Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Floating Photos

It's been a month since my sister Val's surgery.  I snapped this photo after the surgery.  It took me this long to get it back, because the photo made its rounds.  Everybody wanted to look at it!  Chelsea (her daughter in the picture) took a bunch of photos too.  Valerie and I can't locate a single one of them.  That means they are floating around somewhere.  Valerie made a joke about bald pictures of her floating around who knows where!  Chelsea wanted pictures of her mother so she took the photos.  I told Valerie, "Well you can't deny your daughter, she wants pictures of her mother."  And Val said, "I know, but how would you like bald pictures of you floating around!"  I didn't think of it that way!  At any rate, Val said she didn't really mind being bald.  Yes, she gave me permission to put this picture in here, lol.  And all in all, I think it is a beautiful picture of both Val and Chelsea. :-) 


  1. Kristina,

    I hope your sister is doing well and I will say a prayer for her any your whole family.


  2. chellebelle19778/11/2004 10:03 PM

    I am still keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers

  3. dakotarose28528/11/2004 10:08 PM

    You're right, Kristie, it is a beautiful picture of Val.  On your recommendation, I went and read her journal and she has a funny little entry in there about her hair, or lack of, and how it's not really so bad.  And it isn't.  Her hair will grow back.  It's a small sacrifice to pay to be well and healed, don't you think?  I'm happy she's doing well and allowed you to share her picture.  And I bet in years to come, her daughter will cherish that picture.  Take care.

  4. It is beautiful...thanks for sharing...

  5. This is a sweet picture.  Was someone bald?  Two beautiful folks!

  6. chickiecheeses8/11/2004 11:29 PM

    I also have a pic of my bald mom! It's just hair. Actually if she got a tattoo along with it , she would fit right in the world today! Glad to know she is ok though

  7. readmereadyou8/12/2004 1:11 AM

    Your sister is beautiful! Praise God that she is healing well.

    God bless,

  8. jules196420018/12/2004 5:16 AM

    you are both beautiful. I am so happy Val is getting better :)........Jules xx

  9. dbaumgartner8/12/2004 6:53 AM

    Big hugs to both of you.  BTW, that's a beautiful picture of the two of you.

  10. Great pic.........................really!

    Hey Val that's my haircut too!

  11. She is beautiful!

  12. Bald is beautiful.  Thanks for sharing this lovely picture with us. I promise to return to you any bald pictures I find floating around in cyberspace lol

  13. I think it's a beautiful picture too!

    Besides, I've already told Val... bald is beautiful!


  14. Its a very beautiful loving photo.

  15. demandnlilchit9/05/2004 8:14 PM

    Tell your sister Valerie, that bald heads are sexy with a great big pair of hoop earrings!  Work it girl! Work it! lol I wish her good health!


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