Friday, September 26, 2008

A lot of this, and a lot of that

It's been 14 days since I've done an entry.  I hate that, but there has been so much going on, and I haven't had time.  I've been visiting my Mom in the hospital and rehab center since she broke her neck and had surgery.  John and I also went to Hershey last weekend (to his bone marrow transplant center) for some appointments and we went on the Light the Night Walk to raise money to cure cancer.  I will tell you more about the walk soon.  I have some photos I took!  It was a big success in a lot of ways - it was John's first major physical endeavor since his bone marrow transplant!  But I wanted to say thank you to all who noticed my disappearance in the last week and left comments and emailed me.  You all are sweet.
There have been a few more things I wanted to mention also.  I know I am packing a lot of information into once entry!  John went to the Emergency Room last night.  His neck and shoulders have been hurting him for a week.  Turns out he has a neck strain/sprain, similar to that of whiplash.  The doctor informed him that he sprained his Trapezius muscle.  I just looked up Trapezius muscle in Wikipedia because I didn't know what it meant.  It says it is shaped like a diamond, and spans the neck, both shoulders and the back.  That is what he has sprained, and it is inflamed, and bulges and spasms at times.  He is in severe pain right now.  It is preventing him from driving some of the time.  Ugh, that is hard since I haven't been able to drive for about two years due to narcolepsy. 
Okay, something of a blessing I wanted to tell you all about!  I never had to have the shoulder surgery I was scheduled to have!  My arm loosened up a little -- enough to allow me not to need the surgery.  This was about a month ago I guess.  Instead of surgery, my orthopedic surgeon sent me back to occupational therapy.  And I have been going for a month.  It's been going great.  It can get pretty painful at times, but that is fine, because I am breaking up the scar tissue in my frozen shoulder and am starting to be able to move it again!  I am getting ultrasounds, which really break up the tissue that has been frozen, and although it hurts a lot, it is a great thing.  I work hard to make progress.
I am also getting physical therapy for my legs.  Okay, that's another long story, we will leave that one out for now, this is getting entirely too long, LOL.  It has to do with my diabetes.  Yes, I have diabetes too.  Yes, I am a mess.  But I got my diabetes (hba1c) results back today, and my sugar level has improved a lot since last time the test was taken.  Yay for me!  I also have lost 10 pounds in two months.  I could be doing worse!
Okay, now that I have shared way too much personal information about myself, LOL, I am going to get off here.  Or have I?  Anyway,  I just felt like catching up.  I will try to be more regular on writing entries.  
Oh, and for those of you who have asked, my Mom is doing a lot better.  She could actually come home as soon as some time next week.  Thanks for asking, and thanks so much for your prayers!  :)
Love, Krissy :)      


  1. firestormkids049/26/2008 9:54 PM

    Oh, Krissy!  I am so sorry that John is in such bad pain.  I will continue to pray for both of you and your mom for quick recovery.  I can wait to hear more about the Light the Night Walk and see some pictures. I love you both and wish you the Lord's blessings, Penny

  2. So glad to hear things are going well for all of you. I hope Johns Trap muscle feels better soon. In the grand schene of things a muscle sprain is small stuff. I know how hard things must be on you right now though. Post when you can and you'll all be in my thoughts and prayers in between. Martha

  3. specialadyfink9/26/2008 9:56 PM

    That is a lot going on.I could stand to lose 10 pounds did I say 10?I meant 50,LOL
    Take it easy ....HUGS to you all

  4. I can't wait to see the pics from the walk.  Have a good weekend.

  5. Hi Krissy,

    Glad to hear Mom is in rehab and on her Journey to the land of Mending, will keep her in my prayers, also John w/ his muscle pains; and you of course glad to hear the scar tissue is breaking up in your frozen shoulder and you are regaining motion again!!!  Praise reports all around!!!  Amen!!!  And of course congrats on the improvement on the hba1c levels, and the 10 lbs lost("weigh" to go, girl>smiles<)

    It's all looking good, shall keep good thoughts and prayers your way.  

  6. nightmaremom9/26/2008 11:34 PM

    yeah!  nice to see you :)   Congrats on the weight loss... that is always good.. isn't it?   Glad you are doing so much better and I am thrilled about Mom... still sending good thoughts and prayers.   I have John in my thoughts too...  could never leave him out.  Looking forward to the pictures!!

  7.     I'm glad to hear about your shoulder, and I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope John is feeling better soon. Take care of yourself. You guys are in my prayers.


  8. You and John are always in my thoughts and prayers.  I am glad you are back.
    Good for loosing 10 lbs.  It is not easy.  Hope your Mom will be ok.  
    Krissy, you and John have impressed me so much with how you have tackled your health problems..  Others would have given up long ago.  Your faith has never faltered through all of this.  Love you lots and hugs for you both and your Mom to.

    Love Myke

  9. ...whew ..!  I am glad that you and your loved ones are doing well ... and I don't think you need to apologize for your priorities being your priorities ...

  10. I've had neck/shoulder issues for a while now....I wonder if I have something similar to what John has....  I think mine is more muscle tenseness though.... maybe I should go to a doctor instead of diagnosing myself, huh?  LOL

    happy to hear from you!!


  11. so thankful Krissy that you don't need surgery on your shoulder!! thank you Lord!! will pray for John and his strain; glad your mom is doing good!! can't wait to hear more about that walk!


  12. Happy that you Mom is doing better and that you shoulder is much better also. I hope John feels better soon. Helen

  13. Krissy

    I am so behind with alerts yet again   :o(

    I am so sorry to hear about your mum's surgery, but i wish her a speedy recovery.
    Glad to hear that you do not need surgery....keep up with the physio :o)
    Sorry to hear aout John, i bet he is in a lot of pain but with him well.

    have a good weekend hugs Jayne

  14. Hi Krissy it's been a long time since I've been here. I went to the states for 7 weeks this summer and have had limited internet, but I'm back home in Germany so I'm back up and reading. I'm off to catch up on you guys.

    I made my journal private, if you ever want to read it just email me and I'll add you.

    God Bless

  15. With all that is going on in your life its no wonder you haven't had time for an entry. I hope things improve on all areas for you and your family.

  16. Yay for losing weight, sissy!!  I didn't know what the trapezius muscle was, you have educated me.  I  will keep John in my constant prayers.  Thanks so much for all that you have been doing.  I LOVE YOU and JOHN!!!  Love, your TBADT and your fellow flower xox

  17. Krissy, have been hoping we'd hear from you on how Mom and all of you were doing.  Glad she's better, ditto for your shoulder, glad the treatments are helping. Understand the pain John is in for his neck/shoulder pain, my hubby Jerr going to Physical Therapy for a groin muscle pull, back/neck pain, so know this is got to hurt for your John.  Know you all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Bless you all.  Arlene (AJ)

  18. Krissy~Sorry to hear about John's neck pain thing. Glad you are doing better though with your shoulder and sugar level. Relieved to hear you & Val's Mommy is healing too; Happy belated BDay to her! Can't wait to hear about the walk and see the pics. Thanks for the comment you left me at my journal. It is great to feel like being busy living with so many things. Lastly, your entry not too long at all!

    Love & Blessings,

  19. cacklinrosie1019/28/2008 6:17 AM

    All in all, great news, Krissy!  I'm so glad the walk went well and that John is doing so well and was able to accomplish it.  That's also good news about your shoulder.  Mine was frozen last year and is finally starting to come around although I still have no strength in it.  Take care of yourself and John.  Can't wait to see your pictures...HUGS Chris

  20. fisherkristina9/28/2008 7:50 PM

    It is necessary that I make this comment to myself, LOL.  The purpose is one- fold, LOL.  My "add an entry" button has ceased to exist at present!  Somebody has informed me of this work around:  Go to your last entry.  Click on "add a comment".  Or whatever it says.  Then proceed to add a comment, and click on save.  Your "add an entry" button will reappear!  Then you can click on this, and create your entry.  I am about to press save,  so say "good luck to me!" even though you will no doubt be seeing this AFTER I publish the comment, LOL.  Okay, must run to do my entry, provided the "add an entry" button has reappeared!  Love and God bless,

    Krissy :)  

  21. fisherkristina9/28/2008 7:51 PM

    Uhm, yes it worked like a charm, LOL, for whoever reads this in the future, and runs across the problem, do the same work around, it works!

    Krissy :)

  22. I'm glad you had sone good things to report in your very 'newsy' entry but sorry to hear of John's set back.  I hope he wasn't trying to over do things as he has felt better.  I understand why you have little time to make entries here in your journal.  So much going on for you.  'On Ya' - ma

  23. carouselqueen709/29/2008 11:50 AM

    I am so happy that your mother is doing better and coming home. That is a blessing. I am glad that your shoulder doesnt need surgery. My hip hurts all the time. The doctors refuse to do anything about it. But I am getting used to it. I have my good days and my bad days. I feel like I am falling aprt. I have RA and Fibro and they are checking my pulmponary functions tomorrow. CONGRATS on losing weight!!! Keep up the good work.((((HUGS))) Losing wieght isnt easy I know. That was a great accomplishment. ...hugs, Christine


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