Monday, September 29, 2008

there was a substitute medication in the bag!

I just discovered a bottle of medication in the bag that the Pharmacist had given me this afternoon.  The medication was in the bag with another medication the doctor had prescribed for John.  In other words, there were two bottles of medications in there.  The medication is not the exact same kind, but a near substitute.  There are only about six pills in the bottle.  The Pharmacist must have called the hospital and asked if she could do the substitution until I was able to get the other drug.  I know this is true - now I am remembering the Pharmacist saying something about needing to call the hospital . 
But when I went to check out, that Pharmacist Assistant mentioned nothing about a substitute.  She merely said that the drug I was attempting to get filled for John unavailable, and wouldn't be in till Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.  She suggested a few other pharmacies I might find it, although she stated I wouldn't be able to get the medication from them until Monday at the earliest.  She told me to call back her pharmacy on Tuesday to see if the med was in.  She NEVER told me to look in the bag for another medication -- a partial fill.  She just never mentioned the med was in there.  
Gee.  Why hadn't the pharmacy told me they had put a substitution in the bag?  I guess there was no communication between the Pharmacist and the Pharmacist Assistant.  How frightening... 
So as of right now (Sunday a little after midnight - actually I guess it's early Monday), John has a fever of 101.  I am going to call his bone marrow transplant center in a few minutes and ask if he should be hospitalized.  But locally, not over in Hershey.  I don't think that will be necessary at this time.  But I will ask them.
Thanks for listening,  Krissy


  1. Krissie,  Why not call the Pharmacist and ask if it recommended that John take the six pills until you get the Rx filled?   Dadeo. . .

  2. that is frightening; makes you wonder how that substitution prescription got in your bag; could be a God thing; you don't know

    I hope John doesn't need to be hospitalized; I know its always for his best, but I know how hard it is for all


  3. preciousone259/29/2008 1:38 AM

    Glad you found meds in the bag for the time being.  Better to be safe and call the center.


  4. Krissy,

    Praying that all goes well with John.

    Blessings to you both,

  5. I'm keeping John and you in my prayers!




  6. carouselqueen709/29/2008 12:00 PM

    I am glad that u at least got a substitute. I hope John feels better soon. Hang in there...hugs, Christine


  7. You are always in my heart and often on my mind.  I hope John doesnt have to go into hospital again.  You both have to be so tired of that place. I guess its his immune system again?  Hope all will be okay.    
    That extra medicine makes me wonder what is going on.  Don't like the sound of it.  Could be dangerous even though it is a near substitute.

    You take care and love and hugs for you both



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