Sunday, September 28, 2008

John went to the Emergency Room again

John can't seem to get a break.  After having severe pain for several days from his neck, we noticed he wasn't getting any better.  So this morning really early I took his temperature and it was almost 102.  So back to the hospital we went.  When we got there and they were putting on his gown, the nurses noticed that he had these big red splotches.  "You've got shingles," I told him.  No wonder he was in so much pain.  The doctor came in and confirmed the diagnosis, and ordered John morphine.  
They didn't hospitalize John this time.  They often do because of his frequently compromized immune system.  But this time the doctor figured John would be more comfortable at home, and be less likely to pick up another virus there.  So they merely sent him home, scripts in hand.  One prescription was for an antiviral, which his oncologist (bone marrow transplant doctor) told him to stop recently because he didn't think John needed it anymore.  He told John he was past the point of getting shingles from his bone marrow transplant or chemo treatments.  NOT.  Looks like John can still get shingles.  Another med the doctor stopped had to do with John's immune system...
Something else that just wasn't our luck either, is when I went to get one of the important medications the doctor wrote the script for, the pharmacy didn't have it and won't have it in until Tuesday.  That is not an option that John doesn't take the medication until Tuesday.  He needs it before that.  .  Maybe I will be able to get the medication through another pharmacy tomorrow (Monday).  I hope so.  John needs it as soon as possible.
Well, that's about it.  I'll keep an eye on him.  His fever has dropped to about 100.  Or is it 101?  It is bouncing between 100 and almost 102.  If it gets to 102 I bring him back to the hospital, and they admit him. 
I hope they are going to keep him local and not bring him to Hershey.  Ugh, bad timing!  Because I have so much to keep up on -- how can I possibly go to Hershey right now?  The bills, the rent, the cat.  I have occupational therapy, physical therapy, doctor's appointments next week I need to go to, etc.  This would be a bad time to try to get away.  And I absolutely HATE to be separated from John.  I hate to go away, and hate to stay...
Take care, Krissy  


  1. 'm so sorry to hear the news Krissy. John (and you) will be in my prayers! I sure hope you can get the meds tomorrow. Martha

  2. nightmaremom9/28/2008 8:19 PM

    awwwwwww man...   sending hugs and strength.  I hope another store has the script you need.  Sending lots of love

  3. Sending some healing ((hugs)) and vibes your way.....


  4. May God hold you and John in His Healing Hand of Help.

    Wish I were closer so we could organize a carpool to raft y'all back and forth.

    :^(  Jan the Gryphon

  5. specialadyfink9/28/2008 8:44 PM

    I'm praying for you both Krissy,may god heal John quickly and give you strength and health to see you through all this.
    Luv ya

  6. oh dear!! (((Krissy/John)))

    Lord, I lift both Krissy and John up to you; be with John Lord and heal him; help him to get relief from the paim shingles plus his fever; help him to be able to get ALL the medicines he needs now Lord instead of Tuesday; open up doors for people to help them get things done; be with Krissy;give her your peace Lord and comfort and strength as she deals with everything on her plate; in Jesus we pray amen!

    (Krissy, can't the pharmacy order it to be delivered from another pharmacy for the meds John needs???)

    I'm sorry; if I lived closer I'd be there in a heartbeat to help with what I could help with :(


  7. So sorry to hear this news.   My prayers are for you both.                Dawn

  8. ernhrtfanalwys39/28/2008 9:23 PM

    {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}} and lots of them gf. Keep us updated on everything when you can.


  9. fisherkristina9/28/2008 9:27 PM

    Answer to Betty & to those who are wondering:

    yes the pharmacy can order the medication.  They did place an order so John could have some.  Then they told me the medication wouldn't get in until Tuesday at the earliest.  Possibly Wednesday.  I am going to attempt to go to another pharmacy tomorrow (one suggested by the first one).  They may or may not have it.  I called still another drugstore, and they were unsure if they had it, as the pharmacy was closing, and the man said he couldn't/wouldn't go back and look at the pharmacy's stock at that time.  Anyway, the first pharmacy told me to look around at other pharmacy's tomorrow (Monday) to see if I could find it, and if I couldn't to call on Tuesday and see if they have it yet.  

  10.     If you are anything like me you dread the emergency room. I swear I've spent more time waiting in emergency rooms for whatever, than I have for anything in recent years. I will keep him in my prayers as always, and you too. I sure hope he gets better quickly. I hear shingles are painful.

  11. I hope you can find the meds soon.  Can you maybe get them at the pharmacy at the hospital if the other pharmacy doesn't have them tomorrow? I will keep you guys in my prayers. Hopefully they are being able to control the pain until the "treatment" starts.


  12. preciousone259/29/2008 12:51 AM

    Sure hope John gets that fever down soon, he's much safer at home than at the hospital.  Hope he's feeling better!!


  13. I pray for relief from the pain of those shingles and that they go away soon and pray that your needs be met and that you will be able to cope. Helen

  14. Love and prayers, Dannelle

  15. aw, the cat...
    ridiculous if John
    didn't get meds
    from his doctor
    by now

  16. carouselqueen709/29/2008 11:55 AM

    I am so sorry that John is having so much problems. It never happens at a good time does it? My prayers and good thoughts are with him. I know shingles hurt. Bless his heart. I hope that you get his medicine straightened out. Usually pharmacies get deliveries everyday. I would go to another one if you have to..hugs, Christine

  17. My mom had shingles too a few years back and I know the pain that can cause. You both have a lot on your plates now and my thoughts of things getting better are with you both.

  18. heavenlybama9/29/2008 12:57 PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about John.  I've added him to my prayer list.

  19. cherry2sweet2eat9/29/2008 2:40 PM

    I hope john starts feeling better soon and those pharmacies are a mess he does need his meds asap my grandfather had shingles so i know how the pain is.

  20. Oh no!  Keeping John and you in my prayers.  Keep us updated.

  21. My heart is aching for you both right now.
    You have so much courage.  I pray John
    will get the meds he needs and strength
    to endure this.   Blessings,  Pat


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