Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plans with Rachael went all awry

Shortly after writing the entry below, a police officer knocked on our door.  The police officer went outside to see Rachael, and John went with him.  The police officer tried to get close to Rachael, and each time he would get near, she would quickly run from him.   
The police officer told John that he had come instead of the Animal Control Officer.  If it had been earlier in the day (before 5 pm), the police officer told John, then the Animal Control Officer would have come instead.  He then told John that the Animal Control Officer would be back the next day to pick up Rachael from our yard.
Here's the part that has me upset.  We are renters.  This police officer decided that he would call the manager of our property, and let her know that Rachael is staying in our yard.  Yes, the manager has a right to know.  But we are not too sure she won't just want to kill Rachael.     
The police officer left, and a little while later John and I saw a couple of people looking in the bushes in our backyard -- someone with property management, and a kid about 18 or 20 (I don't know where the kid came from).
The kid was laughing like it was all a big joke, and chasing Rachael around the yard trying to catch her.  The kid fell running so fast trying to catch her, and the whole time he was shrieking in laughter.  Rachael was running around the yard trying to get away from him.  The guy with property management was just standing there. 
I am wondering.  Where did this kid come from anyway?  I have never seen him with management before.  Did management just pick up one of the neighborhood young people on the way over, to chase the chicken for them?  The reason this is important is because the kids might try to fuss with Rachael tonight, now that they know she exists.
The last we saw of Rachael was her running out of the yard and away from the kid.. 
I'm kind of mad.  When the dispatcher from Animal Control said they would come out, they said they wouldn't hurt Rachael, and would bring her to the SPCA.  Instead, a police officer was sent out.  I guess I had better explain something.  The Animal Control officer is a police officer, and because it was past 5 pm a regular policer officer came instead -- who was not with animal control, and knew nothing about animals. 
I think the police officer who came tonight (a little after 5 pm) actually had no intention of catching Rachael to bring her and bringing her to the SPCA anyway.  I think he just may have come to see if we were pulling a prank - so he could let the Animal Control know if they should bother to come out tomorrow. 
As evidencing this, he had no way to catch Rachael - he told John so.  And he told John he had no carrier to put her in for transport.  He did approach her to catch her, but she kept running from one end of the bushes to the other.  "What would he have done with her if he had caught her?" John just asked me.  "She wouldn't just let you pick her up like she was a puppy or something!" 
So we don't know where she is now.  She has run off.  I think she'll return to get food, unless she is sufficiently frightened of our yard now.  I want her to be here in the morning, in case the real Animal Control people show up to bring her to the SPCA.  I hope that boy never caught her - unless he gives her to the right people.  I think he is a local neighborhood kid, and if he found her tonight, who knows what he and the kids are doing with her.  I am MAD. 
Oh well.  Sleep tight red hen.  Krissy 

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  1. I don't understand how people can be so cruel.  That kid should be disiplined for scaring the chicken like that.  Linda in WA  

  2. That is so upsetting.  Let us know is she shows back up and if she's okay.

  3. nightmaremom9/10/2008 10:50 PM

    and they thought it funny why??????  GRRRRRRRR  I hope she is there safe for breakfast.

  4. Krissy, that makes me mad, too. There was obviously no intent to catch Rachael and keep her safe. And the creepy kid taunting the's time that he learned a little compassion for other creatures.

    I am really pulling for Rachael, and hoping that she'll be okay tonight.


  5. Is it Rachel or Rachael? No wonder the chicken's confused.

  6. That's so mean what that kid did to your chicken. I hope she's ok.

  7. (((Krissy)))) and ((((Rachael))))

    poor chicken; it must be totally confused---that's weird though because you were renters that they had to notify the owners of the property; it wasn't like you were keeping Rachael as a pet; she just sort of wandered in there

    I'm only hoping that Rachael found her way back to your yard and that someone who knows how to handle chickens comes out to get her tomorrow

    do keep us updated Krissy


  8. I just hope that kid don't go after her tonight with a flashlight because she can't see at night. I hope she holds on until someone suitable can catch her. let us know the outcome of this. Helen

  9. that dumb cop was
    probably on his way
    to the local doughnut shop
    I would go outside
    anytime someone comes by
    and not be afraid to
    stand up for that lil chickie

  10. cacklinrosie1019/11/2008 5:20 AM

    I sure hope she's back in your yard today and the SPCA can get her.  I really don't think the police really care which is such a sham.  Property Management probably did bring that kid to try and catch her.  Honestly, people can be so cruel and many kids that age really don't care.  Poor thing....hope and pray that she's ok.  Love you, Chris

  11. The wonderful thing would be that the people who own her found her.  She had to come from someplace not too far away from you.  Maybe she'll find her way home.  'On Ya' - ma

  12. I wrote to you by e-mail because you sent  me such a nice comment after I visited you via Mort's  editors  pics.  Maybe I sacared you off.  I was the one that married my hisband evwen though I knew he had a very bad heart.  He died at 37 and that is young to be left alone, and as much as I loved him  I knew my Kids would leave and I did not want to be alone the rest of my life.  So my present husband  and I have been married 40 years.  Lucille 4364

  13. Did Property management ask your permission or give you notice? I think they are in violation of a renters law. At least in California that is true. 24 hour notice. Prayers for Rachael. Dannelle

  14. I'd be calling the Property Management and asking if they sent someone to try and find your Rachel for removal and what their intentions were if they did get her. Lets hope SPCA does come and can find her and she will be safe and given to someone who will keep her safe. In this day and age I'd be concerned about anyone coming onto my property and voice my thoughts to the property management company on this.  I'll keep you all in my thoughts that Rachael the hen will be safe.  Arlene (AJ)  

  15. carouselqueen709/11/2008 1:05 PM

    I hope Racheal is ok. People sometimes dont have very good attitudes towards animals. They think she is just a dumb chicken. That is not true. She is a living creature and deserves care just like a dog or cat would. I hope she is doing ok. ..hugs, Christine

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  17. That kid should have his but kicked and someone should of told him to leave the animal control are trained to handle these situtations I hope they are anyway I love animals and to see one ran to death would make me mad enough to blow a gasket , sorry I had to rant on your page honey , how are you and john doing ? I will keep you ,john and rachel in my prayers


  18. Poor Rachael .  That kid chasing her sure didn't help.  Makes me mad.  I have 12 chickens and they come when I call and they eat out of my hand.  Sure they get scared at times and run but you have to talk to them and be slow and reach out with a treat to catch them.  You don't run them to death.  So good of John to put out some feed for her.  She could have become a good pet and not really be a bother.  They are happy with water and feed and they like to follow you around.

    Hope you and John are doing ok.  Always in my heart and prayers.

    Hugs  Myke

  19. I have to say it
    Justin Guild's comment
    on an entry
    about a chicken

  20. I hope Rachael returns - she probably will.         D

  21. I hope Rachael is alright...

  22. Oh, Dear Krissy, I am so sorry to hear this.  My sister teased me by chasing me with a chicken (a freinds) and I have never gotten over it.  What's wrong with peoiple that do that??

    Krissy, if Rachel comes back or you hear what happened, let me know, please.  I think you are a wonderful humanitarian peson, Krissy.  And this is why we all love you. Merry

  23. fisherkristina9/15/2008 2:41 AM

    Comment from merry1621 | Email merry1621
    9/14/08 8:20 PM | Permalink

    Krissy, I want you to know whatever happens/happened you showed your true wonderful colors and love for Rachel.  You are the best advocate that Rachel could ever have.  Rachel may not know how to talk, but if she did, she's say, "Thank you Krissy!"  Honestly, Krissy, do please keep me posted on what happens to Rachel.  I am reallly mad that those kids teased her.and that your landlords won't let you keep her.  Oh, and the animal control people didn't seem (to me anyway) to be as sensitive as they should have been with Rachel.  And what would it hurt if you built a little pen for her and kept her outside??  I love you for your warm caring heart even though I don't usuallyeven like chiken. Rachel is different!! So, Krissy. I thank you for "introducing" Rachel to me.  She is beauiful and the first chicken in my life I am not afraid of.  Merry  (your loony friend in Iowa, LOL)

  24. Awwwww how awful Krissy. I hope that everything went well and Rachael was safe.
    hugs Jayne


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