Thursday, August 19, 2004

Drilled and Filled

It's another late nighter for me.  I slept in shifts all day so here I am awake at 2:30 AM.  I haven't written in this journal for awhile because I have been busy.

I visited with my sister Therese this week.  She came up from Maryland to stay with my parents.  We had quite a fun time.  She is very artistic and likes to do lots of sewing and crocheting and photography.  She showed us her latest projects.  She brought along her crocheting yarn and was working on it while we were there.  She had all kinds of sparkly and textured yarns!  She also had Japanese fabrics because she is making a Japanese quilt.  She also showed us a very beautiful Japanese shirt she had made. 

For an update on Chelsea and Matthew and their family - their roof has fallen in and their things are ruined.  Everything is mixed with fiberglass.  They have had to evacuate.  There is no telling when they will be able to return to their house.  Valerie is flying Chelsea up to live with her in about a week.  I only wonder where the rest of them will live?

Today John had his teeth worked on.  He needed two more fillings on the right side done (for a total of seven so far this month). The dentist drilled and filled for forty- five minutes.  At the next appointment she is going to do the left side of his mouth.  Then he will have to go to a specialist to get a root canal, and get the temporary fillings replaced.  Then he may have to get partial dentures.  Good thing he has dental insurance! 

Tonight for fun John and I played Upwords.  Michael jumped up on a chair and sat right up like a person the entire game (about an hour) watching us, as if he were playing.  It was so cute! 

I guess that's it for now. 


  1. readmereadyou8/19/2004 3:03 AM

    Hi and nice to see you back....Sorry about the roof of your friends.....Hope insurance covers.

  2. OH MY!  I know just what he is going threw.  I have to have major work done myself soon! ugh.. and my son is going in tommorrow for his fillings.
    Thinking maybe I should of been a dentist! $$$$$ lol jk

  3. Oh Krissy.......dentists.................Upwords sounds fun - never heard of it but sounds fun!

  4. YUCK on the dentist. Our insurance only covers $1000 a year.

  5. jules196420018/19/2004 9:23 AM

    Sorry to hear your not sleeping at all well. I was up during the night but only because Micks alerter went off for him to go on the fire engine to a road traffic collision :( I love crafts and crocheting is really relaxing, maybe you could get Therese to teach you how to do it.
    So sorry about Chelsea and Matthew, its must be devastating to lose everything like that. I will still pray for them.
    John sounds like Mick with his teeth. Micks teeth are so weak it only takes something small to break one. Hes in the middle of extensive amounts of dental work at the moment as well. Is John as big a baby after treatment as Mick is, lol Hope it all goes well for him :)....Jules xx

  6. Sounds like you have been busy...Sorry to hear about Chelsea's house....I could only imagine...

  7. John is such the trooper!  Tell him my prayers are with him!  Michael is so much like Honey.  I can see him sitting there "thinking" he is a contributing member of the game! lol  Chels is coming on the 28th!!!  YAY!  Matt lost his roof, too, and I wish so much that there is something I could do for him.  I feel so helpless :-(  Did you see Therese's butterfly quilt?  Amazing!  Love, Valy

  8. Sounds like you HAVE been busy, and busy having fun.  Hope Chelsea and Matthew get things all straightenend out soon with the house.  Hope John is not in too much pain from the dentist.  You take care.  I have never played Upwards but it sounds fun.  I think you or someone had mentioned it recently.  Take care.  

  9. Ouch for John!!!! Makes me shiver thinking about it.  So sorry about Chelsea's house. How awful for them. I have never even heard of Upwords.

  10. Late nighters are rough.  Sounds like you had a nice visit with your sister, I used to crochet, myself.  
    Have great weekend!

  11. That's a lot of dental work there...I'm such a chicken when it comes to going to the dentist...45 minutes would have been a nightmare for me!

  12. blackrain46048/21/2004 12:26 AM

    Nice journal :)  I've enjoyed reading... saw your link in a comment from A Familiar Story Called Life.. thought I'd drop by :)  Come visit me too...


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