Thursday, July 1, 2004

My encounter with the moon

I looked at the moon through John's telescope last night.  It was the first time in my life I have ever seen the moon through a telescope.  It was incredible.  To describe it cannot do it justice.  The moon was full and oh so bright.  Of course the moon does not emit any light in and of itself, but refects the sun's light.  No, I didn't know that, John told me.  It was so much more brighter and clearer than I thought it would be.  It also was more 3D than I thought it would be.  I asked John why, and he said there was an immediacy about looking at a real thing, than a picture of something. 

I saw a lot of craters.  They were awesome.  I also saw "seas".  John says they were called seas because in the 1600s people who discovered them thought they were actual seas on the moon. They thought the moon had an atmosphere.  They thought there were people who lived on the moon.   By the 1800s we discovered this wasn't true.  But the name "seas" had already stuck and is still used today.  The "seas" looked awesome through the telescope.  They are the darker areas of the moon.  You can see them with a naked eye if you look at the moon in the sky. 

If you are wondering why there are "seas" (dark areas) on the moon, something caused the low lying areas of the moon to flood with dark lava.  The scientists can tell these seas (dark areas) are the newest areas because they have fewer craters on them. 

Okay, enough with the astronomy stuff.

I had a tremendous asthma attack yesterday and last night.  It started out okay, because I was doing my well written out asthma plan.  But then later on towards the late night I got worse.  Painfully worse.  When I get my asthma attacks I have more than a hard time breathing, I get pain in my chest that is so severe that any position I get in brings me no relief.  Sometimes it feels like a fifty pound or 100 pound block is on my chest.  Yesterday was bad but last night was horrendous.  There were times when I wondered if I would make it through the night.  Now that sounds silly, because I always make it through the night.  But when I feel like that I wonder.  Any position I got myself into wouldn't work. And I just moaned and cried.  I didn't go to the hospital because I was doing everything on the plan and I thought it would be more comfortable to stay at home than be at the hospital all night.  I guess it was one of those borderline nights on whether I should go or not.  I asked John to stay over and watch over me, and be there to take me to the hospital in case I needed it.  He is such a sweetheart and will do anything for me.  Well, I am doing quite well now, so I made it through with doing my own albuterol treatments. 

I am probably going to the airport tomorrow with Valerie to pick up her daughter Chelsea.  Chelsea is staying for two weeks I think.  It will be nice to see Chelsea. 

Valerie and I (and I think Chelsea also) are leaving on the 6th to go to Johns Hopkins so Valerie can have her surgery.  They have changed the type of surgery she is having.  I will write more about that, maybe tomorrow.  I am thinking about her a lot.  And also trying to get some things done for myself before I go.  So much to do, so little time, lol!

Sometimes I don't know why I write in here because I wish I could be more interesting, but maybe I will be interesting to my proginy someday or something.  I guess it is not important to be interesting to somebody.  Maybe it is more important to write.  A lot of days I think, why write?, and so I don't.  But you know, when others say that, I read their stuff, and find them absolutely fascinating.  I think everybody has a voice.  They just don't know it. 


  1. willandgrace19867/01/2004 7:30 AM

    I think people's real lives are more interesting than fiction and TV shows.  I also think writing is more interesting than reality TV shows because you are honest and I think many of those people on reality TV are just acting.  Keep writing!  Love, Arielle Marie

  2. I agreee with you. I think I'm boring, so I understand why you think you are! I like reading your journal because it is real.....that's whats interesting to me :)


  3. You have a nice journal here. I also think I'm pretty boring! I can never write as well as my mind wants me too. My Mom has asthma too. So I understand what it must feel like for, seeing my Mom go through the same thing.
    Now I want to see the moon through a telescope sounds amazing!!

  4. I love reading your journal. I may not leave a comment everytime but I read every entry. The moon is so neat to see up close,
    I am sorry about the asthma attack. When it gets that bad how often do you do your treatments? And do you have any epi to take? When it gets like that you are supposed to go to hospital. Asthma can kill. You would be dead before you got to hospital.:: Shaking head at you::

  5. Sorry about the astham attack, touches inhaler in pocket.
    Don't you have steroids at hand?

  6. readmereadyou7/03/2004 12:59 AM

    My father had bad asthma and one day I was watching TV and a doctor said that if you drink espresso coffee (you could use any dark, black coffee or buy instant espresso) with or without sugar just as wheezing begins, it will stop an asthma attack. The coffee must be hot for it to work. Well, my father never had a full blown attack again for everytime he started to wheeze, we made a cup of espresso for him with sugar. Just thought I'd pass this on. It could work for you too and it sure can't hurt.


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