Monday, August 2, 2004

New Terrorist Threats

Yesterday Tom Ridge announced that some financial institutions in New York City, Newark, NJ and Washington DC could be hit in the days ahead by al Qaeda.  The country is still going to remain at Yellow Alert (elevated alert), but the financial institutions of Newark, and the whole city of DC will be raised to Orange Alert (high alert).  New York, which has remained Orange (high alert) since Sept 11, 2001 will remian so.  Ridge gave New York officials the option of being Red if they wanted to but they decided against it. 

Ridge says the threat potential remains through the Nov. 2 elections.

The government has obtained a wealth of detail in the past 24 hours, according to a senior intelligence official who agreed to speak anonymously (source: AOL article dated Aug 1, 2004, entitled Governemnt Warns of Threats Against Financial buildings).  The official said al Qaeda had information on security in and around these financial buildings; the flow of pedestrians; the best places of reconnaissance; the construction of the buildings; traffic patterns; locations of hospitals and police departments; days of the week where there is less security at these buildings; etc 

Here are some examples according to the official that al Quaeda has figured out:  in one particular place, how much pedestrian traffic there would be (There would be midweek pedestrian traffic of 14 people per minute on each side of the street for a total of 28 people.); they have also ascertained which explosives would not be hot enough to melt steel; and they have figured out which buildings probably can't be toppled because their construction is too sturdy.  

Pretty extensive, huh?   



  1. They sure are commited. I pray all are safe no one looses their life like in 9 11. Its all very scary to think if you lived there. I don t know how those people go to work daily and drive around that area. Lori

  2. This kind of stuff scares me.  If we don't seek God as a nation, he may not want to protect America.  I think it will get bad before it gets better.  

  3. chickiecheeses8/02/2004 9:58 AM

    Whats really scary is that they are here, in this country, waiting. They could be your neighbors or mine.

  4. Yes Krissy, is does seem pretty extensive.  But we can't let fear of some unknown stop our freedoms, and our enjoyment of them. I am always in God's presence and will not fear what might happen.
    Blessings, Auntie Lyn

  5. readmereadyou8/02/2004 3:02 PM

    One third of me is really scared and the other two thirds is MAD AS HELL!

  6. Pretty knowledgable, more like it...OUCH....I fiugured they had a lot of info on 9-11 because they knew just how to hit it to make them topple...crazy stuff...thanks for sharing....

  7. jules196420018/03/2004 3:03 PM

    I pray to god that this is just specualtion and nothing happens. Keep safe all of you......Jules xx

  8. Terrifying.  I am especially frightened for my husband and son to be traveling by air to San Antonio Air Base... my stomach just churns.


  9. I just pray that nothing else happens and God keeps us all safe, After Sept 11th, I was very afraid, I kept wondering where the terrorists were going to strike next, Lately I just put it all in Gods hand and pray that God will keep us safe. I try not to live in fear. God Bless

  10. jonsafraidofme8/04/2004 4:54 PM

    I find it odd, don't you, that Homeland Security just announced this threat yesterday - and much of their information is four years old?

    Makes you wonder why they didn't think it was a threat before...



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