Thursday, July 22, 2004

Volunteer Results

Hello all.  Tonight (well last night, because it's past midnight) I talked to the peson who I felt was trying to pressure me into volunteer work that was just not for me.  I was just straight up about it.  The results turned out really well.  No hard feelings all the way around.  In the past I think I would have either agreed to do something I didn't want to do, or ran away and never talked to the person again.  I would have hid from them, and got a stomache everytime I saw them coming.  I would have let them run my life by dictating where I went.  Yes, I am a grown woman but I just may have done this.

I am trying to think of why I got on here to make an entry because I don't have a whole lot to say tonight!  I could do the entry that I was planning on doing tomorrow or the day after but I think I will wait.  To be continued...



  1. readmereadyou7/22/2004 1:42 AM

    You did a good thing. Always be true to yourself. I never volunteer for something unless I truly want to be a part of it. What good is volunteering, if you feel resentful. Learning to say no is a good thing. : )

  2. Well done...................{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}

  3. good for you..I have had to hide from people before makes your overall modd sad for a while...I KNOW you feel better....((((YAY))))

  4. jules196420017/22/2004 7:46 AM

    Well done on sticking to your guns, it is so hard to say no.............Jules xx

  5. sonensmilinmon7/22/2004 9:27 AM

    You did what was best for YOU (that's not a bad thing) ... and sometimes we have to say no!


  6. Very good

  7. Good for you, sometimes it is hard to say no. Right now with all you have been through you need to take care of yourself. Kasey

  8. Yoo Hoo to you, Krissy!!  I am so the same way as I am sure you realize!  The next thing we have to realize is that we have to take care of ourselves SOONER and not let ourselves sit with stomacheaches for a few days, right?  Or atleast talk to someone right away.  We are much better at that, though - getting it out.  I am sooooooo proud of you!!  Love Your TBADT xoxox


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