Monday, August 9, 2004

My Sister's Journal

I just wanted to let everyone know that now that Valerie is feeling better and has her computer set up she has restarted her journal.  Her first new entry is dated August 7.  You can check it out at Val's Thoughts .  Well, I need to run.  I hope everyone is doing well. :-)


  1. chellebelle19778/09/2004 12:35 AM

    glad to hear that Valerie is feeling better I will still keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers <3 chelle

  2. ;-)

  3. Hi there.  I will check out Val's journal.  Have a good day.

  4. thanks for sharing...going to check it out now!!


  5. chickiecheeses8/09/2004 8:59 AM

    I will go check her out. Have a great day!

  6. domesticangel358/09/2004 1:26 PM

    I checked out your sisters journal.. hope she is feeling better. I made an alert for her new entries so I can now check back with hers often! Peace and Blessings* Mel

  7. Thanks for this information. I shall check out your sister's journal xxxxxxx

  8. jules196420018/10/2004 5:00 PM

    Wasps are horrible, glad you got rid of them. I love rubber duckies in the bath, they are so cute. Love sent to you and Val......Jules xx


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