Monday, July 19, 2004

All 21 Pounds of Him

These pictures are for Sharon, who has asked to see a picture of my 21 pound cat.  Here is Michael, all 21 pounds of him.  For all of you who have seen pics of my baby over and over again, sorry!  I want to say that it is quite normal for a male Maine Coon cat to get to be 18 - 20 pounds so he is not really fat.  Well, 21 pounds is a little overweight.  I won't let him outside so he doesn't have a whole lot of room to exercise in, poor kitty.  And, well, okay I admit it, on occassion I give him table scraps.  The vet says absolutely don't do it, but he looks at me with those begging eyes and I don't know what to do.  I had better cut it out!  Just a little more bragging on my cat because I haven't done it in awhile, he still runs after things when I throw them, and sometimes retrieves them.  Now how about a kitty that fetches?!  He also sits on the windowsill and does bird calls to call the birds.  Okay, enough already, nobody likes a doting mother.  Next thing you know I will be breaking out the home movies!  Bye for now.  Krissy :-)


  1. readmereadyou7/19/2004 2:20 AM

    Wow! Beautiful cat and smart too. That must be something seeing him fetch. You should take some kind of pic of that. : )

  2. Hello,

    That is a wonderful cat! Your cat, is not to over wieght. My cat has gained a few pounds but I have no clue how! LOL. I am starting to ponder about my cat.

    I Love that picture of your cat laying in the sink! LOL, or where he is laying on a bed or something, with a book open as if he was researching, lol. Thats great. I smiled when I saw those pictures. :-)

    I Hope that you have great day, bye!

  3. jules196420017/19/2004 6:00 AM

    I love him, he's gorgeous. I am a cat rather than dog person even though I have both. I had to laugh though, cos my husband is called Michael, weighing a bit more than 21lbs though, lol.........Jules xx

  4. Cats are always cute! Good entry!

  5. Hello there! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my journal and for leaving a link to yours! Love the kitty! My daughter has been begging for a cat for a while now but I'm just a tad bit afraid our German Shepherd may not care too much for a new addition to the family. Oh well. At least there are plenty of neighborhood kittys she can play with!

  6. VERY beautiful kitty....I hope to have one to brag abut soon too, but I have to wait until I leave this house first...(no pets hoo)


  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your cat!  The photo of him in the sink reminds me of one of our cats who used to do the same thing.  Talk to you soon!

  8. 21 pounds or not.. he's adorable!


  9. rachealcarol7/19/2004 1:40 PM

    He's gorgeous, a cute kitty and poses so well for the camera. Loved the pictures.

  10. He is beautiful!

  11. He is a beautiful boy I can see why you like to bragg he's a handsome kitty All 21 pounds of him!!

  12. Darling cat. keep putingin the picures

  13. Cute kitty and I have to agree it is so difficult for me to say no to both of my cats when they stare at me when I am eating a piece of chicken. My cats eat a quality catfood and I don't see a problem with an ocassional human food treat sometimes. LOL Of course both my cats aren't 21 pounds like your beloved cat, but they are a bit on the hefty side 13lb and 15lb.


  14. Well isn't he a big cutie!!



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