Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm Back Home Again

Hi!  I got back home from Baltimore this afternoon.  Thanks for all of you all's prayers.  Valerie made it through the surgery with flying colors.  She is talking and even walking around.  She can do almost normal activity, except she must rest when tired, can't lift and bend, and can't drive for a month.  And can't get her head wet.  She has stitches and staples up there.  And they made her a baldie!  I hope she is not going to kill me for writing this in here, lol.  She looks beautiful, the same as if she had hair, I don't see any difference.  She put on makeup on the trip home and she looked GORGEOUS!  

I have so much more to say about the trip, and I will write more in the next several days, but I am tired tonight so I need to get off.  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the prayers.  Love to everyone!    


  1. readmereadyou7/12/2004 12:15 AM

    Great news. You can heave a sigh of relief. Prayers do work wonders. : )

  2. glad to hear it went well.....

  3. So glad you are back and that all has gone well.
    Missed your journal while you were away.

  4. onestrangecat7/12/2004 7:42 AM

    I am so happy to hear that every thing went ok.  I will continue to keep Valerie in my prayers.


  5. chickiecheeses7/12/2004 10:38 AM

    I bet you all are so relieved. So glad everything went so well.

  6. I am so glad everything went well!!!!! I don't think she'll mind you syaing she looks gorgeous!! YAY for your family!!

  7. See what the power of prayer and love does? Yes the doctors did their work with help from above.

  8. Happy for you all that things went well. I have been checking back everyday to see how things went. Will continue to pray that things stay well

  9. Thank God for your news!

    Tell Valerie that I speak from experience when I say that being a "baldy" isn't so bad.  Takes some getting used to ... but after a while you wonder why you ever had so much hair in the first place.  LOL

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