Friday, August 6, 2004

5 Fillings Down!

Poor John.  He went to the dentist today.  He had five cavities filled.  John said he has more cavities, enough for two more appointments!  Then the dentist will decide whether or not she will recommend doing a partial bridge.  All these teeth problems come from medication he has taken through the years.

All 50 bees are still alive and well outside my door under the paneling.  I don't know what the landlord is spraying but it is not working.  I am going to have to tell him he is going to have to call the exterminator.  Dodging these things just isn't working.  With the reaction I had last time with the bee (that lasted about a week), risking getting stung is a no go.

Valerie is doing so exceptionally well because of her shunt that she moved into her new apartment today.  She wasn't able to move all her stuff in, but she took a few things over.  One of the things was her cat Honey.  She asked me to put a pic of her cat Honey in here and I told her yes, so I will put her cat in  here in a few days.  She had one hard time putting Honey in the cat carrier.  Honey was scared to death and didn't want to leave my parent's house!  Val finally wrapped her up in her pajamas (Val's pajama's, we don't believe in putting our pets in clothes, lol) and stuck her in.  My Mom told me she looked really funny wrapped up in there!  Valerie and I are going to go over this weekend to my parent's house to move more things over to Val's apartment.  I just want to say that Val is one of the fastest healers in the world, with one of the best attitudes I have ever met, and I am SO proud of her.  I have never met somebody with chronic illnesses that does as well as she does.

Let's see, what else is new.  John went to his astronomy club tonight.  There was a speaker from the local college.  She was explaining about Doplar Tomography and taking images of stars.  It is something similar to CAT scans.  It is WAY more complicated than that.  Because you can't actually take an image of a star but there is another way to figure out the image of the star.  He is trying to explain it to me right now but I have no idea what he is talking about.  This stuff is WAY over my head.  I just like to go look through the telescope.  

On an entirely different note, I felt a little blue today.  Sort of a lot blue.  I have to kick this mood.  Sometimes I feel like I am not accomplishing very much.  People in my life say that I do a lot, that I am there to help them out.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

God bless all.            


  1. readmereadyou8/06/2004 2:09 AM

    We all get those down days. Want me to sing "Tomorrow" from "Annie?"

    No, you really don't. LOL! All the cats in the neighborhood would be at your door!
    : )

  2. Giving me this to read is a worthwhile product of your day!

  3. dbaumgartner8/06/2004 6:46 AM

    We always accomplish something.  We may not know it and it may be something so small that it seemed almost inconsequential.  But, you did touch another life, you shared your life with us in J-Land.  Besides,  blue comes in so many shades you could make a tapestry of all the hues of blues.

  4. Hope you get the landlord to get rid of the bees.  That is horrible.  Hope you feel better soon.  Seems like we both had down days!!!  Today will be better, yes.  After all, it's Friday!

  5. Poor John!  Talk about a good attitude with chronic illness!  He is my hero!!  I think Sam needs to get an expert in with those bees!  I am sure your blueness will be better in just a bit of time, Krissy.  Thanks for the read!

  6. I do that too...don't really know why I'm down in my mood...I just am sometimes...hope you feel better, and tell John he's not the only one with a gazillion cavities...Mine are a heredity passed down of crappy I'll get mine caught up and back in shape of luck with those bees!! You need to tell the lanlord about it...You don't pay all that rent to put up with that!!


  7. wow, 5 fillings........I need Valium to go to the dentist
    just for a cleaning.....
    Hope your blues go away.....take care of yourself

  8. jules196420018/06/2004 6:42 PM

    Poor John, my Mick has weak teeth, he is always breaking them :(
    Good luck to Valerie in the new apartment
    Sorry your feeling blue, hope you feel better tomorrow :).....Jules xx


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