Sunday, July 18, 2004


Dear Journal - and journal readers - it has been a day and a half since I got stung by that bee, or was it a wasp, I have no idea, I don't know the difference on those kinds of things!  Well, it still hurts and is itchy like crazy.  Maybe I should go to the store and buy some Benadryl.  But I am not sure if it would be contraindicated with all the other medications I take.

John says not to worry.  He says when he was a child he stepped on a bee and his foot swelled three times its size and he could not walk on it for four days.  He said it ballooned right up.  That sounds awful dangerous to me.  Like a horrible allergic reaction.  He said he can't remember if his parents took him to the doctor or not.  Good grief. 

Yesterday I got up the nerve and called the person I felt was forcing me to do the volunteer work, because I felt if I let it go any longer it would just make things worse.  She was not home, so I left a message on her answering machine to call me.  I felt good that I did this.  She will probably call back today. 

Chelsea is leaving to go back to Florida tomorrow.  Boo hoo. I will miss her sunshiney face and her bouncy personality.  Of course I can call her at anytime.  She has her cellphone attached to her hip as do all eighteen year olds these days!  Good thing too, lol.

Valerie is doing exceptionally well.  I am going over to my parent's house tomorrow where she is recuperating and picking her up and taking her out to lunch.  Friday she got her staples out.  She was excited about that.  Thanks for all who are continuing to pray for her.  Thank the Lord she hasn't gotten any kind of infection this time like the last time she had surgery.  I would put a picture of her in here with her new haircut (bald), but I have a feeling she is not going to let me, lol!

Last night was a bummer.  I got a ticket for parking in a handicapped space without a placard.  You see, I really have a placard.  I just forgot to put it up.  I have fibromyalgia and park in the handicapped space whenever my fibro is acting up.  A couple of people told me that if I go to the magistrate and show them that I really have a handicap placard and handicap card that they may waive the fine.  I am going to do that tomorrow and see if I can get out of it.  Because I don't have a spare $50 to donate.  Who does? 

Michael is peacefully looking out the window right now.  He wasn't peaceful last night.  Big brave 21 pound cat was cowering behind the toilet because it was thundering and lightening.  Poor kitty.  I wonder why he is so afraid of storms.

I guess I really don't have much to say, I am just starting to ramble here, so I will get off now.  Take care all and God bless. 


  1. Have you looked at the sting area? If it was bee it will have left its stinger in you and you will need to pull it out with tweezers. You can get all sorts of things for stings from Chemists.

  2. jules196420017/18/2004 11:45 AM

    I hope where you got stung feels better soon. It may be that the bee left its stinger behind, bees usually do that. If you wander over to the chemist they may be able to tell you if this is the case. I notice you have fibromyalgia, I have that as well and it can be awful at times. Hope you feel better soon..............Jules xx

  3. Hey girl...hope the sting gets better....
    Four years ago when my mom was diagnosed with fybromyalgis, I hadn't even heard of it....Now, it seems that everywhere I go, I am hearing of someone else diagnosed with it....(like your journal) I also have an aunt who has it as well....I will pray for you because I know the rough times with it can be ROUGH!!!


  4. Have you trie the topical benadryl  (it works great )and did you get the stinger out of the sting.
    Call your pharmacist to see if there ould be an interaction between the medications

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for visiting my journal, lol. If the stinger is still in there, than most definately you need to take it out. But if it is out, than step one part one is done with! ^_^

    You seem to have the same problem when I first had a Bee sting me! It was hurting for a week, seriously, and itching. Than, it got a little bigger. Although, I did not go to a doctor. I told my dad it was fine. He said okay.

    All I need was, not to bother itching it and just keep my mind off of it. Plain and simple. Than, in a week it was all gone. Although, for different people, it might be even lobnger! But not to long. ^_^

    I Hope that you have a great day, bye!

  6. readmereadyou7/18/2004 2:45 PM

    Some kind of antihistamine might work for the bee sting. But I still say, you should try and type in "treatment for bee sting" and you'll get lots of sites telling you what to do.
    Our cats are also afraid of storms. One was totally scared to death during the fireworks earlier this month.

  7. Hi Kristina,
    Thank you for visiting my journal. Sorry about your BEE sting. Just be careful and keep an eye on it. What the last reader suggested, about going to GOOGLE.COM is a great idea, never thought to do that with something like that.

    I would love to see a picture of your cat.....21 POUNDS  
    My daughter had a cat years ago that weighed in at 16 pounds and he was cats get scared too during storms, fireworks, power mowers, etc. When he was younger it didn't phase him, but now he is 6 yrs. old and he seems to get nervous and scared easily.

    Again...take care of that BEE sting and thanks for visiting my journal...can you post a pic of your kitty in your journal? Just wondering!   :)

  8. All good advice. The topical benedryal is okay with most meds.

  9. Well...plenty of good advice on the bee sting. I'd just like to say I love the rainbow text. :-) -B


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