Monday, September 15, 2008

Goodbye Rachael

Five days has gone by since John and I last saw Rachael.  We are not certain of her fate, except that we know the landlord caught her.  
The morning after we saw Rachael being chased around,  I called the landlord.  Actually, one of her assistants answered the phone.  "Did you catch the chicken yesterday?," I asked.  "Yes we did," she curtly replied.  I continued, hoping that they still had Rachael in their possession and that she would end up in a good home. "The SPCA said they would take it to a good home if you caught it."  Angela quickly replied, "Ya, I think that's what we did, took her to the SPCA!"  I couldn't just let it go.  I HAD to know.  She was after all, OUR chicken, and she WAS Rachael.  "Are you sure you took her to the SPCA?" I said.  "I'll go verify -- Do you want me to?" she asked. "Please," I replied.
She left and returned in about 15 seconds.  "We got it and we got it taken care of, so" and she immediately stopped talking.  She was speaking to me very strangely and matter of factly with a different tone than she had been using earlier.  I quickly said, "You're not going to tell me what you did with her, are you?"  There was silence for about three seconds and then she hung up the phone.
John called the SPCA and asked if anybody had brought in a chicken.  They told him no.  
I am hoping Rachael is somewhere safe and content tonight.


  1. Oh, those horrid people...not only did they not do what they said they would do, they LIED to you about it. That makes me angry.

    No matter what, Krissy, you and John know that you did your best by Rachael. I hope she's okay, too, but you tried to take care of her and the situation, so try not to feel too bad.

    But I can imagine...I'd probably feel pretty bad, too.

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Who knows maybe they just dropped her off a few blocks away and she will be back in a few days.....wouldnt that be something.

  3. That makes me mad~why couldn't they be upfront with you?  God's a good bookkeeper, if they harmed her~they'll stand accountable. Linda in WA

  4. I have been wondering about her. I hate that the landlord got her, those were some evasive answers you were given. Helen

  5. awe Im sorry Krissy! Rachael passed through your life for some reason... she was visiting. She got a little bit of free time which isnt the case of most chickens. The next time some animal comes through your backyard and its safe for it then build it a little shelter and feed the thing... dont tell landlords or authorities... now you know. Cluck cluck she sure was pretty, and Im glad you made use of my chicken name. She seemed by way of the photos to be a pretty girl deserving of a sweet name.

    In native american animal totem medicine chickens mean teaching, and knowledge, the aility to absorb new ideas, energy,  guarding of personal space, understanding, fertility, and creativity, ability to sense danger, independence in groups, individuality and uniqueness.

    Now sense Rachael was being chased down by your landlord I think its clear you need to make sure your personal space is more protected. Cover your back at home, protect your space a bit, and be more careful with your landlord or those that might enter into your personal dwelling.

    I would bet that no harm came to Rachael... that if the landlord wanted her so badly it was not because her value was for her dinner but for her ability to look pretty, be a novelty, or produce some breakfast eggs... its far far easier to go and buy a chicken then send someone out to catch one and then have it prepared... thats pretty messy stuff... you know? bet anything Rachael is sitting pretty in someone elses backyard, namely the landlord with a new little chicken house for her to play in and way too much feed to eat while shes being show off as the families new pet! hehehehe definately not being served for sunday dinner. Chin up Krissy shes doing great right now! :) cluck cluck

  6. Sorry about Rachael and not knowing the whole story.  Know that you did all you possibly could.

  7. I'm so sorry, Krissy; I can't believe anyone would want to hurt her; it wasn't like she was causing trouble and you did have someone who would try to find her a home; this just saddens me :(


  8. that is so cruel , I hope that they did the right thing but you will always wonder

  9. how rude
    I'm still going
    to think positive
    not knowing sucks

  10. Poor Rachael.  I sure hope they took her to a farm.

  11. How rude. Guess you gotta just hope they did good by her. And if they didn't, let's hope they suffer the same fate as her.

    B. x

  12. ally1231305859189/16/2008 5:21 AM

    How awful not knowing the fate of Rachael ~ I hope they did take care of her and she is somewhere safe ~ Ally x

  13. nightmaremom9/16/2008 7:06 AM

    OMG!  That is horrible...  I'd be calling back to get the facts....  but then again it's your landlord... GRRRRR  hoping they took care of her the right way

  14. :-( bye Rachael xox

  15. carouselqueen709/16/2008 10:10 AM

    I hope that Racheal is doing ok. ...hugs, Christine

  16. That sounds awful Krissy, I hope nothing has happened to her.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  17. That does not sound like the answer you wanted. I'm sorry you got a nasty landlord. I will pray for him. Dannelle

  18. Oh Krissy I hope Rachel is ok also.  Your call to the office sure as heck wasn't encouraging was it.  Would think twice about wanting to be with that rental facility as for their being honest, upfront or caring. Let's just all pray she's ok.  Arlene (AJ)

  19. cherry2sweet2eat9/16/2008 6:09 PM

    poor baby.

  20. Krissy, That really stinks. I'd be heartbroken, too. You are such a kind, gentle caring soul and so is John.  Rachel was loved!  xoxo Merry

  21. I'm so sorry.....

  22. Hello Krissy,
        I feel sorry for Rachael; and I feel sad for you and John.
        It's too bad human beings choose not to respond to love the way Rachael did.  We all share the planet, after all.
                        Love, Doreen

  23. dear Kristina
    that is so awful! I am really sorry!

  24. Awwwwwww poor Rachael.
    I hope that she is somewhere safe with her other feathered friends
    hugs Jayne

  25. lifesabench69/25/2008 10:22 PM

    Poor Rachel.  I'm sorry Krissy- I wish I could have read your first post as soon as you wrote it!  God Bless, and I'm sure if something not good happened to her, and there is a place for animals and pets- she is in good company now with my Rooster George, hen Tammy and hog Gus.  Three of our beloved pets we lost all this year.  Love Carolyn

  26.     Wow. I hope you're right.


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