Monday, February 18, 2008

the hospital gave me muscle relaxants for fibromyalgia

I'm having a super hard time doing the Monday Morning Question because I don't feel well.  So I am going to have to skip it this week. 

Actually the problem is that I was given a strong muscle relaxant at the hospital last night and it takes 10 hours to wear off.  Most of the past 10 hours I have just been sleeping.  That's really why I can't come up with a Monday Morning Question.  I keep falling asleep!  

Let me tell you what the doctor at the hospital Emergency Room told me, while I'm still on here.

The problem is definitely fibromyalgia.  He said he's never seen such a tight and spasming back.  He gave me something called Flexeril.  What it does is loosens your muscles, and gives them a chance to stop spasming then tightening back up to brace from the spasming.  Which of course repeats the painful cycle.

Flexeril is wonderful stuff!  The problem is it lasts for 10 hours, during which time you probably fall asleep.  During most or all of the time.  So if you have anywhere to go, well, that's out. 

So if my entries are not frequent, you will know that I am in bed!  But he did say I could space out the medicine some if I have appointments or meetings.  So I will be awake some of the time and be on here some, LOL.

One thing that is good is my condition won't last too much longer, most likely.  What brought it on was stopping my exercises when I got the pinched nerve.  I could no longer do the fibro exercises and my body rebelled. 

When I get back into my regular routine of exercising, the cramps should go away and I won't need the Flexeril anymore.

Another thing the doctor told me is I am severely dehydrated and I must drink all day.  Now I wonder how that happened? 

Okay, I think that summarizes everything.  I am glad I will be getting better.  Wow, I already feel better some, and with each new pill I take, it loosens my back more, helping me out.  I am not saying that I am not in very severe pain, but I think I can make it for the two weeks it will take to get substantially better.

I am missing working on the computer already though.  I just tried and tried to do computer work, and fell asleep repeatedly.  I gave up trying to do a Monday Morning Question and delete email, when I woke up and found my head pounding against the keyboard.  That is when I thought I should tell you all I am taking a break for awhile, LOL.

So if I am scarce for awhile, you'll know why.  I will be back to post a subject for the JLand Photo Shoot though, because that is important.  I will get Val to help me. 

And I can't wait to come back in a few days and write about John's party.  We took pictures too!

Okay, love you all,

Krissy :) 


  1. Sorry you are feeling so bad but glad you got some help. Just rest, sleep it off for as long as you need to and then we can start exercising together (it's been 12 weeks now since my surgery :-) Feel better soon! Martha

  2. carolelainedodd2/18/2008 8:28 AM

    I'm glad you are feeling slightly better.
    You take care of yourself now Krissy.
    See you when you come back.
    Can't wait to see the photos of John's party.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Will look forward to your feeling better and well enough to get back to your usual routine Krissing.  In the meanwhile, you'll be thought of every day!

  4. I am glad that you are feeling better. Hugs, Helen

  5. Just take care of you!!!
    but I am looking forward to hearing all about the party....
    Gentle hugs...
    Linda :)

  6. That is one of the drugs I took for my back and leg.  It is good so relax and let the pills do their work.  Oh, when your body starts to have cramp, yes drink water. I can tell when I don't drink enough water during the day...the muscles in my right leg cramp up during the night.  That is my bad leg that the nerve is pinched in.  Water really helps cramps.
    Rest and heal!


  7. Try cutting it in half. It never did anything for me. They put me on Valium. Tammy

  8. Sissy, your body should get used to the Flexeril.  Will you be taking it daily from now on.  You SHOULD be on a muscle relaxant since you have the fibro.  I take Tizanidine (Zanaflex).  Oh, honey, I am so glad you will be feeling so much better!  If you want help with the photo shoot or MMQ I will help you.  Just send your readers over to my place.  Let me know!  I love you!!!  Love, your sissy xox

  9. treesrgreen782/18/2008 9:06 AM

    So glad the Flexeril is helping you Krissy, hope you improve quickly.

  10. breakaway19682/18/2008 9:06 AM

    Oh man that really sound horrible!   Take care and get well very soon :)

  11. cacklinrosie1012/18/2008 9:14 AM

    Take care, Krissy, and feel better soon.  Love you, Chris

  12. xxroxymamaxx2/18/2008 9:22 AM

    Yay...there is hope.  I pray for the pain to subside and for you to have a speedy recovery!! Love you too!! Shelly

  13. specialadyfink2/18/2008 9:34 AM

    Take good care of you
    Sending prayers & hugs

  14. I am praying you feel better

  15. looking forward to hearing about John's party when you come back, Krissy; take care of yourself and start feeling better!!


  16. Krissy, Glad you got some medication & help from going to the hospital.  No, I am
    SUPER glad.  I have a problem with muscle spasms all the time in my back & hip.  (I do not have Fibromyalgia--it comes from my lack of disk space to premature degeration of my back & neck).  3 surgeries didn't solve my problems, so I am not eager to have more.   FLexeril  does NOT work for me.  It didn't even make me drowsy.  But I have great success with Soma.  Now Soma does sometimes make me sleepy.  So, I get where you are coming from!  Thank God my Dr. gives Soma and Lortabs to me every month.  I am lucky she usually doesn't keep patients on these meds all the time, but I need it so she does.  I also take a pain medication.  Together they help me function almost normally.

    Krissy, cut yourself some slack, and you rest & take care now!  We all want you better.  
    Your friend, Merry

  17. I'm glad you got the help you needed.  I am taking medication for vertigo and it has the same effect....I just want to sleep....all day!!  I think you are doing the right thing, taking some time for yourself and getting rest...and make sure you DRINK!!!


  18. Mmmmmm! Flexeril!! I've had to take them before. Fortunately for me though because I am Hyper they don't affect me like normal people. I get really energetic when I take them <LOL> Eh, Cold Medicine affects me the same way... Give me a shot of Nyquil and move out of the way ;p

  19. preciousone252/18/2008 12:32 PM

    Glad that you'll be feeling better soon!!


  20. Take it easy, Krissy. Hope you beat the cramps soon

  21. Aww Krissy you make sure you get plenty of rest and get well really soon. You are In my thought's. Love Pam xx

  22. heavenlybama2/18/2008 2:05 PM

    Flexeril is wonderful except for making ya sleep so long.  It's one of the best muscle relaxants I've ever been prescribed.  Hope you feel better Krissy!

  23. you poor thing, just take care of yourself hun and we well always be here. 10 hours is a long time for the meds to wear off.

  24. Hope you feel better soon. (((HUGS))) -Missy

  25. Kevin takes the same thing for his back!  He loves the stuff.  I love when he takes it cause then he's sleeping and out of my hair! LOL  
    Feel better soon.

  26. I hope you feel much better soon Krissy.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  27. Krissy you just take care of yourself dear, we'll all be here for you.  Sorry you are having so much discomfort, but glad the medicine is helping with your fibromyalgia even though is makes you sleepy.  Keep drinking (water - lol). Take care dear.  Arlene (AJ)

  28. Glad to hear that you are okay xx  Just look after yourself, stupid thing to say really but please do.  Don't worry about J-land ~ we'll be here for you xx


  29. I was on that too for spasems in my broken back well that and Morphine don't mix to well. Or I should say it don't mix with 45MG's but it's fine with 30MG's. But I hope that works for you. I've ben on Flexeril a dozen of times before and it just don't work for me. But like I said I hope it work's for you. If you have some place to go and you know it's going to kknock you out just skip that does and then take it when you get home. All your meds can dehydrate you they take out to much of one thing and put something else in it's place. Again I hope everything works out for you I know what it's like to be in pain 24/7/365 I'm doing that everyday of the week. Unless they can give me stuff in an iv or something like that! Enjoy the rest and the time away from the computer. Love to both you and John!

  30. I take Vicodin & Flexeril every night.  They're my best friends.  If I don't take them, the next morning, I wake up miserably tight & tensed.

    It sounds like you have a considerably higher dosage than me though....hook a sister up, girl!!!  Hee hee...

    I hope you feel better soon, love!


  31. I hope you feel better soon! I want pics of his party! Get rest and take it easy.

  32. I took Flexeril the first time I hurt my back~it does knock you for a loop!

    Take care and get well soon.


  33. Awww... poor thing I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest.
    Take care, Chrissie


  34. celebrex is my nightly friend for those "crazy legs" that do drive me crazy!! lol  I do hope you feel better soon.

  35. quartrlyfecrysis2/20/2008 2:24 PM

    i had a room mate with fibro and she would sometimes have to do flexeril and when the pain was too much to move she was on lortab too.

    you take it easy and get that rest, i hope you feel better very soon~

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