Tuesday, August 3, 2004

John's Dad is coming

I just got back from the grocery store - I needed to pick up some iced tea and snacks.  John's Dad and StepMom are coming over tomorrow.  They drove up from Florida a few days ago and were staying at relatives, and called up today and told us this, and said they would be over at my house tomorrow in the morning.  Wow, we didn't even know they were in the area.  They usually call up and tell us about two weeks before they come up, but this time they didn't even give 24 hours notice!  My calendar isn't clear but I guess I will clear it, as John would want to see his Dad, he only comes up once a year.  

I guess I will run around and do a few things.  The place is not very messy at all, but you know how it is - when somebody is coming, you want it to be perfect (especially when it comes to parents).  Actually I shouldn't care, he called such last minute.  I should just go to bed. 

On another note, Valerie is doing really well.  She said today is the first day her neck finally healed up, praise God!  I think it was July 7th that she had her surgery, and this is almost a month later, and it is finally healed.  It still has a scab I think but it is not leaking anymore!  And there is no hole!  Thanks for everybody who has been praying.  And her hair has grown in just a tiny bit too!

Well, I must run.  I will let you know how the visit goes tomorrow.


  1. chellebelle19778/03/2004 10:48 PM

    Of course it will be a nice visit....Dont kill yourself to accomidate them........They could have picked up the phone!! anyhow thanks for the comment in my journal.....I ment every word that I said.....<3 ya and take care CHELLE

  2. readmereadyou8/03/2004 11:04 PM

    So happy for Valerie! You must be thrilled

  3. Oh, I know how you feel.  Hubby invited company over for dinner tonight.  It was family and they have seen our house in various ways so it didn't really matter, but I was a bit apprehensive at first.  Hope you have a good time when they get there.  Sometimes the impromptu visits are fun! It's the getting ready for the imprompt that puts us in a tail spin.  Nite Nite.  Sonya

  4. Hope things continue to get better for Valerie {{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}


  5. dbaumgartner8/04/2004 6:27 AM

    Wow, sounds like you will be high gear today!  Have a good time!

  6. jules196420018/04/2004 1:09 PM

    Hope you have a lovely time with John's Dad and step mum. I a sooo pleased Valerie's neck had finally healed. Kind regards and good wishes sent to her and you and your family :).......Jules xx

  7. chickiecheeses8/04/2004 3:13 PM

    So glad to her Valerie is doing good! And I hope you enjoy your company too.

  8. Thanks for dropping by and looking at my baby Kiwi!  Us doting mama's love to brag on our babies! ;-)
    Kiwi also loves to drink out of the toilet as well, so I have to continually make sure it is closed.  Hopefully Michael doesn't rush you out of the shower so he can drink as well. Lol.  Well hope everything goes great for your sister and yourself!


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