Monday, July 12, 2004

Adventures In The Big City

Well I rested almost all day today (Monday).  I was so tired after the trip home yesterday and the time spent in Baltimore that all I wanted to do was rest up until my body and mind were ready to get into a normal routine again.  I really needed that day of rest!  Fortunately I didn't have anything I had to do today.

So, what do I think of Baltimore?  Wow.  What a place.  So different than where I live now.  The hotel was close to the Inner Harbor, so it was on one of the way better ends of town.  But not too far away in the recesses of Baltimore is the ghetto.  My goodness.  Never have I seen such degredation and squalor.  My sister Valerie says Philly and New York are worse, but I haven't seen anything as bad as what I saw in Baltimore.  So sad.  The people must have such a hard time.  I don't know why it was such a culture shock to me because I was born in DC and grew up in Northern VA (in a nice area).  I have worked in DC and been in a lot of rough areas there.  But the bad areas of DC I have been in haven't even compared to Baltimore.  I really feel sorry for some of the people who live deep in the ghetto.

Anyway, as I stated, the hotel was in a good area, near the harbor, closer to Johns Hopkins.  We had a really nice hotel suite, with a view that overlooked the harbor.  Chelsea and I sat on the window seat at night and watched the the water.  We also watched the cars down below honk at each other and watched ambulances and police cars go racing by.  Even though it was a nice area, there were still constant honking and sirens all day and night.  I think that it would be hard for me to get used to living in a big city.  Well, after I understood what the noises were, I guess it would be alright.  Anyway, I am glad I am in the much slower paced area that I am in now in Central PA.  That is one of the reasons I moved from the DC area to here - to get a slower pace in my life.

Well, I think that is enough for now.  More on my adventures to the big city tomorrow.   


  1. readmereadyou7/13/2004 12:19 AM

    I have been to Baltimore and since I'm from NY, there is a difference. The Ghetto area's in DC and Baltimore are very bad. Not to say that any ghetto is a good place. My heart goes out to them and we can help as a nation but we don't.

  2. I don't understand being a poor sctosman what you mean when you refer to a ghetto?
    Maybe you could email me an explanation if you can be bothered.

  3. Krissy:  My daughter and I were to Baltimore several years was a sad sight.  

  4. I have never been to Baltimore...I have a feeling that those ghettos you speak of are all over this country of ours, why nothing is ever done amazes me! We as a united people can change things. Glad your home and safe!!

  5. I know what you mean about sad...i went to New York City one time...sad.....I hope you had a great time other than that though!!


  6. I have been to Baltimore, had the same reaction as you did.  I travel alot, and was surprised that it wasn't what I'd expected.  But I still found some very nice things about the city, some of the buildings were interesting.  Nice journal!
    ~Dawn (

  7. Sometimes a slower pace is what we need.   john


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