  Which, actually, in my opinion was a little soon.  They were not clear enough.  But I had to go out, because I had an appointment.  My Church made me take a marriage preparation test.  Then John and I are also going to have to go to about three or four weeks of premarriage counseling.  I shouldn't be saying "making" us do it, because I am sure it is a very good and helpful thing.  They also say we need to go to something called Engaged Encounter, whatever that is.  I heard from my friend Penny that it was a very good thing.  I am glad.  Now I am even a little excited!  Well I must go.  Love, Krissy 


  1. Well, you are lucky because we got nothing and we so wanted to take photos. I shall just have to share yours my dear friend xxx

  2. readmereadyou1/24/2005 6:09 PM

    We got 14 inches of snow in NY. Not bad and looks pretty.
    I believe in that counseling the church provides. I feel it opens up discussions people don't think about before marriage. Enjoy.

  3. John and I had a lot of fun at our pre-cana prep classes. After dating for 5 years, we were sure there was no topic left that we hadn't already discussed and agreed upon. The class actually turned up 2 things we had never talked about. But we were still on the same page. Totally compatible. LOL

  4. Love the pic of the winter wonderland : )  Sometimes I miss snow but haha better you than me.

    When my husband and I first became Christians we went to our Pastor to council us about marriage and what God had to say about it.  I think it has helped us alot in our going on 9yrs of marriage but I do wish we had that council before we had gotten married and even better before we had dated.  When you do things God's way things always turn out the best, stray from that and there is much heart ache.  I think you will get alot out of those classes. Keep us updated on what you have to think about them and what you are learning.
    A book I am always recommending to couples is called Sheet Music.. it is by a Christian author.  My husband and I have read it together.

    Much Love,

  5. Been counting the flakes here instead of inches but the outlook doesn't look good.
    Sylvia x

  6. Oh MY!! SNOW!! HOW beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE IT.
    I am glad you are excited about the Engaged Encounter. I have not been to any Encounter things, but I hear they are good.
    Take Care and Stay WARM.

  7. I think that is wonderful about the marriage preparation and all.  Course, nothing really prepares you - LOL!  But you have known John for a long time, I think.  So that is a good thing.  Few surprises.

  8. sonensmilinmon1/24/2005 11:05 PM

    I've heard positive things about the engaged encounter.  I think it will be a positive experience for you and John.  

    The picture of the snow is beautiful.  I'm glad it wasn't so bad. :-)


  9. sarajanesmiles1/25/2005 4:06 AM

    You're so lucky!!  5 inches of snow, did you make a snowman yet?!!  
    I shouldn't wish for snow, hubby wouldn't be able to go out to work...still, it would be nice to have him home for a few days, cosy and warm inside with beautiful snow outside :o)
    Sara   x

  10. dbaumgartner1/25/2005 5:22 AM

    How funny.  If we got that much snow, here in Georgia, we would not be laughing.  The city would cease to function.  It would be a mess.

    Glad you came out OK.  

  11. It is nice to see a picture of The Villas, Sissy!  That is where my TBADT lives!!  Yay!!  I think that something called Engaged Encounter sounds fun!!  I went to Marriage Encounter once and it was so, so neat!!  If it is the same thing then you will be very, very blessed...maybe it is!!  Oh, I hope so!!  Love you, honey!!  Call me soon!  I will be out all day, but will be home tonight!!  Love you!!!!!!!! xox

  12. If we in the UK had five or six inches of snow, the country would grind to a halt !  I wish we did have some real snow, outside it is dark and cold but no snow...sigh !Good luck with the premarriage counselling.
    Sandra x

  13. I'm so excited for you - I hadn't read your journal in a while . Marriage is a big commitment ! The church just helps to realize that by these things they have you go to.   Congrats !!  'On Ya'  - ma

  14. we got close to a foot here, but it's already melting! congrats on the engagement, enjoy the "classes"  :-)


  15. firestormkids041/28/2005 12:17 PM

    I know I'm late, but this doesn't look dinky to me - lol!  I'd be in apoplexy by now . . . don't do well with the white stuff.I DO think the picture is beautiful, though, kind of dreamy looking.  Love you, my friend, Penny


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