Sunday, January 30, 2005

This Week's Hunt

This week's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#13) should be completed by Saturday, Feb.5, at 8 PM EST.

This weeks's theme will be: COLD.

Take a picture of what the word cold represents to you.


  1. jules196420011/31/2005 7:24 AM

    I can't take a picture as the shop still had my camera, but I will search on web images and find pictures that are cold to me :)........Jules xxxxxx

  2. sarajanesmiles1/31/2005 10:59 AM

    Having ideas already!!
    I love that these are back, look, big smile :o)
    Sara   x

  3. Wish you could have made the title of this hunt HOT. It would have been so easy for me then. I am getting more than a little "Hot under the collar" with aol and a service that cuts on me more times than a butcher's knife! Will have to cool down and get my thinking cap on.
    Love Sylvia

  4. Here is the link for my photo entry Krissy.

  5. Here is the link for my photo entry Krissy.

  6. promiseluv3722/05/2005 1:17 PM
    There's mine.  It was hard this week, not a lot of time, then we're having so many problems with the pictures.. and the one I want up won't upload to my FTP. But what would my week be if I didn't do the hunt! So better lame then never :)

  7. This is my entry, sissy!  All pics from our ride to Balmer! xox

  8. I have four photos...the first entry when you open my journal has two "cold" photos and the entry below is "cold" themed too!  

    Great idea this week Krissy, here's my link":


  9. peacelurfantasy2/06/2005 5:06 AM

    I used the first thing that came to my mind.....ok I missed the deadline but I did it anyway lol....check it out ;o)
    Peace, Renee


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