Sunday, August 15, 2004

Can't Sleep

Here it is 3:35 AM and I am awake.  I don't know why my sleeping is off.  I just woke up.  Maybe I will fall back to sleep tonight (this morning) and maybe I won't.  I probably will sometime towards five or six.  Because I need to get a couple more refreshing hours of sleep before I go to church.  But I am not tired at all.  Sometimes I sleep in shifts like this.  A few hours on and a few hours off.  My doctor told me it wasn't real refreshing sleep, but it happens to me sometimes anyway.  Strange.  I feel fine though.  I do need to get a regular schedule though.  My psychiatrist was telling me that people who are prone to depression in the morning and feeling better at night (like me) should sleep the schedule of 9 PM to 3 AM.  It is a study that just came out.  It alleviates some people's depression to go to bed earlier in the evening and wake up earlier.  We discussed trying that at some point if other things didn't work for me (if my depression continued).  I think getting up at 3 AM would be great.  I love the middle of the night.  Going to bed at 9 PM would be hard, because I love the middle of the night, LOL.

I spent the day with John breaking down a bed and moving it.  Actually, John did all the work, I watched.  I chatted with Val as the guys set up a bed for Chelsea at Val's house.  Then John and I went to my parent's house and had a nice time.  John and I played a game called Upwords.  I don't know if I have mentioned it before.  But I absolutely love it.  I usually don't play board games, but I like this one.  It is similar to Scrabble but faster moving.  That is why I love it.  John and I are good competition for each other in it too.

Chelsea and Matt's house sustained some damage from Hurricane Charley.  At first (Friday night) it was just the shingles on the roof, and some rug damage, and a torn part of a fence and a bent swing set.  But then I heard after the second part of the storm came through (Saturday) more damage was done.  I didn't get to hear the whole report, but I think Val said some of the roof fell in (or was it blew off?), and the carpet was ruined from water damage, and perhaps she said the wall fell in, but I am not sure.  Pretty scary, huh?  But at any rate, everyone is okay, and that is all that counts to me.

I have other relatives in the path of the hurricane all along the coast.  I hope they will be okay also.

Well, gotta run for now.  Take care.        


  1. Kristina,

    I know what you mean about sleep patterns mine are horrible and I just don't seem to get enough sleep. I glad everyone is well after Hurracaine Charley hit, I was watching the coverage on FoxNews Saturday morning and shocked by the destruction. It reminded me of what struck here in Oklahoma City on May 3rd 2001, we had a F5 tornado *max sustained wind of 318 miles per hour and it literally left foundations in its wake.

    Hopefully it won't take long to rebuild house for Chelsea and Matt so they can get back to a normal life again.

    I will say a little prayer for them.


  2. May the Lord Bless you today ;-)

  3. jules196420018/15/2004 6:16 AM

    I pray for your family after being struck by Charley. Thank goodness it was only possessions that were damaged, although I am sad that happened. Possessions can be replaced, poeple can't. I hope any further news form other family members is good and not bad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.......Jules xxxx

  4. Must be something in the air.  Last few nights I have not been able to sleep either.  My sleep pattern has gone to pot for now apparent reason, mind you it has been very humid for us which makes it harder.
    I am glad that all is well after the Hurricane.  Dreadful things.  As Jules said, do not worry about possessions, they can be replaced. Luckily we do not get many Hurricanes over here. There are some advantages to being British lol xxxxxxxx

  5. Well, I was up that early too.  I finally went back to sleep and then I didn't want to get up but Tugie the Toy P wanted to go out and would not let me sleep!  So....that is interesting about the 9 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. sleep cycle.  I guess I have that one covered!  Or close to it!  I usually go to bed about 9:30 and get up in the 4 o clock hour to be at work in Nashville 7-4.  You have a good rest of the weekend!

  6. dbaumgartner8/15/2004 9:05 AM

    Glad to hear everyone is OK.  I hope the damage can be taken care of and life will get back to normal for them.

    Go get some sleep.  :-)

  7. Oh man - I get the whole "sleeping in shifts" thing. I do that sometimes too. Hope the rest of the family made it thru Charley ok. -B

  8. Krissy, I don't think I have ever gone to bed at 9PM in my life unless I was sick or I was going down for a nap (lol).  It is an interesting thought, though.  I would love to have 3am on, but how dreadful I might feel at 8am!  I talked to Chelsers this morning.  I am gonna call you and write about it in my journal.  Her arrival date will be delayed :-( They have GREAT attitudes down there in FL!!!  Love you!!

  9. readmereadyou8/15/2004 4:58 PM

    That was a horrible hurricane. Thankfully, your family and friends are okay.

    I have the oddest sleep schedule. I think I'm on Hawaii time. I fall asleep around 5AM and sleep till 1PM. Works for me. : )

  10. Wow...9-3am?..thats crazy...what would it be for night depression...3am-9am?.....that would be more of my time I guess..Glad to hear everyone is ok....


  11. man i sure hope everything turns out ok for your kinfolks.

  12. hi, sorry it's taken so long to view your journal. You left a comment in mine (on my birthday!). I have been diagnosed with chroninc fatigue's pretty much the same as M.E...they dont call it M.E in america though. It stands for Myalgic Encephalopathy (meaning that it affects the muscles and the brain) no one really knows what it is though.
    I hope your relations are all ok after the must be so scary!

    hope you are well and that you'll visit my journal again sometime!

    Love Amy

  13. sonensmilinmon8/18/2004 6:35 AM

    I've always had odd sleeping schedules ... odd work schedules too.  It's 3:34AM right now and I'm at work.  It would make a long night if I didn't get to read my journals.


  14. chickiecheeses8/18/2004 12:17 PM

    I hope all are well. That was really a scary storm. I don't sleep well myself, always up during the night, then when it's time to get up in the morning I am too tired.


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