Tuesday, June 29, 2004

John Kerry

"The right thing to do is to to treat abortions as exactly what they are -- a medical procedure that any doctor is free to provide and any pregnant woman free to obtain.  Consequently, abortions should not have to be performed in tightly guarded clinics on the edge of town; they should be performed and obtained in the same locations as any other medical procedure... [A]bortions need to be moved out of the fringes of medicine and into the mainstream of medical practice."

John Kerry

Presidential Candidate 

Source:  People For Life Newsletter 

Update No. 591 

                   And this guy wants to be president?                                         





  1. Everyone has their opinions...of course this is something he would have NO WAY of doing in the measily four years of his term...abortion is tightly guarded on both sides of the picketing...it will be a tough one on either side to bring it out in the open or to end it fully...

  2. Oh how he scares me!!!!


  3. NOWAY NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!! This guy in a nut...of course this is MY opinion.


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