Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day

I am really proud of you all!  You know what your keys on your keychain are for!  That is so much better than me!  I didn't know what half of mine were.  Perhaps that should show me something about myself.  I'll have to think on that one. 

So it is snowing here.  Has been for a couple of days.  I guess there is at least four inches out there.  If I had been feeling well enough I would have gotten out and taken a picture to show you the nice snow.  I am still trying to fight this bug.  I am lying in bed as much as possible to kick this.

So the Presidential Inauguration coverage is on right now on TV.  The president will deliver his address in two hours.  It reminds me of when I used to live in the DC area and go to the Inaugural addresses.  I like the slower pace of where I live, but in some ways I miss the DC area.  In some teeny way I way I wish I was at the Inauguration.  But it is only teeny; I am glad I am in my warm house right now.

On the other hand, I have to go out in half an hour to my therapy appointment.  So I better get off of here.  Bye bye, Krissy     


  1. sarajanesmiles1/20/2005 10:08 AM

    Well I only have the one key, so I shouldn't really be allowed on the list of people you're proud of, though if I am there I will bask in the glow of your proudness anyway ;o)
    Sending you all my best get well soon wishes, stay warm and cosy!!
    Sara   x

  2. Wow, sissy, we don't have 4 inches up here.  Strange how you can have more/less snow just one town away!  I hope you feel better really soon!!  So, I turned on the TV and all they have on it today is inaugural stuff.  I guess that is what it will be all day.  Interesting.  I hope.  Perhaps we will get together later today if our energies and wellness allow.....LOVE YOU!!!!! xox

  3. wooooooooooooo hoooo send me some that snow i want some please  

  4. I am with Sara there !   I have only a few keys so cannot really forget what they are for, except when I am in a hurry and try to use the wrong keys to get in the front door.  I hope you are feeling a little better each day. :0)  Sandra x

  5. I never checked my keys out, but I think I have at least one that is foriegn to me.  I'm afraid to throw it away in case I find out what it goes to.  
    I sure hope you feel better soon.  Be careful driving in the snow.  I guess you have heard that down here in TN we are "stalled" when it snows 1/2 inch.  We just can't handle it.

  6. firestormkids041/20/2005 12:47 PM

    Glad to see you are able to get to the computer again!  Don't overdo!  We are praying for you to be 100% soon.  Love, Penny

  7. Krissy,
    I'm hoping you feel better soon.
    And, I wanted to say thank you so much for your comment in my journal.  You are so sweet.  Love LuAnne

  8. Love & Hugs Krissy. Speak soon when you are a bit better.

  9. I met Bill Clinton's mother in Kentucky at a grand hotel, she was there picking up her inaguration gown.  I was on the elevator with her and her husband.  It was very surreal.  Enjoy being snowed in!

  10. we're getting ready to be snowed in too....I've been to DC, great place to visit, but I enjoyed watching the inaugeration in my warm toasty house just fine ;-)


  11. WOW, Hope you kick that bug soon!!!
    If you do feel better, I LOVE snow pictures. We hardly ever get snow...and never Much if we ever do.
    Take care

  12. sonensmilinmon1/22/2005 4:21 AM

    Stay warm and snug so you can get ALL better soon!



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