Sunday, February 3, 2008

JLand Photo Shoot #127 participants (Subject: Old)

                              JLand Photo Shoot #127
                                     Subject: Old            

We had an excellent turnout this week. 

27 people entered from public blogs and 2 entered from private blogs.
We also had 3 people who submitted photos taken by someone other than themselves, and asked to be included.  I included their entries also, because they fit the subject matter. 
I'd like to say hi and thank you to our first time players!  It's great having you.  And thanks to all of you who have been playing faithfully for a long time.
You all captured the subject matter this week in spectacular ways.  Many of you chose very poignant items to photograph.  Others chose fascinating items.  What I liked most about your photos is that they all evoked strong emotion.
Finally, I would ask you, if you can, to please try to visit each others entries, just as you would want others to visit yours!  :)  
Below are participating blogs, divided into categories: 
regular participants:
Living my Life  shows us something priceless robsbrooklyngirl received from her sister
Linda's World  shows us something priceless Linda received from Grandma
Lost in my own thoughts  shows us Shirley Temple pitchers among other things!
WAIT-NOT YET  shows us something from the 1800s!
Motomom  allows us to see her Grandparent's engagement present.  She also photographs her Grandma's 1918 -1922 handmade high school yearbook
There is only 1 TODAY!  shows us Janie's 94 year old friend Bud
There is a Season  shows us some special trees
MISSYZ STUFF shows us her Camaro before it went Buh-Bye!
Tales of a Trailer Park Princess  shows us her constant companion
Footprints in the Sand  shows us Linda's lifelong companion
Midnight Conversations  gives us a tour of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Church
A moment in time  brings us an everyday item, making us wonder if it still works
My Photo Journey  brings us an old Oak tree among other stunning photos
Slapinions  shows why Dan updated his electrical services! 
Jeannette's Jottings  showcases one of Jeannette's priceless horses
Gryphon Photos  asks us which is older - her husband, dinosaur skeletons, or Mount Shasta!  
A Couple of Nomads  brings us two beautiful photos from nature  
Northern Trip  shows us something very old
Koda's Corgi Tales  shows us a special box
Gina's space  brings us an old barn.  There's something appealing about old barns.
My Photo Lounge  brings us CARLISLE DRUG CO., a drug store which sports the only soda fountain still operating in the South.
Perception  brings us a historic car
The Little Things  showcases classic boats
Just For Fun  displays many fascinating antiques including salt wells
Jottings From Jersey  brings us old tractors
Photographs & Memories!  brings us 3 pretty photos
This and that, and hockey!  makes us ponder who rode the railways way back when
Private Journals:
Journals where photos were taken by somebody other than the blogger:
~The Life of Me~  shows us Tricia's "Hero"
My Hugs Journal  shows us Mandy's childhood family
The Garden of Catholic Rose  shares with us embroidery work made by her Grandmother

Thanks for playing this week.  Sorry this posting was so late but I was feeling sick this morning.  I will post a new subject tomorrow (Monday).
Love you all,
Krissy :)


  1. inquestoftruth2/03/2008 8:16 PM

    This looks fun....I really need to get involved in these sometimes.    

  2. Another great turn out.  I thinks it's catcing on.  So what's the subject for this week ?  Huh, huh, huh ???  Linda in Washington state

  3. whew took me a while to get through all those

  4. I have quickly viewed all the entries this week but didn't take time to leave comments. There are some great photos! With the list coming out so late I just didn't have time tonight. It's a work night for me and that alarm goes off at 4:15am no matter how late I stay up. I have a super busy week ahead and doubt if I'll have the time to come back to leave comments. I'll try to make time but if not, my apologies to everyone. You all did a great job!

  5. Actually I didn't play this week.  Didn't have time.

  6. these were all beautiful pics! I enjoyed viewing them!! -Missy

  7. thanks for doing this Krissy; sorry you aren't feeling well; hope you are feeling much better soon!


  8. All were great pictures. I think I visited all of them, sorry if I missed anyone. Had a hectic week end with step dad going to ER. Enjoyed looking at all the pictures. I myself don't take very good ones and new so I don't think I should be in advanced so wanted to make sure it is alright for beginner entry. Thank you for your time doing this. Blessings, Janie

  9. Well done everyone I so enjoyed looking at them all sorry I do not have time to comment on themm though as I would be here all day LOL.Clap clap.You all deserve to be winners.Thankyou to you too Krissi for all the hard work you put into allowing us to see these pics.I do hope your sicky bug soon passes.Prayers continueing for you and John.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  10. monicasmemoirs2/05/2008 1:57 AM

    Whew, that took some time to look at ALL those wonderful entries.  Such an interesting topic with so much variety.  It was a lot of fun.


  11. randlprysock2/05/2008 4:46 PM

    WOWwweeeee!!  We sure do have a lot of folks playing along now and I am glad I am finally back in the swing of this and looking forward to this week's category.  I have to go peek and see what it is!!  Hugs,


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