Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Mom had spinal surgery

My Mom was hospitalized this week.  On Tuesday she had spinal surgery on her neck.  During the surgery, the neurosurgeon discovered that her neck had been fractured.  She also needed to have a disk removed because of stenosis.  I won't explain all of what that means, but I will say it was extensive and took 5 hours.
Let's just say I'm dealing with a lot right now.  It's hard.  I don't like to see my Mom vulnerable like that.
To top things off, John and I need to go out of town for three days.  He has some appointments at Hershey Medical Center, where he had his bone marrow transplant. 
John and I are also going to participate in the Light the Night Walk while there.  Light the Night is a walk to raise funds to battle against Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood cancers, two of which John has had.
John and I are leaving for the walk tomorrow morning (Thursday, Sept. 18).  I want you to see my webpage for the walk.  I never got to post the link to it in my blog, because John and I found out about the walk just a week or so ago, and because of the situation with my Mom I couldn't really spend my time on creating the website nor on fundraising.
So I haven't raised much money by not displaying the site!  But I wanted to give it one more try.        
I know it is last minute to be showing you my fundraising site.  But if anybody can donate to find a cure to end blood cancers (such as MDS & NHL like John had), I'd really appreciate it. 
I have to leave for the walk Thursday morning, so the donation would have to be made by 9:45 am EDT on Thursday.  The site takes credit card donations. 
Thanks for considering.  Even if you can't donate, take a look at my page anyway.  Just click the logo below.
Okay, must run.  Got to go get some things done.
Love you all, Krissy :)


  1. (((Krissy)))) praying for your mom/you/family

    I think it is hard to see our parents vulnerable like that and not feeling well

    I hope John's checkups go well

    so neat you are doing the walk!!! such a great cause!


  2. It's hard to sit back and watch helplessly as loved ones suffer. I wish your mum well.

    B. x

  3. Sending up prayers for your Mom Chrissy. I myself am facing back surgery again in a couple of weeks. Good luck on John's appointments and to everyone on your walk.   Helen  

  4. I hope your mom is doing well and will pray for her and you and John too.  Take good care !  'On Ya'-ma

  5. I'll be praying for your mom, Krissy.  My dad is in the hospital now and is critical condition so I know how you feel.
    It's great that you are doing the Light the Night Walk.  This is my fourth year.  It is a beautiful walk and I know you'll enjoy it.

  6. nightmaremom9/18/2008 7:14 AM

    sending hugs and prayers
    love ya

  7. May the light from above shine upon you and brighten your days. I am walking with you in spirit. Dannelle

  8. I know how how you feel as my mom now has hospice coming to her house now once a week. She has ovarian cancer and because of her age and the many medical problems she already has, they can't do anything for he now. Its heart breaking to watch our parents go through these horrible things. My prayers are with them both.

  9. So sorry to hear what your Mum is having to endure and the fact that you have to be away.  Prayers will be with you all.

  10. I would like to donate. Problem is I cannot find us listed under the countries.  It is not there under GB, not there under ENG and not there under UK.  If you can let me know what it is listed as I will do my best to donate.

  11. I am keeping your family and you in my prayers ,

  12. carouselqueen709/18/2008 11:13 AM

    Stay safe on you trip. You are a wonderful person to take your time to go on the walk to help others when your life is so hectic. God Bless you.. My prayers and my good thoughts are with you and your family. ...(((HUGS))) Christine

  13. ... you certain do have a lot on your plate ... well wishes to you and all that you love ...

  14. Dear Kristina
    I'm awfully sorry about your mother! I will hope and pray all goes well!
    Good luck with your walk! And keep us posted!

  15. I hope your mother makes a speedy recovery Krissy. Also good luck to you and John for the walk.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  16. Keeping your mom in my prayers!
    Good luck with the walk.

  17. Hope moms ok and good luck on the walk

  18. cacklinrosie1019/18/2008 7:34 PM

    Keeping your mom in my really have had so much going on plus you have no idea what happened to your Rachael.  Bless you and John on your walk....Love you, Chris

  19. Krissy, Yes,Val has done a good job of updating me on your Mommy.  I feel so bad for her. This has to be very hard on her!  Your entire family is in my prayers.  Your family has become like a 2nd family to me and I love you for that.

    I wish you the best of luck in your Walk.  I will check it out and contribute as best I can.

    Okay, Krissy, take some deep breaths and relax.  God will take care of your family!  You have my addy and phone # if you need me or want to talk.

    Sending you lots and lots of hugs, love, and prayers! Merry

  20. Special thoughts for Mom
    and Good Luck to you and John on your Light the Night Walk....
    Linda :)

  21. geocachelinda669/21/2008 7:40 AM

    Krissy, was that your John I've been getting e-mails from?  I was wondering who that was that just popped up talking about Light the Night!  :)
    I was reading with interest the chicken story.  She probably ended up in a stew pot, poor thing!  Linda

  22. lorileeboard9/21/2008 4:38 PM

    Thanks for visiting my journal, Bustin Loose in Cutten Green.  Things in Houston are getting better day by day.  Gas lines are all but gone in my area, and we hope to get power back in our house by Thursday.  

    Enjoy your week!

  23. Sorry to hear that your mum had to go through the surgery, but hoping that everything went well and she makes a speedy recovery
    hugs Jayne

  24. Wishing your mom speedy recovery, Krissy.

  25. lifesabench69/25/2008 10:18 PM

    I hope everything worked out for your mOm and that she recouperates OK.  God Bless andI pray a lot of money is raised from the walk!  Love Carolyn

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